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I just posted detailed instructions for the construction of a high-power (10W) flashlight that has interchangeable LED heads to produce UV, IR, or visible illumination. I did read some where that you just need to know how to crochet a spiral and integrate the lights. Lighting is the primary and most important aspect of photography, different lights suits different occasions and uses. Now i have cut the top portion and painted the box with matt finish black paint to give it a professional look. In this project i'm using a 12 volt adapter of my old creative 2.1 sound system as my power source. Since i am using a 12 volt power source and the white led i choose is of approx 3 volt i am using 3 led's in serial along with one 590 ohms resister. As my knowledge in electronics is limited what i did was to experiment with various settings for my power source, i made different combinations of led's and resistors and let it run for a whole day, i had 4 led's in series and 3 led's in series with various combinations of resistors. In the above circuit, the positive charge enters through the resistor on to the first series of 3 led's. Similarly i fixed the power switch on the hole from where i removed the original power adapter of the SMPS. The inner wiring is simple the positive passes through the power switch to the positive end of the circuit and the negative goes directly to the circuit board. Learn how to build your own energy efficient LED light bulb.A‚  They typically last for 100,000 hours and emit no excess heat. If you want to hack a normal flashlight into a cool blue LED one have a look at this flashlight hack from Deadly Computer Blog.

This article is sponsored by SZ Wholesale who are sellers of a wide variety of flashlights. No More impressive Ideas that you must go back to “Oh, i just replace an ordinary LED to be the new gadget-king” ? And sorry, but we already used the white leds for something else we’ll be posting later on in the week.
You could get some cheap at a dollar store, dye it yourself for Christmas if desired, then go! I’m not sure if it would be loose enough to drape over your tree stand, its not that type of project. Stepping on them occasionally will not harm them, however, ‘we’ do not recommend that they be placed in a high traffic area where they’ll get walked on repeatedly.
I have been planning to build a led light panel for product photography for quite some time.
This will suit my purpose perfectly as it is the right size for my pcb and also it is metal and light weight. And on the second day arrived at the conclusion that this combination gives the optimum light and life for my led's.
I used one hole that was already there in the centre of the back side of the case so i didn't have to drill one. Some SMPS units have an inbuilt switch, if you find one with a switch you could make use of it. Pete Mills recently purchased a motorcycle and installed a custom brake light to combat this issue.

In all 50 US states its legal to make your motorcycle’s headlight flash (modulate) to increase visibility.
So if you are not sure about the voltages and ratings of led's etc, it is better to try out different combinations running a single serial with 3 or 4 leds and various combinations of resistors and choose the one that works best. The method of connecting the circuit to the existing light bulb power is great, if you every need to do this you will want to have a close look at the method Pete used. GGJ still, hey, lemme know if you don’t want the white LEDs out of that flashlight–i could hack mine back into what i originally wanted! I guess the tunnel depth would be rather weak unless i used ultra bright LEDs or something like that. And at bike shows I could produce to different tunnels, one with evil devil face and one infinite tunnel. Have a nice day!put a picture frame on it and hang it on the wall and people would have no clue what it is.nice job,by the way. If the semi reflective glass is how I'm thinking it is, couldn't a person use tint(like for car windows) to make their own semi reflective glass?

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