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It’s late Friday night and you’re walking to your car after a fun evening with your friends downtown. Before you have time to react, your assailant has disappeared back into the cover of darkness. If you’re like me, you typically think of flashlights as something you keep in your kitchen drawer in case the power goes out, or as what you bring along on an infrequent camping trip so you can find your way back to the tent after you take a middle-of-the-night leak.
Before we even get into the tactical and self-defense uses of a flashlight, let’s talk about why you should start carrying one even if you don’t plan on using it to thwart would-be attackers.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve been in a situation where a flashlight would have been handy, but I was left stumbling in the dark. And as the residents of the Eastern seaboard learned firsthand last week, electrical power can go out at any time and for long periods. And, besides helping you fix wire connections or navigating your home after a power outage, a flashlight can also be used as an effective self-defense tool. If you use a handgun as a personal defense weapon, a flashlight is vital for low-light shooting.
There are two important self-defense functions that a tactical flashlight serves, plus one bonus use.
Whenever you encounter a possible threat, shine your flashlight directly in their eyes, or as Mike says, “dominate their face.” Your assailant will likely reach his hands up to his face and experience three to four seconds of disorientation and semi-blindness. While the bezel on a tactical flashlight isn’t going to break windows, it can be used as an improvised striking device during an attack. When you hear something go bump in the night and you think that something might be armed and dangerous, there’s a particular way you want to maneuver in a dark space when using your flashlight to maximize your safety. Of course, there will be situations when turning on the main light source is impossible — you’re not near the switch, electricity is out, you’re outside, etc. When maneuvering in a low-light environment, don’t leave your flashlight on the entire time. Your threat will likely shoot at or attack where they last saw the light from your flashlight. Even if you don’t carry a firearm, you can use a small flashlight to defend yourself from a would-be assailant. If you must engage your attacker, a quick, hard hit to the face with the toothed bezel on your tactical flashlight should incapacitate him enough for you to get away. If you use a gun for personal defense, you’ll definitely want to learn how to manipulate and fire the weapon with a flashlight. When used in a certain way, a small, tactical flashlight can allow you to safely assess your situation without pointing your gun at a non-threat (solving the issue with weapon-mounted lights) and you’ll be able to see your sights and your target without dropping a big chunk of change (solving the issues with night sights). Below, we’ll first take a look at the techniques Mike doesn’t recommend using when carrying both a flashlight and a gun, and then explain the method he prefers. The first two-handed technique for holding both gun and flashlight involves holding the flashlight in front of you with your non-dominant hand, while resting your gun-holding hand on top, as seen in the left-side image above. While Mike thinks both grips have some merit, he also believes each has some downsides that compromise your safety and the safety of others when using a firearm in a low-light situation. The big downside of both two-handed techniques is that if you want to shine a light on something, you also have to point your gun at that object or person. Another issue Mike has with two-handed techniques is that, with the exception of the Rogers technique, none of them really offer any decent recoil control over one-handed shooting. Finally, if you’re not careful, it can be easy to activate your gun’s magazine release when using a two-handed technique.
RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. Anyone who goes camping with any regularity is certainly familiar with all the gear normally required. Obviously the brighter the flashlight you have, the more intimidating you’ll be to any unwanted  visitors, whether they’re human or animal! This uses lithium batteries, shines over 900 lumens, uses an XM-L2 LED, AND throws its beam almost 300 meters! These two flashlights are fine examples of the variety and choices you face, when looking to buy the best camping flashlight, and are being used for the purposes of illustration only. With the right LED flashlight, your next camping adventure can be taken to a new level of confidence and safety.

