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Product Code: 1313WW-CV This led spot light bulb can be used with any voltage from 110vac to 240vac. I purchased five of these lights and installed them in my hallway ceiling fixtures (recessed cans in a 10′ ceiling), replacing the 27-watt fluorescent floods that we were using. This entry was posted in Bulb, LED Wholesalers, Light Bulb and tagged bright white led, bright white leds, brightest smd led, brightest white led, PAR 38 led flood light by admin.

It uses 30 of the high powered Surface Mount (SMT) LED to project an extremely bright even Flood Light. Unlike the fluorescents, these light instantly and at full power, their light is very close to daylight, they contain no mercury, and they use less than a third of the power that the fluorescents use.

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