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Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into the brightest flashlight ever — utilizing powerful LED technology. Instant light — the fastest possible launch of continuous light from the built-in LED flash. Signal Light button — send Morse code signals, use it for precise lighting or just have fun with it.
This was only a matter of time until someone figured out how to use the LED flash of the iPhone to turn it into a useful flashlight. Imagine how much fun you can have with it, especially with kids that need a night light to fall asleep. The light is a very dim diffused white that is perfect for a little light in the bedroom without being disruptive. SEOUL, South Korea - Blue Wind today is pleased to announce LED Light - for iPhone 4 LED Flashlight Version 1.04, an update to their extremely popular, free flashlight utility for iPhone 4. LED Light - for iPhone 4 LED Flashlight Version 1.04 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. Based in Seoul, Korea, Blue Wind was established in 2005 as a mobile game company by Doosun Hong, and is actively focusing on developing games and applications for the iPhone. There are a few categories of apps — especially on iPhone — that the App Store developer community has completely saturated. As you can probably tell, one flashlight app is likely to have about the same battery draw from an iPhone as any other. Provide a “screen lock” function, where fingers running all over the touchscreen won’t disrupt the torch.
As you can probably tell by the length of this article, I have strong opinions when it comes to flashlight apps.
I bought Light pretty much the day I got my iPhone 5 (with my own cash) and have been overjoyed with it ever since. If I’m out walking at night and want to use Light, I take out my iPhone, launch the app, double-tap the display and don’t even think about it. It’s certainly arguable that the case I’m arguing is for flashlight apps, rather than Light itself.
Another great feature of using an iPhone app as a flashlight rather than, you know, an actual flashlight is the battery.
There are a good amount of options in Light if you’d like your setup a little different than the stock.

Light LED for iPhone 4 is a new application that turns your iPhone 4 into a real flashlight! Thank you for taking the time to report any bugs or to request an enhancement to Light LED for iPhone 4 application. This carefully crafted app uses the built-in rear LED flash as a flashlight with continuous light.
A proud owner of an iPhone 4, which he has affectionately named Quentin, he is also a student at Fordham University where he studies English and film.
How is the camera flash light working in comparrison with the display type of flash lights? Program your flashlight program to shut-off after a certain amount of time and make the room dark for better sleeping. Now, to this ubiquitous, cybernetic Swiss army knife comes a free app providing the most basic utility of all: light.
Their goal is to continuously develop and service various applications for their customer's convenience and enjoyment. Off the top of my head, I can think of a few: to-do list apps, weather apps and text editors.
Same goes for brightness — all the apps will be limited by the strength of the iPhone’s flash.
Unfortunately (for me), these strong opinions came about because I’ve been burned by poorly thought out apps in the past. Light comes in handy around the house, too: I’ve recently been rearranging cables in my office under the desk and could never have tidied up so fast using a traditional flashlight… I’d have had to find it for a start. In my case, for example, I’ve removed the strobe and SOS options from the main display, so I don’t accidentally turn on strobe when I’m after a torch. Until that day arrives, I’ll politely ask “Light” to be launched, or tap the icon on my homescreen.
This application uses the iPhone's 4 flashlight to illuminate your world when you find yourself in a dark spot. Or you can use it as Signal Light managed by the special button with extremely fast response.
If your kids are the nervous type, scare them with the little ghostly creature that suddenly lights up at a set time using your flashlight app.
Walking down unlit country paths, searching dark closets, resetting circuit breakers, reading on a bus, LED Light is handy, bright, and the perfect emergency flashlight.

I used most of the high ranking App Store flashlight suggestions before making my final choice. Whether it’s giving you a helping hand navigating your home in the dark, helping you re-arrange cables under a desk or even walking through a forest at night with no other means of light, a great flashlight app can really save your bacon. There’s a great big (beautiful) button in the centre of your iPhone’s screen to turn the light on and off, along with a mode selector switch. Flashlights tend to be used very infrequently — with such a large gap between uses that the batteries inside are always dead. This application is useful in a variety of situations: Reading a book in bed, reading a map in a car, help unlock your door at night, find your way in a dark room, or a thousand other issues.
Not at all, this is just a fun little diversion that your kids will love and it will give you a few laughs. It is one of the few free utility apps that nearly every iPhone 4 owner is likely to use on a daily basis. What I mean here is that one person might absolutely love OmniFocus, whereas someone else might hate it.
Double-tapping an empty area of the screen will enter “locked” mode, where Light ignores all touch inputs on the display except for another double-tap.
Some of the other apps had ugly UI, always showed ads, had strange names which would show up on my homescreen and didn’t have a great way to lock the screen. I’m interested to see if anyone majorly disagrees with me — or thinks of a feature that’s even more impressive than what I listed here. The tiny ghost clips onto the side of your iPhone, draws power from your phone, and works with your favorite flashlight app.
Blue Wind advises that LED Light consumes power quickly, and that continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life. Light nails all my requirements — and I’m pretty sure my requirements are fairly universal. There are some categories of apps, though, where this subjective preference isn’t quite so apparent.

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