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If you’ve ever been stranded in the dark without a light, you know the frustration that can occur.
The Streamlight Key-Mate Flashlight is perfect for tactical stealth movements through the wild terrain.
More in NewsOne Tough Knucklehead by StreamlightThe team at Streamlight has really outdone itself this time. Microbeam led keychain flashlight - brookstone : You'll never be left in the dark again with the microbeam led keychain flashlight from brookstone. The Simon High Power Flashlight T6 PRO has a slim ergonomic design to function with a wide range of 16 adjustable dial settings to focus the light tight or to expand to a broad fan. We recommend that you Never, Ever point the light into anyone eyes or directly look into the light itself.
Fenix ld22 lumen flashlight combo - La police gear emergency keychain whistle light la police gear recon c1 flashlight la police gear enforcer l1 rechargeable flashlight inova radiant aa led flashlightFenix tk35 flashlight [960 lumens]-fenix tk35 flashlight [960 lumens] fenix tk35 is a convenient extremely high intensity multifunctional flashlight. Canadian police and law enforcement fenix pd35 flashlight : Classic 6" wp sz safety stay safe, dry and comfortable with this lightweight boot.

If you have your night-vision on, you can easily add the Streamlight Key-Mate Flashlight Filter to switch the lighting to IR (Infra-Red).
It is an essential tool used by professionals in law enforcement and military to temporarily blind and or impair vision of an assailant so that a situation doesn't escalate.
The palm sized, super-bright 100,000-hour lifetime high-intensity LED with reflector optics makes this flashlight by Streamlight the brightest and the longest performing keychain flashlight out there. This setting boosts your night vision viewing while not attracting mosquitoes and staying unnoticed by the game. It heavy enough to know that you are carrying it but light enough that it won't weigh you down. Also included is a squeeze and slide adjustable lanyard wrist band so that you can easily tote it anywhere. Streamlight Key-Mate reflector optics delivers up to 400% more lighting range than traditional keychain flashlights. The rotary head switch stays put leaving little to no chance you will accidentally turn on the Streamlight Key-Mate Flashlight.

The rugged design is made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum anodized black body with a silver anodized focus dial ring and is durable and tough for long-lasting use.
In addition, each of the famous machined-aircraft aluminum Streamlight Key-Mate Keychain Flashlights features a versatile powder-coated spring steel pocket clip to conveniently secure it to virtually any article of clothing.
The famous Streamlight Flashlight versatility, compact size and high level of performance, backed by the Streamlight Lifetime Warranty, make this Streamlight Key-Mate Flashlight perfect for outdoors, tactical, office, car and home applications.
The waterproof-o-ring sealing turns this flashlight into an all-season, all-weather flashlight, ensuring dependable performance even in most demanding weather conditions.

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