For additional screenshots and a gameplay video, check out the official How to Survive site. Emergency flashlight With Built-In Rechargeable battery, store energy in for a long time, NO external battery needed! As you turn the corner down an unlit side street, you see a shadow dart across the wall and hear footsteps.
But according to Mike Seeklander, firearms and tactical trainer with Shooting Performance, a flashlight is something every man should have with him at all times. Next to a pocket knife, a small, tactical flashlight is one of the most useful and versatile tools a man can have in his Every Day Carry kit.
Not only does it help you to identify your target, but it also allows you to see your gun sights in the dark. After you’ve shined the light in your attacker’s eyes and disoriented him, strike his face with the toothed bezel as hard as you can. He had one taken away by a TSA agent because it was deemed a “striking tool.” When in doubt, put your flashlight in your checked bag. For a flashlight to be an effective self-defense tool, it needs to be bright enough to disorient attackers.
Your flashlight will likely see a lot of action, so get something that will withstand the use. Mike prefers LEDs because in his experience incandescent bulbs break easily when dropped while LEDs can withstand a beating.
If you’re in a low-light environment, your first step should be to simply turn on the main light source if it’s convenient and safe to do so. When you’re maneuvering in a low-light environment and believe there’s an armed attacker nearby, you don’t want to leave your flashlight on the entire time. By turning off your light and then moving, you’ll increase the chances that you’re not standing where your threat is going to shoot or attack. Whenever you encounter a threat, shine the light on his face, and dominate his eyes. The bright light will cause momentary blindness and disorientation, giving you enough time to flee or engage your attacker. Low, hard kicks to the groin or knees are also effective in this situation as he won’t be able to see them coming with the light shined in his eyes. According to FBI statistics, the likelihood of having to use your weapon in a low-light situation is much greater than that of using in broad daylight.
While you may be practicing good safety measures by keeping your finger off the trigger, you have to accept the risk that you’re pointing your muzzle at a potential non-threat, like your kiddo or your weird neighbor. With both hands holding the gun and flashlight, you have no way of protecting your head from a swing from a hidden attacker.
If you want to shine a light at a person that isn’t a threat, bring the gun to your chest in a one-handed, high ready position. Depending on battery type used, brightness on their highest setting will range anywhere from 200 lumens, all the way up to 900 lumens! Seeking out the best camping flashlight is ultimately achieved by knowing your circumstances ahead of time. The game is set on an isolated group of islands that happen to be completely infested with zombies. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon (dotcom) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. I met Mike over at the US Shooting Academy here in Tulsa to go over the ins and outs of using a flashlight in a tactical situation. A bright flashlight can help identify threats in a low-light environment and eliminate the advantage of an attacker stalking in the shadows. Manufacturers advertise these specialty bezels as a tool that can be used to break car windows in an emergency.
While many tactical flashlight users swear by these features, Mike recommends keeping things simple.
Get a flashlight that’s waterproof so it will work even in the rain or other wet conditions.
If you don’t have any combatives training or if you don’t know whether or not your threat is armed, your best option is to flee.
While weapon-mounted lights and night sights both serve a purpose when using a gun in a dark environment, both have downsides as well.

Because you’ll be firing with just one hand, you’ll need to modify the way you hold the gun for recoil control.
If you’re holding the flashlight in the correct place, the light beam should illuminate your gun sights as well as any target you engage in. By having your gun close your body like this, you prevent it being taken away from you by an attacker you can’t see.
Most lights come equipped with a pocket clip and a belt holster and will fit snuggly with the rest of your apparel. Maxine Lundquist on Selecting the Right Camping Chairapril on Selecting the Right Camping ChairR. Players select one of three characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities, and must find food, water, shelter and weaponry in order to fend off the zombie hordes.
REMEMBER Amazon prices can change rapidly, ALWAYS verify the price that is showing up an Amazon at that time before ordering! You can take advantage of that natural reaction to bright light to defend yourself against would-be attackers.
But according to Mike, breaking a window with a small, tactical light is easier said than done. You don’t want a flashlight so complex that you have a hard time using the primary feature (bright light) when you really need it. No need for the macho stuff; living is manlier than having your gut poked through with a knife. The big issue with weapon-mounted lights is that because the flashlight is mounted on your gun, you have to point your gun at the object you want to illuminate.
The Rogers technique is a modification of the normal shooting grip with the flashlight trapped between the first and second or second and third finger of your non-dominant hand, as seen in the right-side image above.
First, the placement of the flashlight here will illuminate not only your target, but also your gun sights. Grip the gun tighter with your dominant hand than you would if you were firing with two hands, yet ensure that your trigger finger remains as relaxed as possible. Even if you don’t have access to a low-light gun range, you can and should practice firing your gun one-handed while holding a flashlight with your non-dominant hand.
Today we find a beautiful New Island, check out the Volcano, and build a Reintegrated core VR support for retail Oculus unit! Most lights are also completely submersible and will withstand ANY and all conditions related to weather and terrain.
There is a robust crafting mechanic where players can swap out individual components to fashion better gear. The owner of this website, Midwest Coupon Clippers, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking Midwest Coupon Clippers to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, amazon(dotcom), endless(dotcom), myhabit(dotcom), smallparts(dotcom), or amazonwireless(dotcom).
Your thumb should be angled up slightly to ensure that there’s equal pressure on the rear back strap of the gun. If you can’t make it to one of his classes, pick up his latest book Your Defensive Handgun Training Program. CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS [IN THIS APPLICATION or ON THIS SITE, as applicable] COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. Second, having your hand up by your head like this offers you protection from any head strikes that might come your way. Mike lays out a detailed training program on how to use a handgun in defensive situations. They’re typically smaller than traditional flashlights, emit much more light, and are made of weapon-grade aluminum for maximum durability. This will be a more concentrated beam than what you’ll find on lights using a CREE “XM-L” LED, which typically produce a very floodlight-type beam with a wide spill area. While tactical flashlights are designed primarily for military and police units, as we’ll see below, they’re also a really handy everyday and personal defense tool for the average civilian.

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