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Available for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8, the Perfect Flashlight comes at the perfect price, free! You can see there how windows phone struggles with its app base that even a flaslight app should be featured in an article so that the people would know.
De colorful modus is vergelijkbaar met de whitescreen modus, waarbij het gehele scherm gevuld wordt met een kleur.
De kaleidoscope modus toont een bewegend patroon van mooie gekleurde figuren zoals hierboven is weergegeven. Mocht je willen proberen iemand te hypnotiseren ?? dan kun je een poging wagen met dit bewegende patroon. In de instellingen is het mogelijk om de standaard pagina te kiezen waarmee je de Flashlight 7 app wilt starten. Verder is het in de whitescreen modus mogelijk om de helderheid in te stellen door met je vinger op het scherm verticaal te swipen (vegen). Flashlight 7 kent een groot aantal verschillende modussen, echter de meest gebruikte modus in mijn geval is de LED zaklamp.
MyWindows is een initiatief van enkele Windows Phone enthousiastelingen en komt voort uit WP7.nl. While there are plenty of flashlight apps in the Windows Phone Store, Ultimate Torch is a simple option worth considering that has a bit of flare to it. The Windows Phone app comes to us from the developers of myAppFree and has a very clean interface along with a Batman mode to give the app a little personality.
Ultimate Torch will utilize your Windows Phone's camera light or screen to illuminate your surroundings.
If your Windows Phone lacks a camera light, Ultimate Torch has the option to use your phone's display as the torch.
Should you opt to turn off the light when you launch the app, all you need to do is tap the screen to brighten things up.
Let us know in the comments below if you give Ultimate Torch a try and remember to rate Ultimate Torch in the Windows Phone Store. Flashlight XT for Windows Phone is a great little app that quickly allows you to use the LED Flash on your Lumia smartphone as a torch. There are times you need a torch on your smartphone and Flashlight XT for Windows Phone is one of the most highly rated on the Windows Phone Store.
If you have a high-end Lumia, such as the Lumia 930 or Lumia 830 with dedicated Capture button for the camera you can toggle between On and Off using this hardware feature.
As with all torch apps, it will eat into your battery life if you use it too often and for too long.
It runs under the Lock screen, and if you’re worried about the impact on battery life you can have the battery usage monitor show up on the screen.

If you are running on Windows Phone 8.1 and want Flashlight XT to be able to run under the lock screen, you must not prevent it from running in the background in the Battery Saver app.
We have been checking it our on our Microsoft Lumia 640 XL and found that it works really well.
When Windows Phone 7 replaced Windows Mobile, it was clear that Microsoft is trying to attract users with the use of simplicity.
Anyone who is just looking to use their phone as a flashlight in an emergency should pin the app to their Start screen, since Flashlight-X has a nice live tile and it turns the LED on as soon as you launch it. While the above features sum up the app’s basic functionalities, the developer has added a few bells and whistles to the mix as well.
Since using Flashlight-X can take a heavy toll on your device’s battery life, the app displays the remaining battery life to keep you apprised of the situation. This entry was posted in Smartphones And Tablets and tagged Camera, Flashlight, Flashlight App, LED, Windows Phone, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8S, Windows Phone Store by The iPhone Guy.
Nickename “The iPhone Guy” is a veteran technology Author and has written many posts for various Technology Blogs. But the Windows Phone Store has one such app that is called the "Perfect Flashlight." What makes this flashlight app different from the others?
You thought all the apps in the Play store were there from the beginning or they all arrived when you set up your phone for the first time?
I've been using Flashlight-X on my Lumias for years, and this is such an improvement in most ways. Feitelijk zijn er negen veschillende modussen om met het scherm van je Windows Phone of met de LED licht te produceren. De andere modussen gebruik ik persoonlijk erg weinig, maar het zijn wel features die deze applicatie compleet en uniek maken.
Ultimate Torch makes a nice first impression and if you are in the market for a Windows Phone flashlight app, you'll want to check it out.
The gray blue screen will turn to a bright white when the torch is activated in these cases. If you have a current mid-range device, such as the Lumia 640 XL or Lumia 535, which do not have the hardware button then you simply tap the icon on the screen of your phone. However, for short bursts of light, such as when you’re looking for your cat, your keys, or something dropped under the bed, it makes for an ideal app.
Placing the Live Tile onto your Start screen means you can get to the app quickly, when you need it most, and the simple look and design makes it easy to use. With the passage of time, however, a lot of people started complaining of WP7’s lack of even the most basic apps and utilities.
Flashlight-X has solved the longstanding issue of controlling Windows Phone’s camera LED via a third-party app.

It is possible to turn the light off by shaking your phone, or overlay a compass with the app’s main screen, which can be great when you want to find your way in the dark. If you haven't then yes, you are new to smartphones OR you have forgotten the fact that Android didn't always have a million+ apps and that the OS had to build its app number to where it is today.
I love the accent color option, the Morse code function, and how FAST it is (possibly due to the lack of ads or fresher code). Flashlight 7 is een alternatief voor gebruikers die geen HTC Windows Phone hebben, maar een Nokia, LG, Samsung of Acer. Persoonlijk vind ik het prettig dat de LED direct ingeschakeld wordt bij het starten van de app en het inschakelen niet nog een extra handeling is. In het rechter screenshot is te zien hoe je kunt wisselen tussen de verschillende sirene geluiden. Indien deze uitgeschakeld wordt kun je in het menu scherm komen door dubbel te klikken op het scherm. De ontwikkelaars van Flashlight 7 trouwens ook een aantal andere bekendere Windows Phone applicatie ontwikkeld waaronder Cocktail Flow en Weather Flow. Across the bottom of the screen is a host of features with your torch icon displayed center screen (swipe to the left to see all the features). A coloured square means the torch is on (but the LED light shining will show you that) while Grey is for off.
Flashlight-X is quite a simple app, but it still has all the necessary features that should be present in an app of this genre. You can manually turn the light on and off as well, just tap the big green button in the middle of the screen. Thanks to some recent updates of the app, you can now control the intensity of the light using a slider provided next to the power button.
It also has a smart way to turn on the light, and can send messages using Morse Code (using the light, of course).The app comes with a digital compass and includes some sound effects, which is very important for a flashlight app!
Zelf heb ik Flashlight 7 geinstalleerd op de Samsung Omnia 7, omdat ik een dergelijke applicatie out-of-the-box miste. The Perfect Flashlight allows you to change colors easily, and you can run the app under the lock screen. There have been many fake claimants in the Marketplace in the past, but most flashlight apps did nothing more than changing the color of your phone’s screen to give the impression of lighting.
Strobe effects are possible using the flashlight, and you can run an automatic SOS call for help, using Morse Code.

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