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For motorcycles with non-standard two wire flasher relays (not on compatibility list), this flasher relay can still be used by removing the connector and hard wiring it. SUZUKI All late model GSXR's with two-wire replaceable flasher relays are also compatable, but require a hard-wire installation. Although Custom Led Flasher Relay trys to keep this Plug-And-Play list current and complete, there are many more bikes out there that are Plug-and-Play compatible, and hard wire compatible with our LED Flasher Relay.
NOTE:You may lose your self-canceling feature by replacing the flasher relay if your bike is equipped from the factory with self-canceling turn signals. NOTE: In some rare instances, when there are NO incandescent loads on the blinker system (LEDs front and rear), one pair of our Stage I Load Equalizers will also be required to prevent a wide range of blinker problems. Your motorcycle must have a rectified standard 12VDC system for this flasher relay to work (most bikes are 12VDC). That's right, the Custom Led Electronic LED Flasher relay directly replaces the stock flasher relay on most Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki motorcycles!
This unit is guaranteed to replace any two-wire flasher relay and operate at the normal DOT blink rate for motorcycles with stock blinkers, or all LED blinkers or any combination of both.

CF13JL-02 3-PINs Electronic LED Flasher Relay Fix For Turn Signal Light - For Japanese Brand car (NOT ALL!) please compare your original one in your car before buying, thats really IMPORTANT!!!
This flasher relay operates properly, at the standard DOT blink rate, from 0.05A to 10A loads (0.6 Watts to 120 Watts!) - which basically covers any combination of ALL blinker products on the market! 12V PRODUCT INFORMATION Solve LED related turn signal problems such as fast blink, flash( See Remark Below) DC 12V Designed for most 3-pin Japanese brand cars.( Depends on different vehicle parts, not for ALL) Long life span Plug N' Play directly (check your origin relay in car, usually located in fuse box) Made In Taiwan Universal Part No. However, if you have modified your lights to use LEDs, you'll notice that the turn signals now blink very quickly. This is caused by the low resistance of the LEDs due to the fact that they use less energy.
To do this, you'll be installing a resistor or control flasher.(Here it is!) *Another solution is the installation of Load Resistors which are wired across (in parallel with) the turn signal bulbs to simulate the load of a standard filament bulb. Our products are Made in Taiwan but not China TERMS & CONDITION PACKING Contains 1 PC Pack with white paper box SHIPPING We accept world wide shipping in Intl Flat Shipping( Affix Stamp and leave in the mail box, no tracking No. WE ALSO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT BIGGER AMOUNT FOR BUYERS FROM THOSE PLACES WHO DO NOT WANT TO SEND IN REGISTERED MAIL.

Buyers purchase with US90 or above have FREE charge for Registered Mail Service All shipments will be written "SAMPLE NO COMMERCIAL VALUE" for custom clearance, basically there is no tax expense occurs, buyers have responsibility for the duty or tax if happens.
Buyer has the responsibility to provide the correct deliver address along with other necessary contact information. We only ship and recognize the address and Email Address in Paypal information if buyer has no other requirements. SELLER'S INFORMATION ABOUT US We are a professional LED AUTO BULB MANUFACTURER, we are in EBAY as a new seller for selling our product and looking for reliable distributors, retailers, OEM service from the world.

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