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Philippines’ leading tech accessories retailer, CDR King is selling 4000mAh Solar Power bank for the price of P1680. One way or another, your mobile phone’s battery will be exhausted and you will search for power outlet to recharge your device. CDR King sells a 4000mah capacity power bank that never rans out of charge (as long as there is sunlight) because it can recharged it self using its solar panel. Over the years, we’ve found swivel chairs, hair irons, negative film scanners  and most recently, rice cookers, DSLR cameras and car stereos. You’ll need your phones in the worst of times, so protecting them from accidental spills, drops, or bumps is a must. Power is a scarce resource during typhoons, and when the lights go out, we’re left at the mercy of candles. Crank-powered flashlights can do the job, but they’re only useful when you still have the energy to do the cranking. We’ve already outlined how mobile phones, even the most basic ones, can help save your life in times of disasters. Your phones, or any of your gadgets, of course, will be  useless if they run out of battery, so it’s a good idea to keep a mobile power bank in your survival kit just in case.
Communicating with your companions during a disaster is a key element of survival, so a walkie-talkie would come in handy just in case you need to be temporarily separated with your family. Flooding, heavy rains, and strong winds cause a lot of damage to our homes, but they can also be traumatic for people, especially kids. The list of supported gadgets and the power bank’s technical specification can be read below.

So much more, in fact, that you never really know what you can find in that deceivingly drab bodega of a store.
You’ll need a good, sturdy product where you  can stash everything you would need during a storm, such as flashlights, batteries, and emergency food. Children have the tendency to wander, and if you keep a close watch, they could get in harm’s way.
Alkaline batteries  last longer than their non-alkaline counterparts, so it’s a good idea to keep a bunch of these cell batteries to operate lights or radios during a power outage.
For lighting without the needed effort, a rechargeable emergency lantern would be a more ideal solution, so your place can remain bright during blackouts without having to unnecessarily waste your own energy to do it. This particular model stores 4600mAh of charge, which means it can power at least two of your high-end smartphones. Sleeping at night, therefore, becomes a lot more difficult, especially with the power out and the knowledge that all hell could break loose anytime soon. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Its outer surface is made from material proven to be waterproof, so important documents such as passports, birth certificates, and the like can safely be tucked in here as well. Its Dual-SIM capability ensures that you can never run out of network coverage or prepaid credits during calamities. Having a portable fan may not solve all problems, but it can provide the needed comfort during very distressful times such as disasters. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

When you use it for calls, text and the occasional game, the battery will definitely last you a good day without having to plug in.
So I ended up buying a CD-R King Portable Power Bank.There are several models of portable power banks available in CD-R King.
If you plan to buy one from your nearest branch, you might want to bring along the gadgets you intend to use it with.
You attach the gadget adapter to the DC plug of the DC-to-USB cable when you want to charge your gadget. Remember that it takes about five hours for it to be fully charged, so plug it in just before you go to bed. It would be best to buy a USB charger adapter as a partner to the Portable Power Bank since the only way you can charge this is via USB as well.
Plug it in, baby…To charge your gadget using the Portable Power Bank, you turn on the switch found on the right side. The 3000mAh battery is a lot of power so it should be able to charge two or three of your gadgets to full capacity before the power bank literally runs out of power.
I’ve used this not only to get emergency power for my Smart Netphone 701, but also for my other USB gadgets like my Globe MyFi.

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