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When you sit down to make your home or business more energy efficient, the first place you should look is at your light bulbs.
Now, Fluorescent lights are about as efficient as LED lights, but they have their own shortcomings. As we move forward, all those halogen and incandescent bulbs will be replaced, and we need a great alternative. G60 LED Globe Bulb With Super Bright SMD5630 Diodes Economical retrofit bulb for replacing 60W incandescent, utilizing super bright Samsung SMD5630 integrated diodes, 8w total power consumption. Candle Shape LED Bulb With 3*1W High Power Energy saving Candle shaped LED bulb with universal voltage operation. LED Globe Bulb G45 With 10 SMD5060 SMD DiodesUsing super brightness 5060 SMDs as light source, aluminum as heat sink material for maximum heat dissipation, only 2w electrical use. LED Single Color Bulbs With 3528 SMD DiodesUsing color LED replacement lamp is a economical way for party event, holiday decoration, and interior mood lighting, lasting ten times longer than traditional incandescent lamp. 7 RGB Color Change LED Glow Bulbs With 18 DiodesScrew this bulb into standard socket in party entertainment, holiday occasion, casino hospitality, creating colorful glow with amazing slow cycling through each seven color. An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of specific LEDs or array. Premium Custom Preterminated Fiber Optic Assemblies and Ethernet Cables made in the USA since 1997! Do you remember the large bulky flashlight you had as a kid or the one your dad struggled to see by as he changed a tire on the side of the road? LED bulbs generate only trace amounts of heat, making them safer and more energy efficient. If so, you probably also remember the dim yellowish light that got dimmer by the minute, the frustration and fear that came when the light completely disappeared, and the subsequent whack of the flashlight in attempts to get it turn on again.

While they might be enjoying a little bit of popularity now, fluorescent lights just dona€™t have what it takes to become the next generation of lighting products for the market.
Incandescent lights are not only inefficient, but many countries are banning them outright, making these outdated bulbs illegal to use. They just eat up energy, and over 90 percent of the energy that you use to light them up is wasted as heat, not light. On the other hand, LED lighting is long-lasting, rugged, efficient, attractive and eco-friendly- the characteristics is needs to take over where incandescent lighting has failed.
Think about it- where else in your life would you be ok with 90% of your inputs going down the drain? These bulbs produce a lot less heat, and thus require a lot less energy to light things up. Only LED solid state lighting provides the right combination of life span, attractiveness and energy efficiency to carry us forward into the future.
When looking at energy consumption of various light sources, we often talk about lumens per watt. Think about it- whata€™s it like to try and touch an incandescent bulb thata€™s been turned on for more than a few minutes? For example, an incandescent bulb can reach about 17 lumens per watt, while the more energy efficient LED lights can achieve as much as 25 to 64 lumens per watt. When an electrical current passes through the layers that make up the chip, it is converted into light. The diode or diodes are encapsulated in a transparent case of either epoxy or silicone to hold them in place and prevent damage. Flashlights are a definite necessity in our lives, lighting the way at night, providing task lighting in dark spaces, or illuminating wide areas during a search mission.

Using a micro-thin phosphor coating, light from the blue LED is able to be converted to white light. Before the mid 1990s, all flashlights consisted of an incandescent bulb, batteries, a switch, and a holder. Between 2000 and 2005, LED brightness reached new levels, providing unique opportunities for flashlights and other light sources. They served their purpose for the most part, but most of us know that they often failed, broke, or provided inadequate lighting. Military-grade LED flashlights for search and rescue, crowd control, or for incapacitating an adversary can reach as high as 1200 lumens. Due to the inherent nature of LEDs and the reduced amount of power required, an LED flashlight of the same lumens of an incandescent flashlight will always last longer. In addition, as a battery charge falls below normal, LEDs don't go out-they just get dimmer. That means that today's LED flashlights will last even longer than most of us ever thought possible (see sidebar on Advanced Battery Technology).
These flashlights keep a constant brightness without bothersome shadows due to their ultra clear optic glass lens, and they are extremely reliable and energy efficient.
Fenix offers several models and lumens of LED flashlights with practical features such as various brightness adjustments, strobe mode, SOS mode, a durable finish, waterproof to IPX-8, and more.

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