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Look for the parachute.Leave the Tower and enter the nearby vantage point so that Crane can contact GRE (number 3a on the map).
The box from the last airdrop.Watch the short cut-scene about the airdrop and head towards the place where it happened (south-east, number 3c on the map).
When in danger, flash UV towards the infected.Start running immediately after you regain control over Crane, because you will be chased by very fast and agile night type of infected. You can sneak towards the Tower or to one of the safe zones that you've unlocked earlier.After losing the chase, check your current position. Keen detail such as water splashing in your face when stepping in a big puddle or simply seeing the fawns of palm trees blow in the wind. Ranking up your character allows you to gain new abilities and controls for fighting, traversing, and dodging. The main story line is definitely the route I stuck with, but on the way I noticed side missions and other optional goals to reach throughout the map. But even with all these missions and goals, there is still a feeling to game I can’t quite describe with words. During the day, Harran is a wonderland filled with crazy locations, tunnels, houses, slum complexes, towers and of course plenty of supplies to scavenge. There are leveling trees that allow you to upgrade certain characteristic to your player depending on how you play the game. For example, Dying Light features many special zombies that you mainly run into in the hell of night.
Dying Light was developed by Techland, the same studio behind the Dead Island series of zombie slaughter. Dying Light places you in the shoes of Kyle Craine, an operative for the Global Relief Effort, whose mission is to recover a stolen file that, if released, would endanger countless lives.
One of the first things a Dead Island veteran will notice is that they’ve thankfully done away with the horrible voice acting the series is known for, and the whole experience is better for it. The game does a great job of making you feel powerless in the beginning, scavenging for gas pipes and floor boards to use as makeshift weapons that barely keep a single zombie at bay. Volatiles are far more alert than regular zombies – significantly faster and immensely stronger. While it did have a pretty rocky launch (the physical copies were delayed by a month in many countries), Dying Light is well worth your time,particularly if you love zombie apocalypse-themed action games. This image is a screenshot of a copyrighted film, television program, video podcast or station ID.
To the uploader: please add a detailed fair use rationale for each use, as well as the source of the work and copyright information. After arriving at the place (it is the safe zone that you've been to before), it will turn out that Rais's bandits are already there. You have to reach the Tower or one of the safe zones that you've already unlocked (green house icons on the map). Although I have found myself astounded by the open worlds beauty, I have come to realize that there’s a certain haziness to the image that makes it quite annoying to look at, especially during the day. With these new abilities, you’re able to press a series of buttons to do a counter move or attack in humorous ways, such as a drop kick or throwing your enemy into a wall of spikes.
You press down on the right joystick to aim in, which is annoying at time because it can affect the accuracy of your shot, and if there are multiple enemies, it makes for a difficult combat situation.
Crane is an operative sent into the city of Harran to recover a file filled with special Information about the spread of the virus. When Crane arrives, he must choose between completing his mission or helping the other survivors led by a man named Harris Brecken. At first it seemed just like any other zombie game, but the more I played and the better my character got, the story started to come alive and become something I’ve never really experienced in a zombie game. Whether it be from people in the Tower (survivor sanctuary) or even people you come across on the streets. Complete freedom would be one way of saying it, but it’s something that you must experience for yourself to really get the gist of it.
From the total freedom of roaming around the city scavenging for supplies, to attempting the scariest leaps from building to building at hight’s that would make a grown man poop himself. The game features a very realistic night and daytime cycle that plays a key roll in the way the game unravels. Without daylight, the senses of the infected become more acute and accurate.
This is insanely useful, especially if you run into seekers (A special type of zombie that only appears at night). Chests, lockers and plenty of other containers and boxes can be opened to find a large array of items and weapons. I must admit that it’s a relief to have such freedom when it comes to ranking and upgrading your character. Not only does it give you complete freedom when it comes to your abilities, but it also gives you the option to play the game in your way.
Survivor allows you to gain attributes based on surviving, making things more efficient and overall helping you to survive.
