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The patented SimpleTube advanced LED technology enhances the profitability of convenience store owner, supermarkets, gas stations looking to retrofit refrigerated lighting displays with LED. This unique LED cooler door light is an industry first, using direct 120 VAC input eliminating the need for a bulky power supply.
Although they are reasonably efficient and reliable, fluorescent tubes operate best at indoor temperatures of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
For every wattage removed from the your cases, the heat load is reduced and the compressor is working less hard to remove heat from the display case.
Steven Wilson here, long time energy efficient lighting wholesaler to businesses, contractors, government facilities, etc. 3 Piece Clamp System that allows you to mount your E or SR Series LED Light at any angle and with Rigid's numerous clamp sizes you are bound to have the perfect Clamp set up.
This is our dual LED tube low-profile fluorescent replacement fixture which comes prefitted with two of our 66-LED replacement bulbs  – nearly twice as bright but 35% less power than a standard twin-tube 16W fluorescent fixture. This is our dual LED tube low-profile fluorescent replacement fixture which comes prefitted with two of our 66-LED replacement bulbs.

Choose Cool White for the brightest output, or Warm White for a less bright output with the color temperature of an incandescent. Now available in single-brightness (both tubes come on together) or optional High-Low Switchable (one tube on for low brightness level, or two tubes on for high brightness level). Rotating End Cap: The facility on tubes allows directional lighting to fully optimise product display.
Long lifespan: 30,000 hrs lifespan, 3 time longer than fluorescent lamp, low maintenance cost.
This extraordinary LED refrigerated and freezer lighting system slashes maintenance costs for years.
If you’re looking for superior lighting products at exceptional value, you’ve come to the right place!
This set up gives you another mounting option for the brightest most efficient lights on the market.

It is nearly twice as bright as a standard twin-tube 16W fluorescent fixture, but uses about 35% less power. Now you can do so in comfort with a highly efficient, compact cabin heater that runs off the heat that your engine is making anyway! This is a serious system for crew co-ordination and Bluetooth communication unmatched in today’s market. The SimpleTube LED lighting system is rated to perform for 50,000 hours, that’s nearly 6 years of 24 hour operation. For example a store with LED cooler door lights operating 14 hour days could see nearly a decade of uninterrupted service!

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