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Full range powerful sound with 360° Soundstage Technology, Dual passive bass radiators, 22W power output and 8+ hours of continuous playtime. This week there are some super nice items for you, like the super funny Impaled Zombie pen holder. The only real surprises are that it took nearly half a year for the Nexus 6 to launch on Big Red and the inclusion of Android 5.1, the first major revision to Lollipop.
The Nexus 6 won't appeal to all Android purists due it phablet form factor and hardware compromise.
The device, in its baseline form, includes only 32 GB of NAND flash memory, but that total is supplemented by Google Drive cloud storage. I am a Verizon customer and waited nearly 3 months after it was available everywhere else for the nexus 6 to arrive on Verizon.At the time I was irritated that I had to buy the phone at retail cost from Google Play but now I am liberated and off contract. Verizon does offer the month-to-month discout for all customers who fulfill their contracts.
I agree that Verizon botched (again) another Nexus release.I don't know why Verizon would want to delay this for the Droid Turbo though, as they get a cut of the sale regardless of what they sell.
A few weeks ago we reviewed Hisense’s Sero 7 Lite, a new budget Android tablet that isn’t very good until you consider that it costs $99. Using the Sero 7 Pro is very similar to using the Nexus 7 with Android 4.2 installed, so for this review we’ll be focusing on a side-by-side comparison with the tablet that Google has been selling for about a year now. The Sero's screen looks slightly warmer than the Nexus' to our eyes, but otherwise they share most of the same properties: good viewing angles, good (but not amazing) colors and pixel density, and a tendency to ghost somewhat when used after a few hours of disuse.
Where the Sero 7 Lite was pretty barebones in its networking capabilities, the Sero 7 Pro actually edges out the Nexus 7.
Finally, the Sero 7 Pro’s acceptable specs combined with its low price have made it a prime target for the hacking community. Obviously the visual design of the Walmart-exclusive Sero 7 Pro differs from the Nexus 7, though they share some of the same design ideas. The glass coating the Sero's screen feels similar to the glass on the Sero 7 Lite's, which is to say that it appears to lack the fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating that the Nexus and most other touch devices have these days. The Sero also has a rear-facing camera with LED flash and two rear-facing speakers on either corner, where the Nexus has no rear camera at all and two speakers set more closely together behind a single grille. The Sero even adds some useful port options that the Nexus doesn't have, including a microSD card slot for storage expansion (which helps to offset the 8GB of internal storage) and a mini HDMI port for playing video and photo content on your TV or monitor.

Huawei Mate 9 e uno degli smartphone piu attesi per il quarto trimestre di quest'anno e abbiamo iniziato gia a parlarne qualche giorno fa in occasione di due rumor, uno per le presunte caratteristiche tecniche e uno per la possibile tecnologia di ricarica utilizzata.Huawei Mate 9 e pronto a fare il suo debutto durante l'IFA 2016 di Berlino con il produttore cinese che annuncera il nuovo smartphone Android di fascia alta pronto a rivaleggiare con la concorrenza che intanto ha pensato o pensa di mettere in luce alcune novita (come Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ma anche V20 da parte di LG). Allowing for stills, video, and even time-lapse, this remote gives you total control over your camera all wirelessly. It allows you to track and record up to 8 hours of your pet’s movements so you can monitor their fitness levels and get alerts when they venture outside their boundaries.
Here at Abduzeedo, I always try to bring you only amazing content, things that mean something for me and for those around me.
Since Verizon doesn't have lower your bill when you are off contract and no longer paying for a subsidized phone, I am free to find a new carrier.Thank you Verizon for being so slow to get this phone loaded with your bloatware and onto the sales floor!
If you’re buying a 7-inch Android tablet today, should you stick with the Nexus or save yourself the $50? The Sero 7 also includes the same 8GB of internal storage as the original entry-level Nexus 7, but Google's more recent $199 model has since been bumped to 16GB of storage. Our review unit also had some very slight light bleeding around the edge (and a single stuck pixel) that the Nexus 7 didn't have. Aside from some Walmart-specific preloaded applications and some changes in the settings to accommodate hardware features that the Nexus doesn't have, the interface is almost entirely stock.
There are already resources available on the XDA Developers forums if you’re looking to make this tablet do stuff that it shouldn’t be able to do. The back of the Sero is a brownish, rubberized plastic with a rough texture that makes it easier to grip. This adds to the resistance you feel when you drag your finger across the screen, and it makes fingerprints and smudges much more difficult to clean. Since they're still tablet speakers and they're still on the back of the device, they don't produce sound you'd write home about.
None of these are what I would consider killer features, but they're some nice value-adds over what the year-old Nexus 7 offers. Assieme alla fotocamera, possiamo notare quello che sembrerebbe essere il Flash LED e il sensore di messa a fuoco rapida laser. Pulse is easy to set up as it plugs right into the USB port of your DSLR or mirrorless camera.
It's not distracting in normal use, but it's the sort of quality control issue you can expect to see from tablets in this price range.

There’s a software screenshot button at the bottom of the screen and a panel in the settings that controls HDMI output, but otherwise the differences between the Nexus 7 and the Sero are inconsequential. The bezels are shaped and sized similarly, though, and the tablet's front-facing camera is still the kind of thing you'd only ever want to use for short video chats. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Once installed, you can control the aperture, shutter, and ISO as well as the self-timer and manage multiple cameras all from the Pulse app. Bring your games, videos, and music to sparkling life with a display designed for how you live. It looks as though the distance between the top glass and the actual screen is a bit larger than it is in the Nexus, which makes colors and text pop just a bit less (you can sort of see this effect in action in the side-by-side shots—the blacks in particular look blacker on the Nexus). The Sero runs about as well as does a Nexus 7 running Android 4.2, generally smooth but punctuated by periods of choppiness (probably related to the storage speeds, as we'll talk more about later on). To our eyes, the bumpy brown of the Sero isn’t as attractive as the understated black-and-silver of the Nexus.
The pictures are surprisingly not terrible if you have enough light—they're certainly not great, but if you're outside and the Sero is the only camera you've got with you, it's not the worst thing we've ever seen. Take a look at the same from the slider below and save a considerable amount on your smartphone purchase.Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!
If these specs sound familiar to you, it’s probably because they’re identical to what's in the Nexus 7 tablet that Google and Asus will sell you for $199.
It supports the standard Android 4.2 camera features, including Photo Sphere and panoramic shooting.
With innovative use of high-strength, lightweight metal, HP created their thinnest LCD display yet.

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