There are points while playing, especially at night, that literally make me want to cringe and stop playing the game.
Depending on the time of day, the weather outside and plenty of other variables– music and tone of the game change.

Clear voices, fitting every character with there exact personality with precise attitudes and tones. When you play Multiplayer, you either open your world for people to come in a play, or you join another persons world and pick up the story with them. The only way you progress in the multiplayer story is if the person you are playing with is on the same mission you are.
One of the things I noticed as I progressed through the game was the large amount of features stolen or used in many other zombie games. Which is actually an amazing idea and I respect the courage and creativity of the developers for that. Although some features bring down the games hype, for the most part everything flows extremely well. With the announcement that Dead Island 2 would be developed by a different team, I was curious to see why Techland had decided to branch out and release a similar game under a different name. Throughout the course of the game, you are put in contact with many different survivors, many of whom will engage you for aid in various tasks, like fetching items in an overrun part of town, or helping to find someone that’s gone missing.
Further, they’ve chosen to do away with the worn-out idea that the hero of the story is immune to the infection. It forced me to change my regular approach from taking zombies head on, to hiding on the rooftops and avoiding danger as much as possible.
Your experience is broken up into 3 different categories: power, agility, and survivor points. During the day zombies act pretty dopey; they meander around and if you get too close they will start shuffling towards you. Just get three friends together, as Dying Light features four player co-op, and it’s all kinds of fun. There are two sections in the game where you lose all your equipment and retrieve it later. I'm a huge FPS and RPG fan so that's where my reviewing biases will lie.I play a bit of competitive online shooters but I also really enjoying playing co op. As such, the copyright for it is most likely owned by the company or corporation that produced it. Any other uses of this image, on the Dying Light Wiki a or elsewhere, may be copyright infringement. Don't try to fight the monsters or other zombies, but you can slow the night type using UV Flashlight and look for light traps.
You must be in the stealth mode and also use Survivor Sense to highlight the nearby monsters. Although, I’m sure they were just trying to make it as realistic as possible, which I can see some people really enjoying. The Jump and Mantle Button is RB, which was sort of confusing at first, mainly because I play games such as Call Of Duty and GTA, but after a while it became very comfortable and although different, it’s enjoyable.
Other than that, I see no reason why anybody can’t pick up the controller and play with ease. Not only do you have the UV light, but you have a regular flashlight to help you scavenge and see items and chests.
Things such as pipes and hammers, metal parts and plastic for fixing and crafting, and of course plenty of alcohol for med-kits and Molotov’s. The constant sound of virals scratching at doors and distant screams coming from somewhere in the darkness makes it even scarier and adds to the immersive gameplay and atmosphere of the game. It basically gives you complete freedom to mess around if you wish to and collect or level your character. Spitters, boomers and the one boss zombie you fight in the arena are all ideas taken from L4D and L4D2. They fit incredibly well and really affected your gameplay, but I would have liked to see a a bit more creativity with them. The creative open world and massive amount of objectives and missions make for hours and hours of fun gameplay. Once you’ve played Dying Light for half an hour, it becomes pretty clear why they decided to break away from their established franchise – Dying Light is one of those rare games that takes a chance and tries something different. While the side quests are fairly generic, there are a few that were quite entertaining and that have mini story arcs across the course of the game. This had me questioning if the whole game would be like this, and if it was, if I would enjoy it.
You do have a few tricks up your sleeve though, they are susceptible to UV light and the other survivors have set up traps around town to help you escape. The entire game (except the last mission) can be played with friends or strangers, depending on the online settings you choose.
Add to this the drop in, drop out co-op and I think Dying Light will be amongst my top 5 games of 2015. If you ever want a game feel free to shoot me a message on your preferred format.Feel free to leave comments and remember that reviews are opinions, if you don't agree that's fine, just don't attack the reviewer personally. Wait until the location of the next airdrop is added to your map (number 3d on the map) and head towards it. Traps can be activated from distance by pressing the appropriate button, when an information shows up on the screen.

