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If you have small kids, I am sure you have seen the phase where they want to keep the lights on at bed time.
When we were asked to review the Flashlight friends, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with my kids. Flashlight Friends are available in  Pink Unicorn, Black Penguin, Green Turtle, Blue Puppy, Purple Panda, and Green Dragon. Flashlight Friends are to ease the fear of the dark, be used as a nighttime reading light, playing games, or for traveling. Due to their bulk or delivery method, all products marked with the SC symbol will incur an additional delivery charge. One of the things they kept asking for was a Flashlight Friend, so when I received one to review, we went out that same day and purchased another so they both could have one.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of these, but we have found some great uses for their Flashlight Friends!
We have purchased the kids their own flashlights to keep in bed in the past, but Flashlight Friends takes away the boring old flashlight and gives you something fun and cuddly! The light is super bright and they turn off on their own after they are left on for so long.
Mom of the 2-legged and 4-legged kind, wife, and writer sharing our semi-crunchy, Arizona parenting lifestyle. Read more about Leels, follow us on Facebook, see our life in pictures or subscribe via our newsletter! March 27, 2014 by Ashley Right now Bed Bath ‘N Beyond has their selection of Flashlight Friends on clearance for just $9.99!

Make nighttime fun for your kids with Flashlight Friends, the super soft and cuddly stuffed animal with a built-in flashlight. These adorable plushy characters have a cool to the touch LED light that is activated but gently pushing on the light source twice. Every toy commercial that comes on, Buggy and Buddy are both hollering that they want that or to put it on their Christmas list.
These plush, huggable flashlights are perfect for sleepovers, story time, fear of the dark, and more.

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