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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. There isn’t a ton of flashlight maintenance you have to know to care for your LED, but there are some simple things you can do that can help your flashlight last longer. It’s super important that you don’t leave batteries in flashlights that you don’t use frequently.
One day I actually needed to use my flashlight to look under the hood of my car at night, and as you might guess, my flashlight wouldn’t turn on.
When we opened up my flashlight to see what was going on, we found out that the batteries had leaked and corroded inside the flashlight (joy of joys). To avoid a super frustrating experience like this, don’t leave your batteries inside your flashlight if you use the flashlight only for emergencies or infrequently at all.
If you’re storing your batteries outside of your flashlight, make sure to store them in a cool, dry place. This should be obvious, but you don’t want to intentionally bring your LED flashlight into the water unless you have a special dive light or other light that is designed for water use.
SureFire just posted on Facebook of what looks to be a new tactical headlamp: the SureFire Minimus Tactical. This Powerful 5W LED light emits 550 Lumen from the CREE XML U2 LED, throwing a bright light over the darkness. If you need a truly need a powerful flashlight, look no further than the Klarus XT11 600 Lumen Tactical LED Flashlight. We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF.

With two in a pack, you’ll have a mini flashlight for the kitchen drawer and another for the vehicle glove compartment, tool box or black-out kit. I was really surprised that my LED wouldn’t turn on because I had only used the flashlight once or twice before, so it didn’t make any sense for it to not be working. At the very least, it’s a good idea to check your flashlights every 6 months or so to make sure the batteries haven’t leaked and that no corrosion has taken place. The test requirements for a waterproof rating are that the light must be submerged one meter minimum for half an hour, and the light must work normally directly after the test and also 30 minutes after the test has been completed. If you know that and you want to take your flashlight apart anyway to do maintenance, go for it, but just know that your flashlight will no longer have a valid warranty. I looked online for general care and maintenance that you should be doing with your flashlight, but it seems like only the super hardcore flash-aholics do much at all to maintain their LEDS.
We’ve got plans to give this blog more love, so keep checking back for more awesome LED content in the near future.
When you hear the word flashlights, you might think of brands such as Surefire, Fenix, Maglite, or maybe even FOURSevens. Maybe.) The Klarus P1A Tactical LED flashlight is a little over 4 inches long, but packs 150 Lumens of power and a max runtime of 28 hours on a single AA battery. In fact, when I’m having car problems, it’s normally at a time when I can wait until daylight to look at what’s going on, so it’s very rare that I actually use that flashlight.
Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to keep the contacts clean, and some people put lubricant on certain parts inside the light. That is a great feature because if you are using this, you need a hand free to do other things, whether you’re working on your car or just need to find your keys.

In fact, you've caused us quite a bit of angst, including: stubbed toes, tripping over lounging cats, getting lost in the woods, and more than a few beer goggle-esque moments regarding potential romantic partners. It's the perfect little light to stash in your pocket, purse, or backpack and take wherever you go.
Many a person has taken apart a bike, instrument, or tool only to find out that putting it back together isn’t as easy as they thought. So whether you're camping deep in the wilderness, or exploring cave, this 550 Lumen Cree Flashlight will always be ready to give you extreme lighting performance when you need it most. The Plastic coming through the hole area in the connector should be without any metal part of the connector. If there is a metal knockout piece stuck at this area it will short out the LED curcuit and burn out the 2 LED's. Only had them a few months, but they feel as solid as the dim flashlight I bought at the big box home improvement store.I thought the bright red and blue colors would be annoying, but it helps me locate them easily when I set 'em down while putzing around the house. Order yours now while supplies last and we will send out your new LED flashlight within 24 hours and will even guarantee your product free from defect for 12 months. I buy a 2 pack every time i go to HF, and they usually last a week or two and i throw them away.
One time, i was telling one of my employees how horrible these lights are, and said DONT DROP IT or it will break.

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