Every piece of paper drifting lazily through the air, every pebble on the ground and drop of blood dripping from the viral’s (zombies) face. You can gather supplies and either use them for your own benefit, or bring them back to a safe zone to sell them. It adds something to the game that no other game besides maybe Assassins Creed can do, but with a fear that if you don’t make your next jump, there is a massive group of zombies below just waiting for you to slip! But the moment something happens, the music intensifies and that feeling in your gut starts to rumble with worry and fear. It would have been easy for Techland to stick to their tried and true formula for zombie smashing fun, but I’m glad they didn’t. The main reason I didn’t mind the fetch quest nature of many of the side quests is because the movement system in Dying Light is so refined, which makes running around town a joy, not a chore. While this is a nice change of pace, I would have liked to see it in play as an actual game mechanic rather than a story tool.
I think the main point of this initial difficulty is to make the game a little more realistic, and after playing for a few hours and picking up some better weapons, I found it started to pick up its pace. Each of the three trees has a relevant skill tree with some pretty cool and handy skills that allow you to take down zombies easier, traverse the environment quicker, and craft crucial items.
When night falls, however, the normal zombies are much more alert and aggressive and they seem to appear in greater numbers. You also have a UV flashlight and some flares that can be used to help break their pursuit long enough for you to run like the wind and get to a safe zone.
You can even leave your game open to be invaded by a stranger playing as a Volatile in the “be the zombie” mode.
I’ve also had an issue with an achievement not popping when it should and there are some quest issues associated with the co-op gameplay.
Before you approach the box, make sure that your hero is healed and craft some Night Vision Boosters. The cool part is you can do that if you choose to, but there is way more to it than getting your hands dirty with zombie blood.
The only time I ever went out into the darkness of night is when I absolutely had to, or I felt the need to reclaim my manhood and forced myself to stop being a bitch.
Though it may seem like a cake walk, getting to some of the chests and item boxes can be quite a trip. With these blueprints, you are given a certain amount of key parts needed in order to craft them. That’s what some games lack and that alone can change whether a game is fun to play or not. I will admit that at the start I was disappointed that you couldn’t change the button layout, but after playing for around 15 minutes, I found it made sense and helped with the fluidity of the parkour system. I was able to take on small packs of zombies, but still had to avoid large herds as it’s still pretty easy to get overwhelmed and killed, even at a high level. This mode pits you (and your friends, if they’re in your game) against a solo player controlling a Volatile.
While none of the issues I’ve come across are game breaking they are annoying and can break up the flow of your game. If you've chosen to go to a safe zone, use the bed located inside to make it till the morning. Once all the items are attained, you can attach them to your melee weapon and create and all new upgraded zombie destroyer thingy!
It is a little odd at first –  in order to climb a ledge, you have to be looking at it when you jump, which means that you need to use the right stick when climbing about.
This design gives the game a great sense of pace and forces you to change your play style if you’re used to any Dead Island games.
Well, some missions require it, but more importantly, you get double agility and power XP, and you also get a survivor point bonus for surviving. The human’s goal is to destroy a certain amount of zombie nests, while the Volatile tries to reduce their numbers to zero. Electricity (also known as Ben Franklins Key) is one of my favorites to add onto my weapons, but there are plenty more to be crafted.
This well imagined system makes it a breeze to escape from the constant sticky situations you find yourself in.
There’s a point in the story where a timeframe of 48 hours was given before something drastic was threatened to happen.
So if you want to level up quickly and you think you can survive, this is the quickest way to do it. While this can be a tense battle as you run around being stalked by another human, it wore out its welcome pretty quickly and I found myself changing my online settings so no one could invade. Go inside and go to the nineteenth floor to talk to Brecken (you will also unlock the Runner's Suit). In a game where you can sleep in a safe house to change day to night, it doesn’t make sense to give a timeframe that realistically only relies on progression of the main story.

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