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At 4000 Lumens this insanely bright small handheld flashlight provides a Clear Crisp White Light.
It’s was first flashlight that features a funky Digital display that will provide you with details such as current lumens level, remaining battery runtime and flashlight temperature. I would just like to say I received my parcel and thank you very much for your excellent service. Hi Celesti en Louis ek het gister my TM26 by julle kom koop, ek hou verskriklik baie van hom, sy lig is regtig amazing!
Hi I bought the first model tiny monster (TM11) and camp many times and all my friends were highly impressed with this lights’ performance. Dear Celesti, I have bought recently TM 26 and SRT7 and must say Im extremely happy with both! Dis amazing wat die solid flits kan doen, dit laat my (gewilde kompeterende brand) soos ‘n kers lyk. Het gister-aand die flits in ontvangs geneem,dit lyk en voel heel indrukwekkend, ek het so ‘n bietjie daarmee rondgespeel in die kelder. Any flashaholic’s dream is to find a flashlight that impresses every time that it is turned on.
All high intensity flashlights do built up a lot of heat, this unit will reduce from turbo mode to a lower setting when heat built-up is detected.
To avoid dispatching faulty items, we always perform a pre-shipping quality check on all our torches and chargers. The bundled batteries that we include with shipping, will always be charged, so you can grab your new torch and use it straight away.

2 Year replacement warranty – Please familiarize yourself with our warranty terms by clicking here or opening the WARRANTY TAB in the menu at the top of the page. I have both a Nitecore tm15 and a Nitecore p25 and this TM26 looks even bigger than the TM15 which is already too big for everyday use. This light is the ultimate for security and other outdoor purposes as you will dominate the darkness surrounding you using a small, portable package.. Thank you for the excellent service  ? I’m off on field work next week, I do research on frogs. Maar dan gaan ek vir vroulief moet verduidelik hoekom ek 2 van die beste ligte in die wereld moet he. Both my wife and myself have dealt with you independently now and we have both enjoyed your excellent service. Switching the unit off and on again will put it on full brightness, but unit will reduce power again after a while.
You’ll not only light up an object at a distance, but also to the sides of it, providing for a very comfortable viewing area. One would not have thought that this is a handy feature until you start getting used to it. I cannot believe your and yours systems efficiency in getting things done so quickly and effectively.
I cannot say the same for the (competitive brand removed.) At the moment, I only have my 100 lumen climbing headtorch in the house.
Dis lekker dat Louis altyd beskikbaar was en my so vinnig kon help om die regte besluite te neem.

Turbo mode is only sustainable for periodic use (until 60 degrees ) because of heat, lower modes can be more easily sustained. On the TM26 we put a set of new (but flat) batteries inside and do a complete charge cycle using the bundled 220v charger.
Protective eyewear and proper caution and skin protection should be used  when using and exposed for these wavelengths. I am also looking for a compact, light weight 900 – 1000 lumen torch and would appreciate if you can recommend one of your torches. My electric fence alarm has been triggered a few times lately and I don’t want to investigate at night with a headtorch.
It has a really nice wide garden filling beam I am much happier with a wider beam than a narrow one Hylton, Centurion.
After charging has been completed, we will test the switch, OLED Screen, check that all LED’s are working and test all the different modes. I think I’ll probably go for the TM36 next time or any other big thrower you might be bringing out in the not too distant future, just let me know what items you will be releasing soon. As you cycle through the different levels, one’s amazement just increases more and more and just when you think WOW at 1700 lumens, you click the button once more to 3800 lumens and BANG, you go into shock marveling at the daylight you see before you! To round it all up, NiteCore shows true ingenuity by designing the TM26 with an innovative OLED display that is just a step above the rest.

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