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Update Dec 2015: Surefire has released the Titan Plus, a new keychain flashlight that produces 300 lumens in its highest light mode.
The flashlight runs on six 18650 rechargeable batteries and it has a beam range of 525 meters. The brightest flashlight that uses AA batteries is the Nitecore EAX, which shines at 2000 lumens.
Update Dec 2015: Surefire has released the Titan Plus, a keychain flashlight that produces 300 lumens in its highest light mode.
All Surefire flashlight are designed and built in the USA, although some components are still sourced outside the US.
The Brightest Headlamp That Uses AA Batteries (900 Lumens)The brightest headlamp that uses AA batteries is the Fenix 15-UE. Cons: Head gets to 115 F (70 F ambient temp) after 30 seconds and you only get 20 minutes at full power but the driver is almost infinitely adjustable having 24 different combinations of settings. Weighs over 3 pounds and it’s a flood light rather than a thrower but it sure is fun to use. I just ordered a 3800 lumen model with re-chargable batts, and want a light that will put a spot on the clouds, which i have never been able to achieve with standard flashlights.
Do the people who are using this site for their holier than I sermons realize that a discussion about flashlights is not the place to impose political and self righteous holier than thou self righteous arrogance. Costo rebajado veintidos por ciento hasta el dA­a 15 en todo tipo de reparaciones e instalaciones. Those flashlights are awesome and definitely necessary when i go camping or the electricity is turned off.
Law enforcement and other safety related occupations often have to rely on flashlights as their only source of light in some critical situations. As I read through these comments, I reflected on Stuart’s comment about going below deck into a cargo hold.
I was wondering, does anybody know (I couldn’t find it) – if these lights approved for Class 1A explosion proof tank entry?
Thanks all…may your lights shine brightly and your batteries not fail when you need them most! I ordered this sucker last week after one of my candlepower friends recommended it to me since I've been wanting a true HID flashlight (nothing compares to HID lights). The light I'm talking about looks like one of those large spot lights that you can buy, you know the ones that have a battery life of 10mins (not kidding), only it uses way less power due to the HID, and it's waaaaaay brighter.
My friend described it best, he said that it was like the night eye on police helos, sure enough, it's probably brighter! I have another standard spotlight that has 5,000,000 candle power and this HID kicks its ***! There is a website that reviews flashlights and this is considered to be one of the brightest flashlights that exist today (meaning lights you can buy). When I get my video camera back later this week I'll do some video taping of how insane the thing is. The black bear uses a different color temperature which creates a more intense beam, it mimics sunlight where the HID light is more white. In conclusion, I'd like to have both, if I had to pick, I'd get the Black Bear light, but it's also over $300 Vs the HID which is $120. Cree 40434 x tactical ate0c2l007 ultra bright - Edc , or “everyday carry,” flashlights are incredibly useful tools that every adult should have. Surefire flashlights are among the finest, toughest, and brightest flashlights in the industry.
Some of their flashlights are constructed with a high-strength aerospace-grade alloy which then are protected by an anodized finish of aluminum oxide.
Below are four SureFire flashlights (pictured above) that I feel are great flashlights to have in any situation and won’t break the bank. SureFire flashlights are pricey, but the quality and superiority you receive in a SureFire flashlight is worth the spending the extra dollars. When buying a LED flashlight, there are many factors to consider: Lumen count, Run time, quality, durability and so forth. The superiority of the beam isn’t determined by the number of LEDs but by the quality of the LED chips and optical system. The more LEDs a flashlight contains, the faster it will go through batteries affecting the flashlight’s run time. When looking at the Beam Distance of a flashlight it is important to keep in mind the difference between “How far away the beam can be spotted from a distance” and “How far away the beam can illuminate an object you are looking at.” Beware of vague and unsubstantiated claims made by manufacturers.

