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AboutElectronic circuits diagrams,schematics,hobby project, diy projects,electronic projects, How circuits Work, Custom Electronics design, tutorials homepage,pcb designing softwares for hobbyists,students and technicians. AS shown in  circuit diagram the LEDs are arranged in alternately reversed order so that a “twinkle twinkle little stars” effect is produced. The circuit given here is designed as an LED flasher which produces a rotating effect when the LEDs are arranged properly.
Dear sir, i want to make blinking led circuit using chip 555 with ldr so the circuit can be turn off in daylight. Electronics student from nigeria,this circuit is fine, thanks so much.Sir, i want to know if there would be any damage if more than one LED is used in place of one say D1 or D2. Hello sir, i want to make mains operated 2 chains blinking led circuit with 25 leds in each chain and 2 chains should flashes alternately.
Hi Anthony As view from the top, (where IC type is printed) there is a dot shown against one of the end pins.

By inverting the IC’s low output by pnp transistor BC558 the other group of LEDs is made to flash.
So, the red and green LEDs may not flash with equal intensity (as they require different threshold voltage). The circuit has very low current consumption and can be operated from even 3V button cells. At low operating voltages like 3V, the CMOS NE 555 performs better when arranged in sinking mode rather than in sourcing mode.
The Q1 and Q2 be Transistor PNP be usable general (2N3906,2N2907, etc.) The R1 and R2 limit current that flow through LED the bilateral. Request friends have fun LED Flasher , this please sir.This circuit is working well on breadboard.
The components layout of Dual LED Flasher by BC556 And An actual-size of Single-sided Copper PCB layout.Simple flashing light by transistor BC548This circuit basically the base of LED Flashing circuit, the character generally be have Transistor stay 2 work alternate be be like the automatic switch that alternate work.

Operation of the circuit assume the Q1 run before LED1 will be lit, so the current flows through LED1, R1 through pin C out of leg E of Q1 at the same current will flow through LED2, R4 and the charge on C2 left delete right B positive stand out through the leg C of Q1, but the current lines are not enough to make light LED2 when C2 charges to the voltage BE value of less than 0.7V, resulting in downtime LED1 off Q1 and Q2. LED2 C1 bright start running positive charge left and right negative Q1 Q2 stopped off LED2 will start running again. The principle of this circuit, I built the bicycle tail light flashing for my son.At first he was very appreciate. When riding a bicycle in the evening.3v-dual-led-flasherMy son want to builds simple LED flasher. MR OHM 1970 February 25, 2014 Great Circuits can Be Found here,,MANY THANKS FROM MR.OHM 1970!!!

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