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Thanks to all who helped make it happen.DPMS AR-15 Review Review the DPMS lite AR-16AR-15 through Hammers 2x42 FPS DPMS Check out my other videos, more to follow!
You are logged in as: You must log in for the forums to store your last visit date with your. These renowned rifles are dependable, affordable and extremely accurate, capable of sub MOA groupings. Unfortunately there were people about 30ft from me, didn't want them to think I was crazy talking to my camera (thats why I dont say much).
In this Nutnfancy DPMS LR-308 I bring into play five years of testing and shooting the type for this reference tabletop review.
Hunting gear, shooting accessories, law enforcement, military, optics, hiking gear, camping gear, and weather stations.
The LR-308 has critics and some of that is deserved as some rifles have had problems (shown, discussed). But in TNP these TAC-20 and Classic Custom models ran sure and accurate, the best value .308 SAPR or Battle Rifle Value I've seen to date. Some of that comes from the extensive variety of the guns available (shown); for their value and equipment my 2012 faves are the TAC-20, 3G1, MOE, and in some POUS the AP4 LR-308 models.
In the Semi Auto Precision Rifle (SAPR, TNP term) POU, these 20" test beds rocked, even in 10?F cold winter conditions.
Chambered in 7.62x51mm, the LRs shoot into 1 MOA, sometimes even with cheaper 150 grain ball ammo (shown)! Accuracy in these .308 semi autos remained astonishing throughout the testing phases in TNP. In practical combat style RunNGun courses here, the AR-10 variants impressed all shooters, rolling in with record high scores in the TNP Sledgehammer Drill (see referenced Troy Shoot vid; Triggers on the value LR-308s are bad and they were replaced with a Wilson Combat TTU (drop in). Terserah sajalah kecewa2in aja trs" novianto_dpms: Tenang kalo sdh jalannya mau diapain lg. It is NOT a factory DPMS rifle however, it's a project gun of Matt's with mostly DPMS parts.
A discussion by PFIDude seems to indicate it's how Matt was holding the gun; that really wasn't the issue.

Matt informed me after the shoot that he suspects the gas port on the Remington produced, chrome lined barrel (not standard for LR-308) is undersized. Nevertheless, as we've seen many times in TNP, this gun fell on its face in real world shooting once again proving to me a factory produced rifle with a warranty is always a safer bet.
Swapping out handguards, grips, and stocks is a safe bet but squirreling together key components like barrel, firing mechanisms, carrier, bolt, buffers, springs, etc take you squarely into "you're on your own" territory.
Accustomed to shooting this gun in prone in precision courses, running this 12 lb rifle was instructional for Sadly: it's a lot of metal to wrangle in the tactical carbine role. Subsequent practice could easily show this system capable of a perfect SH score as it is tack driving accurate. The Rifle Might survive, but we dont think the truck did.DPMS AR15 more upgrades AR-15 Muzzle Blast With DPMS Miculek Compensator, 100yds, this is my brand new AR-15 that i built (built by myself, not by a shop. DPMS AR-15 Oracle A3 Flat-Top Upper, Midwest Industries front flip up,Magpul Gen 2 rear flip up, Daniels Defense Omega Rail, Magpul hand guard covers,Magpul AFG2.
The dual optic setup may be of particular interest to many, but the primary focus of the video is to show the difference in shooting suppressed vs. I found shooting this rifle suppressed to be hearing safe although I would not call it comfortable.
I repeated the test with different ammunition and got an even greater shift in the point of impact. To my great surprise, my fears were not realized and in fact, I was very pleased and by how this scope performs. They were garbage in my experience -- the scope could not be zeroed because there was not enough windage adjustment to even come close. Bottom line is that this scope holds its zero, is very clear up until about 38x, then gets a little blurry (but is still very usable at 40x). For $150 (at the time of this video) it comes with an awful lot of features and it functions really well!

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