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By use transistor help enlarge current tallly […] Blown Fuse indicator LED Display A Fuse be the equipment protects that use often most. In addition, it has very low power consumption, for example, a 1.5V battery could drive the LED flashes. When build capacitor 330uF sizes suit 1 pin and 2 adaptation pin modify by the tow electronic part outside. For voltage 15V size the value of , CT equal to 180uF Rs equal to 3900ohm and RFB equal to 1000ohm.

Other detail , see in the circuit.LED Display for power supply 6V or 15V by LM3909 This circuit uses the integrated circuit LM3909 perform be LED Flasher and Oscillator.
The useful life of battery long because of the circuit uses a little electricity.One LED display flashing low volt This circuit is LED display flashing with one LED.
By use transistor help enlarge current tallly can go up for the rate something flasher of lamp can then poor Lamp stick bright can be unfinished. By build transistor a kind NPN that durable Current 1A or tall more build stay the outside.

By lamp at have reflect large-sized stay within a darkroom will fine give wink with tall speed That will do see to is actor picture stops something K rumor can shake. Roquiya April 17, 2014 LM3909 can operate with 9v supply voltage admin April 17, 2014 Hi, It can be use but if you can buy it now.

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