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Hand Crank Emergency Flashlight, 3 in 1 Details:One thing every man loves is to be prepared for any situation. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This battery-free, hand-crank radio plus flashlight is perfect for all emergencies and locations. It is recharged through the hand crank dynamo or the DC6V jack which accepts power from USB, wall, or car charger. Simply charge this dynamo generator powered radio and flashlight by cranking the charging handle.

Cranking the Charging Handle for 1 minute at 2 turns per second provides 20 minutes of usage. Well aside from packing canned goods, maps, and other necessary camping gear make sure to include the 4-Pack Hand Crank All-Purpose LED Flashlights.
Knowing the type and extent of  an emergency situation enables a person to make informed decisions critical to survival and to share these plans with loved ones. Each flashlight features three (3) bright lit LED lights to help keep your path clear at all times. It has excellent FM radio reception for tuning into emergency broadcasts to get information about the nature and scope of the emergency.

This lightweight and portable flashlight can be used for late night reading, or to explore that super creepy forest.

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