Flashlights are thankfully more reliable than the boy in Fifth Element. The Run Time of a flashlight is sometimes as important as how bright the flashlight is. If you are looking for more in depth information on LED flashlights before purchasing, please read A FLASHAHOLIC’S guide to LED Flashlights—where I got a lot of my information.
So this time of year we start gearing up for the holidays and one of the things that we think make great gifts are Fenix Flashlights. If you’re looking for something bigger (and a lot brighter) then the Fenix TK30 might be what you need. Like the Torch v.1, the Flashtorch housing is constructed of a powder-coated, military grade aluminum. I called customer service, and was told nothing could be done over the phone, and I would have to provide a written transcript of my concerns via the WickedLaser web site. I just received my Wicked Laser Flash torch and for some reason they didn’t Supply me with the power cord to the charging unit. Indeed, I’m using an old laptop charger with similar specs and it seems to work well.
It’s rated at 10,000 lumens by the manufacturer, but owners say the output actually about 7500 lumens, which is still extremely bright.
Prior to this release, the brightest keychain light produced about 80-120 lumens, so this threefold increase is significant. All of that said, we do rely on as many American-made parts and components as possible, and the assembly of these components is done under our watchful eye in the U.S.
If it does this at say 2000 ft cieling clouds, i will be satisfied it is the most powerful light i have had. Though, I don’t want some big flashlight that feels super long or big in my hand like the one I ordered from Monster Flashlight.
You apparantly know best so why were you looking at these flashlights in the first place if you thought that they were just wasteful and overpriced.
This light is a lot different then the Borealis 1050 lumen light I have (The one that can catch stuff on fire, and burn human skin without contact) so I can't compare them because they are so different from each other.
The borealis not only comes in a small package (3D maglight body), but the light is so intense that it will actually burn your skin if you shine it at yourself from a few inches away, the HID will not.
When you hear the word flashlights, you might think of brands such as Surefire, Fenix, Maglite, or maybe even FOURSevens. This anodized aluminum alloy construction makes the flashlight resistant to damage from impact or crushing and makes it small and light weight. This sort of beam is perfect for tactical applications because it clearly illuminates the main object of interest while providing enough light for the observer’s peripheral vision.
This post will go over the basic information that will hopefully help you become more informed when shopping for a LED flashlight. An electric current passes through the diode which then coverts the electricity into light. They are capable of emitting a wide range of color lights depending on what material their semiconductors are made out of. Some manufacturers of cheaper flashlights use multiple LEDs to achieve a high lumen count but pair them with a sub-par optics system resulting in a weak or spotty beam. Will you be using the flashlight while backpacking or just as an emergency tool for around the house?
If you know you will need a flashlight that will stand up to some punishment; look for a higher rating when it comes to Impact Resistance. Fenix has a huge selection of flashlights and there’s literally something for everyone.
With an output of up to 630 lumens and a beam distance of 225 meters the TK30 is built for serious lighting.
Men, women, even kids will all appreciate the excellent portable lighting that Fenix provides. Happy shopping. The front lens is made of a specialized heat-resistant glass, so it will not shatter under the tremendous amount of heat the Flashtorch generates.
This is one of Motorola's latest Android smartphones and it has an interesting modular design that allows for custom back covers, snap on speakers and snap on projector. It even comes with its own tripod mount so if you break down on the side of the road, you just set up the light, point it at your wheel or whatever, and you'll have light to finish any work, and it will also grab the attention of other drivers so they don't hit you. Hand built with only the BEST materials, even has its own heat sink, custom reflector, battery pack, and a ton of other stuff too. Surefire also make a few of their flashlights out of Nitrolon (a proprietary high-strength, non-conductive, impact-resistant, glass-filled polyamide nylon polymer).

An anti-reflective coating is applied to the window to reduce reflection loss which increases net lumen output. One method is to use individual LEDs that emit three primary colors (red, green and blue) and combine them. Another way of looking at this: Take an engine out of a Porsche and place that engine in a Pinto. Beam distances displayed on the package refers to the maximum distance your flashlight can achieve when optimally focused (spot mode). Will you be using it under water or keeping it on for long periods of time?These are the types of questions you should ask yourself when looking for a flashlight. We don’t have 100,000 square feet to dedicate to ghost masks, plastic turkeys and blinking lights (heaven knows we wish we did). It’s small size makes it ideal to keep just about anywhere (pants, purse, car, emergency kit, etc). Providing up to 90 lumens and a 50+ hour runtime (lower lumen setting) this hands free light is both sturdy and practical. Some of their flashlights are modular which allows you to reconfigure your flashlight with available accessories.
In simple terms, it allows consumers a means of comparing the most important attributes of a flashlight.
You should also take into account the intensity of the beam (Peak Beam Intensity): Two flashlights may have the same lumen count, but one may give a wider beam over a greater area, while the other might focus the light into a more intense spot beam. Some of the best LED flashlights allow you to switch back and forth between a flood and spot beam. This method works, but may cause discoloration of the white-light later on down the life of your light bulb. The same lumen count in two flashlights may not produce equal light depending on the quality of the flashlight’s optics system (ie reflector). For a light that powerful its amazing that it has more then 15 mins of power available, like those non-HID spotlights. Keep in mind LEDs can overheat shortening their life span immensely if not properly heat-synced. Since each color uses a different material, the life span of each individual LED can differ.
The result is a standard that enables every individual a clear means of comparing products.
A spot light has a narrowly focused beam designed to provide penetrating light and usually offer a greater beam distance than a flood light. One or more LEDs are attached to a chip known as the driver which converts the AC main voltage to the correct DC voltage needed by its LED(s). This process is known as phosphor down conversion and is similar to the technology used in the fluorescent lamp.
If you are looking at a flashlight with brightness settings, the run time is based on the highest power setting. Blind the hell out of the person attacking you and while they are blinded you can rip out their throats! However, after a repair on a friend’s car it drove off into the night (with his car) and was lost. But I digress…  My point was that a really good flashlight is an essential tool for just about everyone. Surrounding the halogen bulb is a high efficiency reflector that funnels the light into a more concentrated beam. While this may not be a deal breaker when buying your flashlight, you should keep this in mind when planning for its use. Just below the head of the flashlight (opposite side from the switch), there is a covered power port and LED indicator light. As you can see, it lights the place up… The light the Flashtorch produces is more yellow and warm than the white light an LED produces.

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