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If you are looking for a long range flashlight there are two terms that are always used to describe the beam pattern that a flashlight gives off, they are flood and throw.
A flood flashlight or some say that it is floody is a flashlight that does not focus the beam but lights up the area around the flashlight.
A Thrower is a flashlight that can shoot a beam a long distance but does not necessarily light up all of the area close to the flashlight, an extreme example would be a spotlight.
The most common way that people determine the throw of flashlights is by going outside and pointing the flashlight at something they know the distance of. The industry standard is called beam distance, the number that many companies report on their packaging in a ANSI FL1 chart. When looking for the best led thrower we will also be looking at build quality, brand reputation, and other features. The benefits of a flashlight that runs on AAA batteries is that you will be able to find the batteries anywhere and they are super small.
If you are also looking to buy some batteries you need to decide if you want to go with rechargeable AAA or primary (not rechargeable) AAA batteries.
Just like with the AAA size flashlights there is a Li-ion option that will fit inside of the flashlight. For the frugal buyer, the best thrower flashlight that uses a single AA size battery is the Nitecore MT1A This is not the last time that Nitecore is going to show up on this list. The longest throwing flashlight that only uses a single AA battery is the Thrunite Neutron A2 V2.
Another Nitecore flashlight fills the budget spot for a long throw led flashlight with 2 x AA. The Foursevens Quark series of lights is a very popular series of lights and for good reason. This flashlight deserves to be mentioned because if its candela and throw claims are true it is both the longest throw led flashlight with two AA batteries and the best budget option.
Not many flashlights are designed to work with 3 AA batteries so this is a slim selection, but none the less this is a great flashlight. Our focus here is to find the best throw flashlight for sale, specifically those that only use reflectors, but first we need to learn about what flood and throw are.
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Many times floody flashlights have more Lumens than thrower flashlights, if you are looking for the brightest overall flashlights check out our article here. These flashlights are created by using a few different methods but the goal is to get as many rays of light traveling parallel to the flashlight as possible. This measurement tells the distance when the beam intensity reaches 0.25 lux or about the same amount of light a full moon on a clear night. In the comparison chart we only have the main competitors for the best throw flashlight overall. There are not many manufacturers that recommend the use of 10440 batteries in their AAA flashlights since the voltage is so much higher. These AAA flashlight are super thin and since one of the key elements of throw has to do with the size of the reflector they can only do so much. These 14500 batteries run on a much higher voltage and can easily burn out a driver or an LED if the flashlight can not handle it. This a fantastic flashlight that is very efficient, it beats most of the other single AA flashlights in our test by over 20 meters. I was not able to confirm these numbers by an independent test but Nitecore does not usually skew their numbers much. The Nitecore EA4 is a great little flashlight that is probably just pushing the pocket size. This fantastic flashlight comes with a intelligent charging port to use if you are using rechargeable batteries so it eliminates the need for a separate charger.

