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With Fandango you can browse movies, watch trailers and read reviews, it provides theater locations and directions. This is something that works like an actual flashlight, it’s free app from Surpax uses your iPhone’s camera flash, the simple white LED beside the lens  to produce a surprisingly bright beam you can turn on or off by sliding a screen-centered power button up or down.
StumbleUpon is one of the best “random cool stuff on the Internet.” Just tap the “Stumble” button, and you’ll be transported from funny list articles to delicious recipes to oddball trivia to amazing photography. These apps can prove to be really helpful in situations like when there is no other light source around you. Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into the brightest flashlight ever — utilizing powerful LED technology. Instant light — the fastest possible launch of continuous light from the built-in LED flash.
Signal Light button — send Morse code signals, use it for precise lighting or just have fun with it. Facebook is one of the widely used social networking site worldwide, so it can now be used in our phones. Tickets can be purchased right from Fandango’s iPhone app — you can even choose your own seats if the theater supports reserved seating.

The designers managed to cram several of the Mac version’s features into a setup that somehow feels custom-made for a 3.5-inch screen, including guitar, piano and drum layouts, “smart” instruments  and a multitrack recording studio with guitar amps and Stompbox effects.
The best thing about the app is that it turns on the flashlight directly just when you launch the app. This flashlight app comes loaded with various other types of lights apart from the normal flashlight, SOS, and strobe light. This carefully crafted app uses the built-in rear LED flash as a flashlight with continuous light. Now everyone have Facebook account and that application and that application offers an active social life right in your phone. There is a wide selection of apps available, so you will have a hard time choosing the best for you. The LED flashlight is brighter than the normal flashlight but you can use the LED light only if your iOS device is having the LED flash.
The extra supported lights and are: Emergency, Motion Control, Spiral, Glow Sticks, Neon, and Trippy. You can also share your views about the article or any of the app, mentioned by me, in comments section below.

Or you can use it as Signal Light managed by the special button with extremely fast response.
You need to know that there are thousands of apps for your iPhone to choose from, while many are quite similar in functionality, you will surely find cool iPhone applications that best suits your needs and preferences. The app also includes support for SOS lights and Strobe light with adjustable brightness and frequency. Besides this, it is one of the brightest flashlights app available out there and it also lets you choose the color for the light. You can also customize your app by using different cool app skins to make it look more cooler. The app also produces the sound which gives you a feel like you are opening a locker in reality. If you want to turn on the flashlight whenever the app is launched, then you can do so by going to Settings.

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