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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This powerful adjustable beam flashlight allows you to go from a wide-angle to spotlight beam simply by twisting the lens! Each flashlight has an impact-resistant anodized aluminum body for long life and a hex-shaped end cap to prevent rolling.
The small flashlight features an impact-resistant anodized aluminum body for long life and a hex-shaped end cap to prevent rolling. The large flashlight takes three D batteries and the compact flashlight takes two AA batteries – batteries are included. The package came with super heavy duty carbon zinc batteries and it wasn't bright so I replaced it with alkaline batteries, specifically super alkaline batteries and the flashbright turned really bright.

After standing there for about ten seconds, I noticed a brilliant white light just pop out of nowhere.
Make sure to buy a new bulb so you can be prepared for next time something happens to it!- The spotbeam and flashbeam is really bright! Replace the carbon zinc batteries with alkaline batteries if you want this flashbright to be bright.
You CAN install them from either side, but I recommend the HEX Side.I used Rayovac Batteries, and they leaked battery acid all inside the Tube, with welded the Hex Cap in place. Overall, this flashlight is great for lighting up your way or if you need to find something!
I was going to show a picture how bright the floodlight is when turned on in my room, but the picture limit is two.

Adjustable Beam 3 D and 2 AA Flashlights:They r great and thanks to the salesman I now know how to replace my bulbs with an led lite, not a bulb. Adjustable Beam 3 D and 2 AA Flashlights:Better than the bulky rechargeable lights that don't last very long. We deal with lighting design utilizing the entire spectrum including UV and infra-red lights. If I had to guess, I saw some sort of natural phenomena that we don’t know about yet.

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    The new $99.95 Nano plus is $99.
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