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In this article, we are dealing with the most common problems with flashlight Android apps. Even though flashlight apps are generally great and very useful, they sometimes create problems and instead of facilitating our lives become a real pain in the neck. The most often symptoms of problems with flashlight apps include:One or more flashlight apps installed simply don't turn the flash on.
If you have an in-built flashlight app, it's better to use it because a third-party flashlight app may interfere with the stock app. As you can see, this stock version of flashlight is not packed with tons of additional option,s but for me it's enough. This flashlight app worked on devices on which other apps failed to work (especially Samsung devices).
The app's supposed to turn on  all available lights on your device (camera flash LED, screen brightness, keyboard backlight and so on). Playing switch soundIf you are done with all the previous steps, your app will work perfectly.
About The Author Ravi TamadaRavi is hardcore Android programmer and Android programming has been his passion since he compiled his first hello-world program.
Samsung Epic 4G, Galaxy S, Fascinate, Moment, Incredible, Motorola Droid, X, 2, Nexus, N1, XPERIA, X10, HTC Desire, EVO, myTouch Slide. Flashlight Apps are not only the rescuer in times of emergency but also help you kick start the party with style, here is a list of some of the best flashlight apps for Android. An android flashlight app that uses the device’s camera flashlight as the torch, it is one of the best flashlight apps in the market.
Extremely easy to use and with a regularly updated interface, it acts as the bright torch beam in your emergency as well as the fun light source at a party, Color Flashlight comes with the option of displaying your message through these cool lights. Another free flashlight app, Brightest Flashlight Free comes with great developer support and gives you maximum light, be it as keyboard backlight or notification lights or camera flash.

With amazing features like activating the torch light by a simple shake, Flashlight LED does not overload the battery and acts like any other application running in the background. Easy to install, it comes with the option of adding a widget for easy access and is definitely the kind of flashlight app you should choose if you are looking for a hassle free usage. Free and extremely easy to use, Flashlight comes with an elegant interface, sleek design and attractive features like emergency flashlight, strobe mode, frequency controller and a superb developer support. Color flashlight, disco light, police light, warning lights, candle light all in one, this android app is one of the most installed free apps in the flashlight market. Compatible with almost all the modern Android devices, Tesla LED Flashlight is one of the best LED flashlight app that comes with the option of making a widget for easy use. One of the most installed LED light app, it brightens the LED of the camera and is compatible with Android 1.6 or later versions.
Both are ad supported and needs access to Internet to deliver ads, but aside from that they have just basic permissons to the camera. This network signal booster runs well-known commands and tweaks which improve your 3G, 4G, and Wifi signal. We offer automatically updates to all our customers for free, you never have to worry about navigating on outdated maps again. In such a case I always suggest trying a different app instead of looking for reasons (and wasting time) why THIS app doesn't work. That's why if there are Settings in your flashlight app, look for LED settings and check LED. A great choice if you don't have an in-built app of this type and you don't need all the extra features like the ones which Tiny Flashlight + LED offers. I just wanted to inform you about my new website - MobileGuruLOL where you will find everything about Android (and tons of tutorials). On this site, the Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. Place all the switch image files under drawable-hdpi, drawable-mdpi, drawable-ldpi folders. Now open activity_main.xml file located under res a‡’ layout folder and type the following code. When user touches the switch we need to toggle the switch image to on and off state just to indicate flashlight status.

Here we can add an enhancement to our app by playing switch sound when user touches the switch. Importantly don’t forgot to release the camera once our app entered into background state as other apps might need to access camera. It also offers a wide variety of flashlights which become all the more attractive since it comes with the option of adjusting the brightness and colors of the light according to user requirements. With the option of 6 kinds of cool flashlights, it acts like a graphical equalizer, the brightness and timing of the lights being adjustable according to the surrounding sounds or position of the mobile phone. It comes with handy features like adjusting the color, brightness, timing and other effects of the device light and takes up negligible memory space and battery consumption. Extremely adjustable, all the kinds of flashlights come with effects and features that can be personalized according to one’s choice. For flashlight apps there should be no more permissions needed than access to camera & camera flashlight (+ internet access if its ad supported). And we will link your official website as the connection address, or remove it within three working days. When installing a new flashlight app, check in its description if it supports your version of Android.This is how you can check your Android version (it may vary a little bit depending on the kind of Android phone you have). The app has a few nice features, such as, camera LED flashlight, screen light, warning lights, police lights, color flashlight, morse code, brightness adjustment, home screen widgets and so on. It may be useful in some situation but I guess this will quickly make your battery run low, so use it wisely. Please note that this app is targeted to mobile devices only, i am not sure how this app looks in tablet devices.
Create a new xml file named radial_background.xml under res a‡’ drwable-hdpi folder and paste the following code. I am not covering the steps involved in designing the application as it is not the part of the tutorial.Thanks to Keith Sereby for providing beautiful switch image. Check out his profile on dribble and twitterFollowing is the screenshot of the app which we are going to develop in this tutorial.

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