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UNU Enerpak Tube 5000mAh USB external battery pack has portability and power collider which can recharge almost any smart phone up to 3 times still managing to remain light weight and it is completely portable. Overview: The model number of this product is EP-02-5000 which advanced circuitry which helps to prevent overheating, overcharging and short-circuiting. This product is unparalleled having large capacity 5000mAh which provides 3 extra charge for iPhones and 2 extra charges for Samsung Galaxy Notes. The Enerpak Tube is compatible with all USB chargers & cables which come with cell phone or tablets, so there is no AC adapter or Apple Cable included. UNU will also honor one year manufacturer warranty to ensure your purchase is free from factory defects when arrive and also perform up to its standards along its life span.

This device can fit inside a pocket or purse and is perfect for on-the-go reliability yet, still boasts the ability to re-charge almost any USB product including tablets and smart phones. It has a plastic body that comes with a thin protective, transparent sticker that will keep out from scratches. According to the customers feedback the cable included with this portable charger is slow compared to the cables included in the phone. This entry was posted in Cell Phone External Battery Pack and tagged 5000mAh, Flashlight Power Bank, uNu by Pete. It complete with a built-in emergency flashlight, the compact, tube-like battery pack adds up to three times as much battery life to smart phone, and an LED-battery-life indicator specifies when it is time to recharge the battery pack or toss it at a secure of lightning.

Using 1A output charging current, which is powerful enough to charge most of the Mobile phones and Tablets.

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