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The Energizer Weatheready 1-LED Waterproof flashlight is perfect for wet weather and outdoor activities. Try searching with the Part Number (UPC Code) or Description from your light bulb, ballast or lighting product. Energizer weatheready waterproof flashlight batteries - Energizer® weatheready® led waterproof flashlight, wrwp21e waterproof and it floats! Energizer WeatheReady 360 Lantern Light up the dark in any weather with the Energizer WeatheReady 360 Lantern. Spring Storm Preparedness - A Look At Energizer & Maglite LED Flashlights - Legit ReviewsAre You Ready For A Power Outage? This year, the first day of spring fell on March 20th, and for those in the Midwest that means that Tornado season has started.
It was around this time that we realized that we have prepared our computers for a power outage, but we weren’t prepped for a long term power outage.
To light up a small room we turned to Energizer and the Weatheready 360 Degree LED Area Lantern that runs $16.88 shipped. If you don’t need 360 degree light then maybe something like the Energizer LED 2 in 1 Handheld Flashlight and Area Light with Light Fusion Technology is more fitting for your needs. The Energizer LED 2 in 1 Handheld Flashlight and Area Light with Light Fusion Technology is so thin thanks to in part the use of four AA Energizer batteries.
United States Argentina Australia Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Ecuador Europe México Peru Puerto Rico Singapore South Africa Taiwan Venezuela About Energizer Energizer Holdings, Inc. With four LED bulbs and a diffused lens, this versatile, outdoor friendly lantern offers 360 degrees of white or amber light in three operating modes--high, low, and amber-glow nightlight. The season has started off slow so far, but dozens of tornadoes have already touched down and more are surely coming.

Police officers, firefighters and mechanics quickly fell in love with this rugged, reliable anodized aluminum flashlight, which would change the portable lighting industry forever. Not a bad price for a three-mode, waterproof four-LED lantern that comes with three Energizer Max Alkaline AA batteries! It is also waterproof IPX7 rated, has a glow in the dark push button and a foldaway hook that can be used to hang it from something. This LED flashlight just came out in 2013 runs $23.03 shipped and can be used as a directional flashlight or as an area light. Energizer claims the area light delivers to up to 100 lumens of light output and up to 100 hours of run time. Energizer, Energizer Bunny design, and certain graphic designs are trademarks of Energizer Brands, LLC and related subsidiaries. Every year an average of 1,200 tornadoes kill up to 60 people, injure roughly 1,500, knock out power and cause at least $400 million in economic damage in the United States each year. It can also run on three D batteries, which is nice as in an emergency who knows what batteries you’ll be able to get. This little lantern easily lights up a small to medium sized room and is great for longer power outages or when camping where you don’t want to be holding a flashlight for hours on end. It is rather compact in size at just 11 x 1.5 x 6 inches and a weight of 9 ounces, so it will fit easily into drawers, bags, and both glove or tool boxes. When we first used this flashlight we found that it was set to in-store display mode, so the light came on and went off after about 10 seconds of use. Pretty much all new flashlights rely on LEDs as they produce a whiter light, extend battery life with lower power requirements and are virtually unbreakable!
This lantern has three lighting modes; 55-lumen white high, 28-lumen white low, and an amber nightlight.

You need to remove the batteries for 20 seconds and put them back in for the flashlight to get out of this demo mode!
There is a very large difference in terms of battery life between modes, so that is something to be aware of. For versatility, the lantern operates using either three AA batteries (included) or three D batteries (sold separately). In search of replacing our old outdated flashlights for LED powered models we ran to our local Walmart and Target. This model can be picked up for $26.09 shipped and has a beam distance of 364 meters, a brightness of 131 lumens and a run time of up to 79 hours. The retail packaging says that it can last up to 29 hours on high, but battery life really depends on what size battery you are using in it. Perfect to have on hand when the power goes out, as well as for camping or boating, the WeatheReady is equipped with a built-in carry handle, a convenient hanging clip, and has a rubberized, impact resistant base. It was during this evening storm that we noticed that our office computers were well protected and on battery backups, but we were stumbling around the office in the dark looking for the one flashlight that we had in a drawer.
The Maglite 3D Cell LED flashlight is also tough, it can be dropped from 1 meter, is water resistant and is backed by a lifetime warranty.
This flashlight adjusts to work as a spot or flood, but it certainly isn’t a lantern and is meant to be handheld.

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