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When the opposition decides to ‘park the team bus’ in front of goal, and defend deep in their own half, it can seem as though there’s no way through. Now you can discover how the elite sides break down compact defenses in this highly focused video series.
In addition, Attacking a Compact Defense provides functional skills dribbling exercises, an example of a small sided game and a free eBook so you can replicate the skills you watch in the videos on the training pitch.
Now you can watch how elite sides smash through seemingly solid defenses like a knife through butter in this special video series. In 2009, Lambert joined the under 18s coaching staff of the New South Wales Premier League side Blacktown City Demons. Lambert has also been working as a technical assistant for AS Roma, Sydney, and England schoolboys under 18s, creating e-learning courses which teach the players key principles and drills they can then practice on the training pitch. All of the videos in Attacking a Compact Defense have been carefully chosen to highlight a particular style of play or set piece, which demonstrate the tactics used by elite sides to open up stubborn defenses and score goals. Videos 3 and 4 – These videos demonstrate how Inter Milan uses its technical skills and patience to wait for a side playing with high intensity to lose its disciple. Video 6 – The silky dribbling skills of Bayern Munich’s midfield maestros, Robben and Ribery, are showcased in this clip. Video 7 – Tactical dribbling is further analyzed in this video featuring clips from various games. Video 8 – Lambert discusses the benefits of getting players running with the ball at defenses so they can either dribble to beat the man with pace or for making overlapping runs and exploiting weak defenders. Video 9 – Bayern Munich’s devastating diagonal high ball is highlighted in this video, which enables this elite side to routinely score goals from one forward knocking the ball down for the other to score. Video 10 – This video provides some functional skills dribbling exercises for developing the skills highlighted in the previous videos on the training pitch.
Video 11 – A passing exercise for developing a diagonal high ball attacking move is explained in this video, with clips of Robben used to demonstrate how to get the ball from the wings into the box. Video 12 – The final video features a small sided game exercise that encourages players to play an early ball behind the opposition defense and create overloads in midfield. Accompanying the videos you also get an eBook, which explains in more detail how to run the training drills and practice sessions featured in the videos. When your team is struggling to find ways to break through a stubborn defense, drills alone aren’t the answer. Attacking a Compact Defense is a video series which shows you how teams like Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan are able to slide through stubborn backlines like water through a breaking dam. Whether you coach professional teams or amateur sides, there’s a wealth of insights you can gain from watching Attacking a Compact Defense. WORLD CLASS COACHING is recognized globally for the quality of its soccer coaching resources, which are used by over 40,000 soccer coaches from around the world. Whether you play at an amateur or professional level, there will often be times when you can’t seem to find a way past team defending in its own half. There are, however, more effective tactics used by elite sides which you can harness to score in these situations. From watching this 12 part video series you will gain lots of valuable tactical insights so that the next time the opposition decides to defend deep, you’ll know what to do. Compact carry handguns represent one of the largest handgun categories available with a great diversity of makes, models, sizes and calibers.
There is a fine distinction between pocket pistols and compact carry handguns since all of the semi-autos and revolvers in the pocket handguns category can just as easily be worn in a belt, inside the waistband, or in another type of concealment holster.
It’s not very common to have a new product to talk about from a new company in our industry. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Attacking a Compact Defense is a 12 part video series which analyzes how elite sides like Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan are able to get the ball into the box and score goals in abundance. With no space to move into, you can find yourself taking endless potshots from distance, with little chance of scoring.

