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Diamond LED Grow Lights incorporate a breakthrough class of Illumitex Horticulture LEDs, light years ahead of existing LED plant lights and antiquated glass light bulbs like HPS, Metal Halide & Florescents. Our lights are Made in the USA with Union made Alcoa aluminum from the 640 employees that are left of 1,710 at the Intalco Works Cherry Point facility, a few miles from us here in Ferndale, WA.
For information on the various Horticulture LED Color options available, the guide is here. If you'd like to learn more about LED lighting for horticultural applications illumitex has a good brochure here. Join the community of window farmers, vertical farmers and indoor gardeners or us on facebook and help each other learn using the latest technology LED Grow Lights guaranteed to get you the best growing results you've ever seen!

Built-in 10 cooling fans, unique heat sinkBuilt-in hanging hardware, easy to set up in minutes, Plug N Play. Plug N Play, Lowest heat emit, Energy saving, Environment-friendly, Built-in hanging hardware.
I've been using 90W UFO's (I have 6) bought the 600W and been growing and getting excellent results - better than I had hoped for. The illumitex Surexi LED brochure is here for your reference and the Syngenta press release is here. A great resource from Purdue University explaining PPFD and DLI (Daily Light Integral) is here.

That light level obviously diminishes as you increase the distance to the plants, however 3" inches is far too close as that intensity can be toxic to plants if left for prolonged periods.

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