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Fenix E05 is a portable high-intensity EDC flashlight.Featuring the negligible weight and volume, powerful water-resistance and the wear-resistant surface finish, E05 can be your ideal partner whenever and wherever. What are the essential skills that you need to have in order to cope in an emergency or disaster situation? The Unilite HV-H5R is a USB rechargeable LED head torch which delivers an impressive bright white light.
The HV-H5R comes complete with a 3M adhesive plates to mount onto a hard hat or climbing helmet. The head torch has a slide diffuser to spread or concentrate the beam pattern depending on application.

Posable minifigure key light with momentary switch to save battery power and light angling legs.
It performs well unconditionally with the characters of bright and soft flood light, sufficiently long runtime and simple but reliable operation mode. The crisp white light of this headtorch is provided by a high quality white LED and an additional red LED for night vision.
A slide diffuser enables usability over the LED to take advantage of a wide or narrow beam pattern. The head torch also has a sliding diffuser for focused or flood lighting options, and comes with silicone rubber lined headbands and a 3M adhesive helmet mount.

The Unilite HV-H5R USB rechargeable LED head torch is perfect for all-round use in all weather conditions, whilst being convenient to charge on the move.
As Video below.I want to see wavefrom across LEDs (all in parallel) through an oscilloscope panel.
Simon January 15, 2016 Hi I’ve just finished building 6 led torch +1AA battery on a breadboard .

Fenix bt20 led bike light 18650
Surefire flashlight that uses aa batteries 9v


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