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The P2X Fury uses a high-efficiency, virtually failure-proof LED to deliver either 15 or 500 lumens of focused light, the latter qualifying the Fury as a pocket-size searchlight. The E2DL ultra is a pocket protector with more than double the putout of its predecessor now at 500 lumens on high courtesy.
The SureFire® E1L Outdoorsman is an ultra compact, dual-output mini LED flashlight with extended runtime. This entry was posted in Power & Hand Tools and tagged Best Surefire Flashlights, ensure excellent function, Flashlights, limited time warranty, Surefire, Surefire flashlights on December 20, 2013 by longer. The SureFire UB3T Invictus is a high-performance LED flashlight with 8 preset light intensities plus disorienting strobe and SOS. BrightGuy, Inc is a major supplier of flashlights for firefighters, police, industry and outdoor sports. The Help portion of the toolbar on most browsers will tell you how to enable and disable JavaScript.
Otherwise please call us Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm ET at 440-942-8318 or 888-881-1908 and we will be glad to help you out over the phone. SureFire flashlights are among the finest, toughest, and brightest flashlights in the industry. Some of their flashlights are constructed with a high-strength aerospace-grade alloy which then are protected by an anodized finish of aluminum oxide. Below are four SureFire flashlights (pictured above) that I feel are great flashlights to have in any situation and won’t break the bank.
SureFire flashlights are pricey, but the quality and superiority you receive in a SureFire flashlight is worth the spending the extra dollars.
The newly redesigned SureFire E2L Outdoorsman flashlight is now better than ever with 125 lumens in high. The SureFire 6PX Defender is a high-output LED flashlight made in the USA - new updated model now with 320 lumens.
John Matthews back in 1969, the Newport Corporation was among the first to harness the power of a laser for industrial applications.
The products from surefire feature durable construction, high-reflective coating, and rapidly switchable brightness modes. The 15-lumen level is excellent for general work at close-to-medium distances, and also extends the light’s runtime.

Providing simplicity of operation and tremendous illuminating power in a small package, it uses a high-efficiency LED-virtually immune to failure since there’s no filament to burn out or break-to generate a brilliant, penetrating, perfectly pre-focused 200-lumen beam.
It still has hard anodized aluminum teeth, aka Strike Bezel, which can be used for self defense should a blast of blinding white light not be enough to repel an aggressor.
Its virtually indestructible, two-stage light-emitting diode (LED) light source produces a smooth, pre-focused beam that, at maximum output, is over twice as bright as that of a big two-D-cell flashlight. A team member will respond to your request with a formal price quote, product information, and shipping quote.
This anodized aluminum alloy construction makes the flashlight resistant to damage from impact or crushing and makes it small and light weight. This sort of beam is perfect for tactical applications because it clearly illuminates the main object of interest while providing enough light for the observer’s peripheral vision. The 6PX Defender body is machined of aerospace grade aluminum with Mil-Spec hard-anodized finish and features a patented Strike Bezel with a sharp, scalloped edge designed for use as a personal defense tool.
This SureFire high output LED flashlight is made of a super lightweight and durable polymer with an aluminum bezel. Additionally, the tail cap switches locks out to prevent activation during transport or storage. SureFire also make a few of their flashlights out of Nitrolon (a proprietary high-strength, non-conductive, impact-resistant, glass-filled poly-amide nylon polymer). SureFire reflectors are made from CNC-machined aluminum instead of stamped metal or molded plastic.
An anti-reflective coating is applied to the window to reduce reflection loss which increases the net lumen output.
Some of their flashlights are modular which allows you to reconfigure your flashlight with available accessories. The SureFire G2ZX flashlight has a tactical style tail switch - push for momentary on and twist for constant on.
A few years later, he was asked to help the Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT Team in the 1984 Olympic Games. It is ruggedly constructed and feels hefty in the hand, which always helps to bring authority to your actions if it’s called upon in a tough situation.Design PackageSurefire manufactures the E2D from military specification hardened aluminum. The precision-machined body is thick enough to keep the light safe from disasters like drops, high-energy impacts like bullet or knife strikes and the occasional Monday morning when you realize you just parked your pickup on top of it.

The dual-mode LED bulb has a two-way switch in the tail cap, with a blinding 200-lumen output on high and an energy-conserving 5-lumen setting for working with maps or checking gear. For instance, the bezel features a crenellated design called Strike Bezel, with six machined protrusions around the bezel’s circumference. In a situation where an attacker is lunging forward, the soft tissues on the torso are often unavailable for impact.
However, with the E2D Defender gripped firmly in fist, it’s possible to defend and attack simultaneously by raising an arm to block and striking the assailant smartly on the forehead to stun him at the same time. A strike anywhere on the arm, shoulder, chest, abdomen, leg, testicles or even foot would be very painful and probably just as effective.As if that feature isn’t enough, Surefire designers had enough foresight to provide a similar feature on the tail of the light, with scalloped edges machined into the tail cap. This means that no matter which direction you are holding your light, there’s a weapon at the ready to aid in self defense.The VerdictNo flashlight is perfect, and the Defender could be improved. In a pocket, the lens is pointing straight up, and there are many times while checking equipment, using keys, radios and the like when it would be handy to clip the light with the lens facing down. One idea is an accessory head that lets a user replace the bulb in that head after purchasing it.Once everything is considered, this light provides quality construction, thoughtful design and reliable operation. Surefire offers a nice line of accessories for the light, including colored lens filters, trigger adapters for firearms, holsters, carriers for spare parts and more. Utilizing a virtually indestructible high-performance LED and a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens, the E2DL Ultra is activated with a pushbutton tailcap click switch that also selects output levels: press or click once for a high-intensity 500-lumen white-light beam—ten times the light needed to overwhelm the night-adapted vision of an aggressor.
Return to off and press or click again within two seconds for a 5-lumen ultra-long runtime low beam that’s suitable for navigating at night or performing close-up tasks for hours. The Defender’s crenellated Strike Bezel provides further defensive options should the need arise.
I felt empowered every time I got to use that beast, until I realized that it was not the best torch for every situation I was faced with. That's when it snowballed out of control, I started buying random flashlights just because I did not own it yet.

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