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LED bulb to replace the current ease of use , making this type of product is widely accepted by the majority of home users , in the case of equal illumination , LED bulb is one tenth the power of traditional incandescent , energy half of the lamp power , energy efficient alternative to traditional lighting is the best choice . 1, according to the light source to points, there are high-power LED bulb and small power LED bulb light points, power is 1W LED lamp as a light source , the use of 3528,5050,5630 and other low-power low-power light beads as a light source . For years, the question of which type of HDTV to get was one of the most important to consider.
The History and TechnologyIn the early days of HDTVs, plasma, with its inky blacks and top-notch picture quality, was the prevalent flat-panel technology among videophiles. You could get a plasma HDTV, a CCFL-backlit LCD, or if you had the money, you could buy an LED-backlit HDTV.

Gradually, thinner, more energy-efficient LCDs with CCFL backlighting, and later LED backlighting, became less expensive and more capable, and started gaining ground. Well, now both plasma and CCFL LCDs are virtually extinct, and LED is the only remaining realistic choice. The difference between plasma and LCD wavered for some time, with each offering different economic and visual benefits depending on the model, price, and time in the life cycle of HDTVs.
LEDs are available in any size and price range, and approach the performance once only seen with plasmas. There is a new technology on the horizon that might give LED a run for its money, though: OLED has the potential to overwhelmingly exceed even plasma in terms of picture quality.

Electric Warmer, Candle Burner, Tart Burners, Candle Warmers, Oil Warmers, Tart and Oil Warmer Lamps, Glass Scented Oil Aroma Night Light, Desk Lamps, Accent Lights, Display, Landscape and General Lighting. It's just going to take a few more years for OLED to become readily available, if it ever will.

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