Attacking a Compact Defense features 12 videos and an eBook which provide a tactical analysis using real game footage of how elite sides and players break through stubborn defenses and score goals in abundance. So if your team is struggling to breakthrough stubborn backlines, discover how the elite sides smash through and win more games.
Whether it’s defending a lead, to run down the clock or to soak up pressure before counter attacking, there are many situations when opposition teams will pack the area to stifle attacks. Comprising of twelve videos, Attacking a Compact Defense profiles a range of elite level tactics for getting the ball through, over and around the defensive wall and through on goal.
James Lambert began his coaching career various clubs in the lower NSW State league, Lambert also co-founded Aussie Soccability, a coaching organization dedicated to designing programs and training for players with special needs. The following season Lambert moved on to join the Marconi Stallions as the under 18s coach before progressing to become the clubs Youth technical director, with the responsibility of developing the club’s youth development program. Lambert has also written for the Spanish Futbol Tactico magazine, with one recent article translated into multiple languages for coaches all over Europe.
These two videos demonstrate how to make penetrating passes for the forwards to knock down before scoring. Lambert highlights how they use tactical dribbling to draw defensive players out of position before playing a penetrating through ball.
In this game both teams exhibit how to score through exploiting the pitch’s width with fullbacks and playing the ball from outside the box to a striker waiting behind the defense.
They also provide the perfect example of how to harness tactical dribbling to draw players out of position and how to use small touches to beat defenders and to explode into the box. This includes examples of dribbling to win a free kick in dangerous positions, pulling defenders out of the box and running across the line to create space for fullbacks. Lambert uses diagrams and demonstrations to explain how to perform the drill and how to progress it. Through practicing these on the training pitch, you will be able to develop the technical skills and mindset to be able to smash through compact defenses and push the scoreline in your favor. You can spend hours working on technique, but you also need creative ideas on how to pull defenders out of position, how to find space behind the backline and where to play the ball to maximize your chances of scoring. You can see exactly how the elite sides are able to breakthrough and gain insights on how they do it thanks to Lambert’s expert commentary. Whether it’s defending a lead or grinding out a draw, when opposition teams decide to stop attacking and block the goalmouth it can seem like there’s no way through.
Attacking a Compact Defense profiles these tactics and provides lots of creative ways of getting the ball into the box and scoring. Instead of shooting from distance, your team will be equipped with more creative ideas on how to score, enabling them to create more chances and to get that vital goal which tips the score line in your favor.
Attacking a Compact Defense is a twelve part video series which analyses how the elite sides break through wall like backlines.
If you are an Elite Member, these videos are included so there is no need to purchase them here. The average overall length of a handgun in this category is 7 inches with an average weight of 24 ounces, only a slight step up from a typical 9mm pocket pistol. Every video features expert commentary which explains how they buildup their attack and how you can harness their tactics in your own side to break and create more goal scoring opportunities. This includes a look at the dribbling style of Ribery and Robben, how Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund harness the width to create chances and how Inter Milan patiently wait for an opening. This includes the use of tactical dribbling, inswinging balls from the wings and knockdowns inside the box. The game also features tactical dribbling and explosive overlapping runs on the wings before making long diagonal passes to the front man waiting behind the opposition’s defensively line.
However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of Attacking a Compact Defense after six months of implementing its drills and exercises then please contact us for a no quibbles refund. Lacking ideas, most teams will then just keep shooting from distance, and hope for the best. This includes playing long diagonal balls for forwards to knockdown, tactical dribbling to draw defenders and playing with patience to force a mistake.

This includes an analysis of games featuring Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan and the tactics they use to pull defenders out of position and create chances.
What it ultimately comes down to is how easily a compact handgun can be concealed by an individual, and that can vary according to clothing, time of year (weather conditions), and how adept one becomes at carry techniques regardless of the handgun’s size or weight. The greater differences are in grip size, slide width (on semi-autos) and the overall height of the gun, which can make or break pocket carry but will have little or no effect on holster carry. With expert commentary throughout, this video series analyses these tactics and many others you can use to break through packed, stubborn defenses and push the scoreline in your favor. If you are not an Elite Member, check it out here as you can have access to these videos and hundreds of others for one low price instead of paying separately for each set of videos.
An individual’s height, weight, and build (and yes, even gender) will have an influence on what size gun is suitable for proper concealment.
The advantages to compact carry handguns include a higher average capacity (both semi-autos and revolvers), reduced felt recoil, larger grip size for ease of handling, and a greater selection and price range from which to choose.
And proper not only means keeping the firearm out of sight, but being able to effectively access and draw it with relative speed. Instead they’ll use creativity and tactical moves to pull defenders out of position and to create space so they can create opportunities to score inside the box. Mostly while choosing a Handgun for Self-defense You should look for the Size, Reliability, Design and ease to use of that particular handgun.
Beretta PX4 Storm Compact Pistol:Uniquely Designed Compact 9mm Handgun, got an interesting Rotating bolt barrel design. Fits in both big and small hands, comes with 17 round magazine but you can get an extended one too for sure. Very fine shape, comes with 3 magazines and back-straps having different textures on them for better control and ease. GLOCK 17 Gen 4 is one of My favourite handgun, 9mm semi-automatic with polymer frame, works really well.
Actually heard few bad reviews about it but never faced any problem with it even after firing around 3000 rounds.
It have an oversized magazine release which could be shifted to either side according to your choice. It can carry 17 Rounds in its magazine and got 3-dot Sight system and it is kinda Female friendly handgun I must include.7.
SIG P229:One of the Most accurate 9mm handgun I have ever seen, capable of both single and Double-action mode. Best Self-Defense handgun for people having small hands and I must Mention that this SIG is Really sweet.6. The one I like is this, Full sized Baby Eagle 2 9mm with steel frame which is surely a Great deal, pretty much accurate. This Handgun is better as compared to other Semi-Automatic handguns because of how its slide rides inside the frame rails of gun unlike other semi-automatic handguns. Walther P99 AS:Having all the safety features a Home-defense handgun should carry it is one of the Best 9mm Handgun to carry for self-defense.
Having 3-dot sight thing its much more accurate, capable of both single and double-action modes.
Its is more easy to pull the magazine out due to the magazine release button below the trigger from both sides.3. It gives you more room with the trigger so that you can use it with gloves on, easy to handle and with an ease to fire this is Best 9mm handgun for Self-defense.
All great weapons, but my P-01 disappears in an HBE IWB and fits my and my wife’s hands perfectly.

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