The extreme example of a floody light would be a standard lightbulb in a home, its goal is to light up the entire room with a little bit of light and not shine light in a specific direction.
The most common way to make a long throw flashlight is by using a parabolic reflector, if the LED is at the perfect spot (called the focus) all of the light that hits the parabola will reflect off and travel parallel to or in the same direction that you are pointing the flashlight, check out the graphic.
Then they compare the spotlight to other flashlights that they have, this is a very simple and easy way to figure out the flashlight with the longest throw out of your collection. The small problem with this measurement is that if something was a kilometer away you would not be able to see it even under a full moon.
But, we will review and give some suggestions further down below for the top long distance flashlight by different battery types.
The Thrunite Ti3 does not accept the 10440 batteries but due to its design it still puts out more lumens and throw than others that take 10440 li-ions.
Before you decide to run 14500 batteries in your flashlight you should do extensive research about your particular flashlight and the results that others have had. Also this is one of the best thrower flashlights in the 2xAA segment as well, it is not mentioned because it is not the winner but it is close. The only difference is that since it has two batteries it has more power which translates into more throwing ability. Their Quark Turbo series takes the popular quark models and puts larger heads with deeper reflectors to turn a “normal” flashlight into the best throw flashlight in this class.
Basically Nitecore took the earlier mentioned MT2A and put a larger reflector in and changed the XP-G LED to a XP-E2 R2 LED. It is amazing that with 50% more power and a nice large reflector head we can out shoot the best 2xAA torch by 83%.
It uses the Cree XM-L2 T6 LED that allows this flashlight to have a beam distance of 290+ meters. And if you’re using it for these purposes, you want to make sure you have the best flashlight money can buy.
Other methods to increase the throw of a flashlight involve aspheric lenses and TIR optics but our focus her will be reflector based long distance flashlights.
Using these test we will try to figure out what the best throw flashlight is, but remember the longest throw flashlight is not necessarily the best long throw flashlight. This bump in power if the flashlight can handle it will make the Lumen output considerably higher but it will also get very hot quickly. Our favorite for Ni-MH batteries is the La Crosse BC-700 because it is very high quality, easy to use, can charge both AA and AAA, and at a decent price point. In independent tests this tiny keychain flashlight has shown to have a beam distance of over 60 meters, that is more than half of a football field from a flashlight that is about as big as your index finger.
It comes with the Cree XP-G2 S2 LED and has a forward clicky switch so it has momentary on which many people like. As far as AA batteries our recommendations here are pretty much the same as they where with the AAA flashlights.
It uses a Cree XP-G R5 LED, has a great anti-roll design, and intelligent memory functions. Nitecore claims that this light can throw up to 200 meters which would make it the dominating winner in both budget and throw.
We will cover flood and throw here but, for more information on the basics of flashlights check out our flashlight buyers guide.
Before you chose to put a 10440 battery in your AAA flashlight do a little research on what other have experienced so you do not blow out your circuitry and LED, I would check candlepowerforums. If you want something that is a little bit more budget friendly just make sure that the charger charges each battery independently and not in pairs.
This tiny high intensity long throw flashlight gets its power from the Cree XP-G2 R5 which is a great LED for this size of a flashlight. This flashlight has four brightness levels low, medium, high, and turbo the brightest there is also a strobe function.

It has four brightness levels, strobe and a memory function to help you get to the brightness that you want faster.
This light still has the same four brightness levels and strobe as the MT2A, give or take a few lumens since it has a different LED. This is one of the smallest and brightest 4xAA flashlights on the market at an incredible value. Flashlights that have good throw characteristics typically have narrow beams that can illuminate objects off in the distance. If you want to go the primary cell route or maybe you just want to have have some backups we like the Energizer L92 Lithium batteries.
In our top penlight article we gave this flashlight the honor of the best tactical penlight. And if you want to go the primary battery (non-rechargeable) route, maybe just to have some spares lying around, we really like the Energizer L91 AA Lithium Batteries as they are better than alkaline batteries in every way. As with many of the Nitecore flashlights this is a great value flashlight, not the farthest throwing in this category and size but probably one of the best values. The Cree XP-G2 in this light shoots a beam over 180 meters to almost two whole football fields. If the values are true this is a great value if you are looking for a small handheld long range flashlight.
Regular mode has three brightness levels low, medium, high with hidden strobe, flash, SOS, beacon. This light also has a really cool feature that we do not see much, a screw hole on the tail that fits standard sized camera tripods and and spike that you can purchase separately. Remember that lithium primary cells and Li-ion rechargeable cells are two completely different types of batteries. A great option and at $0.18 per meter it makes this light one of the best values on this list in cost per meter. They have a higher power output while still in a safe range, they last longer, and they have a longer shelf life. This is the first flashlight on the list that incorporates a large head for throwing, something that would be too large to fit in most pockets. NITECORE P12 2015 The 2015 version of the NitecoreP12 offers a maximum output of 1000 lumens.
Nitecore P16 The Nitecore P16 isn’t quite as powerful as the P12, but it’s a close second. The T20CS isn’t as bright as the other flashlights on our list, but its long throw is impressive.This Sunwayman model features three constant output modes, a turbo mode, SoS mode and a strobe mode. There are a few important things you want to consider when looking at different models:Beam DistanceThrow flashlights are known for having long beam distances.
If you’re only buying a throw flashlight to monitor activity in your yard, you may not need an extremely long throw.Take the ProTac HL3 (listed above) for example. This a great option for security or tactical, but it may also be practical in survival situations.
And you’re going to need all the help you can get if you need to illuminate long distances.LED LifetimeAnother thing to consider is the LED’s lifetime.
This means you could leave the flashlight on for 2,083 days straight before the LED would die out.
Just about every throw flashlight will list the lifetime of the LED in the product description.The throw flashlights listed above are the best on the market with high lumen outputs and boast impressively long beam distances.

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