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Unsere Systeme, Konstruktionen und LA¶sungen entsprechen den technischen Regeln und Normen. TweetAlthough headlamps have grown in popularity in recent times, the usefulness of flashlights will never diminish. LEDs are very tough and rugged as they don’t break easily (as there’s no filament or glass to break). Wide (otherwise known as ‘flood’) – A beam that spreads out to give a wide (but short) view.
Focused (otherwise known as ‘spot’) – A condensed beam that is powerful and narrow – allowing you to focus on and pick out items in the distance.
Adjustable – A beam that can be adjusted to be either wide or focused (or anywhere in between).

With unregulated (or non-regulated) power supplies the light starts off bright and dims slowly over time as the batteries wear out. Typically, the larger the flashlight and the longer the battery life (or ‘battery capacity’), the heavier the flashlight will be.
Most flashlights and torches run on regular batteries, but others can be recharged by winding them up.
PoliceOne provides law enforcement-specific resources designed to help officers stay safe on the streets and more effectively protect their communities. Finding the right flashlight for you usually involves finding a trade-off between these three things (as well as the price). Although these flashlights that can be wound up flashlights aren’t usually as powerful (in terms of beam strength) as ‘regular’ flashlights, they are great in an emergency and you never have to worry about the batteries running out.

When examining a flashlight, think about how easily the ‘on’ button could be pushed, and whether it could accidentally turn on (and drain the batteries) from within your bag. PoliceOne is the only site to confirm the active law enforcement status of all members, creating a trusted and safe community for the exchange and discussion of key law enforcement issues, including breaking news, top products and important officer safety strategies. The downside is that you’ll often be caught out by the battery suddenly running out and you’ll have to change the batteries in the dark.

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