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Happy Sunday everyone!  Steve here, bringing you a newsletter FULL of Sunday Stunners!  I've got some hot-off-the-line, BRAND NEW products AND an awesome freebie that has NO LIMIT!
Scroll down and check it out!  You're gonna love what you find, and the prices are gonna make you wonder how I stay in business!
We have TONS of these things in our warehouse.  They're high quality, SUPER BRIGHT and built like absolute tanks! Seriously, how many times have you dropped something small and had it take an obscure bounce? Not only are you gonna be SUPERCHARGING your cognitive skills, you're gonna be having LOADS of fun while doing it! Sharpen your observation and critical thinking skills, formulate strategies, and TOTALLY revamp your vocabulary.  It's so much fun that you'll forget you're actually doing something good for your mind!
That's the beauty of crossword puzzles - even when you get something wrong, you're still learning! As you progress in the levels, the words will become bigger, longer and more challenging.  The best part? Fun for the entire family, it's full of competitive challenges and offers literally thousands of game levels.  Contains 3 different game modes for different skill levels! We spend a LOT of time on our plants - whether we're gardening outside or pampering our favorite indoor plants (more likely during this time of the year), it's something we love and cherish. The meters on the face are simple to read, and it's color coded with blue, green and red (each telling you what they mean, too). All your plants need you to do is stick the probe into their soil to unlock the mysteries of their healthy living and well-being! Whether you're using this on your house plants or plan on bringing it to the garden come Spring, both you and your plants are going to be happy you got this when you did! Today is your lucky day - we got a great deal on these, and we're passing the sales directly on to you! Picking out the right cards to send to your loved ones over the holidays can be a daunting task. So we waste precious time browsing through all of the cards at the store - usually they're picked over and even if they're not, the choosing is never too exciting.

Whether you're trying to send a physical card or an internet e-card (delivered via email), you're gonna LOVE this program!
We're talking about endless possibilities - from holidays like Christmas and Easter, all the way to birthday and get well soon cards - this program does it all!
It's simple to do - the detailed instructions leave nothing unanswered, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to create your own cards!
No matter what you're gonna use it for (probably everything), this is the right program for you! We were able to get these cheaper than ever from our vendor, and we're passing the savings directly on to you! PS: With Christmas right around the corner, we're not sure how long these are going to last.
You'd LOVE to lay there and hit snooze a few times, and you've ALWAYS dreaded getting up to hit the lights before you're fully awake.  Ever wish there was some magical contraption that would allow you to control your lamp without actually having to get up and turn it on or off?
No worries here - this is simple to use and yields results so awesome you'll swear it's real magic!  Read the check marks below - this is simple to operate and you're gonna love it! PS: we have less than 50 of these available, and they'll be GONE today!  Grab yours now, because after today you may never see it again! You are truely a humble servant of God to not want monetary rewards for all the work you do.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Short URLs redirect to a specified link while rendering a GIF preview on Facebook and Twitter. Then check out our store, filled with hundreds of incredible items, always at a super low price!
Yeah, we've all heard the old addage that they rot your brain, lower your IQ, and flat-out make you dumb. There's over 40,000 words - ensuring endless amounts of fun AND learning!  Your vocabulary will grow, your mind will sharpen and, most of all, you'll have TONS of fun!
Ever wonder why, despite your excellent care-taking skills, some of your favorite plants just don't make it?

The leaves or flowers begin to sag, the soil starts drying up, and before you know it, it's dead and dry. On your end, all you need to do is stick the end of the probe into the soil, read the meter and find out what your plant needs.
Anyone can do it - you don't have to be a botanist or even have a green thumb to make it work! The needle moves itself according to what your plant needs, and you can make ANY adjustments necessary to the soil, water or light! These are also perfect for indoor plants, and they actually won't be available in the spring - so get yours now and be prepared! Today, we're letting this awesome program go for just $15.97 WITH FREE US SHIPPING INCLUDED! If you have any questions, or would like to place an order with a live person, you can contact us via the phone number or email address listed below. Science takes over from there, telling you the EXACT levels of pH, moisture and light levels! Of course, it's much more than just a cute face - it's a scientific breakthrough that you're gonna love! The note writing guide is full of useful tips and styles to help make your card say EXACTLY what you want it to! It is awesome to read about the writing down of God's words to Jeremiah on a scroll by Baruch!  Unfortunately, that first scroll gets burned. Such people are worse than unbelievers." This is such a great reminder to care for our parents as they get older! I have seen some family members and friends do this for their parents - and uncles and other relatives - and it is such a blessing to see in action.

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