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Often, entering the dark hallway or walking down a dark street, we need a light, but the flashlight is not something that everyone has always at hand. Immediately after launching the application an animation starts, which demonstrates the work of the program. Probably, HTC Flashlight will soon be included in one of the new official firmware for the HTC devices. Doesn't look as nice as this though, morse code (lol) are you in the scouts or something? Ill use this one I think just cos its pretty and its the official app so if it kills my LED I can blame HTC for it (probably) as it doesnt appear to have a disclaimer. Basically, the desire light gives much more control, but it's incredibly irritating to bump the SOS button accidentally while your using the light. HTC apps usually depend on Sense, so not only do they only work on HTC devices but only if you are running a Sense ROM.

You may not realize it, but one of the most popular apps on any phone is the flashlight app. Additionally, HTC has made the Flashlight app an option for the on-screen buttons on the HTC One M9. So in short, getting to the flashlight app in the HTC One M9 is as simple as pulling down the notification bar with two fingers and then hitting the flashlight icon and boom.
Summary: Easy Flashlight is a simple utility the turns your Windows Mobile Professional phone into a flashlight. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
And to keep the app out of the app drawer was a great idea by HTC, and great to keep things simple. So if you use the flashlight app a whole lot, you can put it right next to the recents key or back button to make it even easier to use.

HTC Flashlight Program for HTC HD2 will help turn your smartphone into a flashlight, using a standard LED flash.
This is simple enough: the user only needs to lightly touch the screen and the brightness level of the flashlight will change. Especially seeing as a lot of other devices have the flashlight app in the quick settings now, including my daily driver the Sony Xperia Z3. The app has a very user friendly interface, but despite this, all the details are perfectly traced, and the usability of the application is not in doubt.
So to access it all you have to do is pull down the notification tray and hit the Flashlight icon in the quick settings section.

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