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This turns your Galaxy S3 into a super bright flashlight instantly by using the LED of your phone's camera flash to illuminate the way.
Fantastic device support backed up by rapid email response makes this the only flashlight app you will ever need and its free to use!
We have had many reports that this flashlight app works across many devices where others don't so if other flashlight apps have failed, maybe this is the one for you. The permissions are to allow the application to access to the LED flashlight of the camera (if you have one) and the others are to show some ads to support development and for this only.
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Most Android phones have got led flashlights that enable users to illuminate their photographs in low light conditions. Generally phone manufacturers would never advise you to use your phone’s led lights as flashlights, the main reason being using it that way would decrease your phone’s battery life.
However, Samsung Android phones on the other hand do come with an option to use the phone’s led as a flashlight. For those who have an Samsung android phone running the Touchwiz ui, here’s how you can use your phone as a flashlight without installing any third party apps.
Step 1: Long press on your phone’s home screen to bring up the home screen menu and select Apps and widgets. Step 2: Tap on widgets tab and tap and hold again on the Assistive light widget to place it on your phone’s homescreen. That’s it, now you can tap on the Assistive light widget on your phone’s homescreen to use your phones led lights as a flashlight.
The Assistive light widget on Samsung android phone can only be used to turn your phone into a flashlight and that’s no other additional features apart from that. This is something that can come very handy in emergency, but you need to be careful as third party flash lights apps for android have come under the scanner for spying on the users activities. Let's face facts: most people use their smartphones to text, to take occasional selfies, and to fool around with Farmville-like casual games. Probably the most essential of all, a flashlight app is simply a must, regardless of where you live.
An app like Smart Tools can be a godsend, as it allows you to measure anything from distance, height, width, through angle and slope, down to sound levels.
Ever dreamed of having the ability to scan a sign or text in an unknown language with your camera, and have your smartphone magically translate what's written? Perhaps your phone has a built-in File Manager, but those never allow access to root directories, mostly because a user error can be costly.
Tasker is an incredibly-powerful (root) app that allows you to automate a variety of actions on your Android device.
AirDroid is a device management software that you install on both your PC or Mac and as an app on your smartphone. Apps that allow you to transfer entire functioning apps to your microSD card can be a godsend, especially if your device's internal storage is quite limited.

Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular series of phones in the world today and has many popular mobile phone models. The Android app store is one of the biggest and most popular app stores in the world and most of its apps can be downloaded on Galaxy S4 zoom to make it much more user friendly and functional. This is an app which is meant for Samsung Smart camera but works well for Galaxy S4 Zoom as well.
This is a very popular app for this handset and lets the users use Firefox browsers on their phones itself. To enjoy a lovely Facebook experience on Galaxy S4 Zoom, this app is a must have for all Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom users. This is a cross platform messaging application which has redefined our way of communicating and is gaining tremendous popularity these days. This too is a messaging app which only works under an internet connection and helps you stay connected with your friends and family members from your phones. This is surely one of the most popular apps in the world and is a personalized magazine containing all the topics of your choice. This is a social network for professionals where you can add all your official contacts and stay connected with them. This is a gaming app which works wonderfully on your Galaxy S4 Zoom due to its large screen size. The developers of Candy Crush Saga have developed this game which is very interactive and addictive. This is the perfect app for you if you are generally confused about the song playing in the background and also wish to know the names of the singers often. This app gives the users of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom an access to the map of the world along with map of individual countries.
Temple Run is by far one of the most played games in the world and is a must-have application on your S4 Zoom handset. YouTube is a platform where users can watch many types of videos categorized very intelligently. Yahoo Messenger is one of the most popular messengers in the world and if you are a Yahoo member, then this app should surely be on your phone. This is an app for all those who wish to know about the all the places to travel on a Trip.
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Samsung galaxy note edge - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The samsung galaxy note edge is an android phablet produced by samsung electronics. Samsung galaxy 5 - xda developers, Samsung galaxy s 5 help, reviews, wallpaper, root tools, roms and more. Samsung galaxy s4: flashlight - valuewalk, If ’ve samsung galaxy s4, impressive 13 megapixel camera, bright led flash. Hi, here we provide you APK file of "Download Android App flashlight for Samsung" to download and install for your mobile.
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The main purpose of the flashlights provided on android phones might be to illuminate the subject in low light conditions, however people have also been using the led lights as a flashlight. This is a major reason why most android phones do not come with an feature to use the led lights as a Flashlight even if its possible to use it that way. This function is built in into the Touchwiz launcher and you wont have to install any third party apps on your Samsung android phone in order to use the led flash lights of your phone as a flashlight. For example, many third party apps available on the Google play store can use your phone’s led lights to send SOS messages in case of emergency. But every now and then, there's real work to be done, and this is an area that smartphone apps are particularly crafty in. It's a safe bet that, sooner rather than later, you'll run into a situation that could have been made easier if strong light was available.
Such functionality exists, and the Word Lens Translator app (acquired by Google) does exactly that. Do you find yourself in situations where you're aimlessly wandering around, hoping for reception? It's not for novice users for the most part, as it's complex, but its potential is usually well-worth the time investment.Check Tasker out, and consult the web on how to make the most of it. So long as both devices are on the same network, AirDroid allows for some pretty handy functionality, including (but not limited to): file transfer, texting, media management, and more. One such handset is known as Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom which is a phone for the photography or camera lovers. In case your phone don’t have the assistive light widget, here are some of the third party android apps which you can use for turning your android phone into a flashlight with any ads. He loves to tinker around with his gadgets and when he find something new and exciting, he shares it with you on this blog. And as technology continues to develop, so will smartphone's applications.Simple or complex-- it doesn't matter -- there's likely an app for that. Our personal favorite is Remote Mouse, but you can look for alternatives if that one doesn't suit you.
It's not perfect, and more refinements will likely follow in the future, but it's still a pretty nifty way to cross a language barrier. Thankfully, you can get an app that offers similar functionality for free and put the savings to good use. Then what you need is Open Signal -- an app that, among other things, shows you the direction from which the nearest tower is beaming.
Problem is, we usually need to run into a particular problem before we realize the need for a certain app, and even then there are no guarantees we'll remember to download it while connected to the house Wi-Fi. Our personal choice in this category is Tiny Flashlight, but there are a number of alternatives on the Play Store. That's precisely why some of us keep an ever-growing arsenal of utility apps that are necessarily part of each and every future phone we get. You probably cross off at least a few categories found in the slideshow gallery below, but it's probably a safe guess that you're missing at least a few.

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