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Not that the idea doesn't have some merit, but I think most people have moved away from mounting their lights at 6 o'clock due to barrel shadowing in their sight picture.
The issue I have with the AFG and the use of a light is the placement of the tail cap or pressure switch. Originally Posted By StrangerDanger: The issue I have with the AFG and the use of a light is the placement of the tail cap or pressure switch. If you want to do something like that why not just use the AFG and the Elzetta light mount?
The SureFire 6PX Defender is a high-output LED flashlight made in the USA - new updated model now with 320 lumens.
BrightGuy, Inc is a major supplier of flashlights for firefighters, police, industry and outdoor sports. The Help portion of the toolbar on most browsers will tell you how to enable and disable JavaScript. Otherwise please call us Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm ET at 440-942-8318 or 888-881-1908 and we will be glad to help you out over the phone.
While most AR-15s will likely never see combat, the Rifleman’s Creed emphasizes the importance of building a bond with your rifle, learning how it works and respecting it as a best friend or brother.
Every AR-15 owner’s agenda should include copious amounts of shooting, cleaning and tinkering. For many, tricking out an AR-15 is the perfect way to personalize a rifle and simultaneously build a bond with it. Those who have an eye for the AR-15 platform can appreciate how small details really make one rifle stand out from another.
IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username! My bud's at work finally got my light mount and new Surefire back to me to mount on my Colt. Mordak -------The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Originally Posted By Brett_Bass:Ain't pretty, but it ought to work.Who says it isn't pretty?
The term tactical flashlight gets thrown around a lot, and it can refer to a seemingly wide range of devices.
When it comes to handguns, weapon lights are limited to their size and shape, and often the best options are purpose-built devices like the Surefire X300 or Streamlight TLR-4. Obviously the light you choose will need a weapon mount and remote switch accessory to even be considered here. This should be a given but as with most gear, lower cost competitors often try to cut corners where they can. We've placed the M20 at the top of our list of tactical lights for years now and as Olight continues to release new versions as well as new accessories, its features expand. The newest version of the M20 includes square threads at the tail cap for a more secure fit. SUMWAYMAN has been a leading name in Every Day Carry lights for years, and their newest tactical lights utilize the incredible construction techniques and technologies that have made them such a trusted brand.
The T20CS's AP01 remote switch stands apart from the pack in that it includes the rear switch as well as a port for the remote, meaning you can pull the light off its mount and use it as a hand-held device without having to replace the tailcap. Surefire's stellar reputation is built on its line of lights for tactical users including military personnel and law enforcement. The TK22 offers an incredible build quality and all of the tactical features that qualify it for a top-tier weapon light. Originally Posted By orion251: OP the one you were looking for looks like the one I got off Ebay for $20 shipped. I would love it if Surefire and Magpul got together and mad an AFG with an intergrated light. Am I the only one who thinks this would be a cool idea? It rests comfortably where the top and left rail meet, and the reccess has a nice spot for a presure pad. I wouldnt mind buying the pictured Surefire, its just way to big for my comfort and liking.

The 6PX Defender body is machined of aerospace grade aluminum with Mil-Spec hard-anodized finish and features a patented Strike Bezel with a sharp, scalloped edge designed for use as a personal defense tool. A team member will respond to your request with a formal price quote, product information, and shipping quote. Getting to know a particular rifle inside and out ultimately translates to operating it more effectively. The amount of interchangeable and aftermarket parts available today make the platform an open canvas for infinite customizations. While some high-end accessories cost more than an entire rifle, the average enthusiast is usually looking to add form and function at a reasonable price.
Common complaints with the A2 grip include its hard plastic knot bumping their middle finger, and its thin profile that fails to accommodate larger hands.
It's a First Samco mount that attaches through the existing vent holes and a Surefire G2 Nitrolon with a tape switch end cap. When it comes to flashlights, dual contact springs ensure the level of consistent performance you need when it's all on the line.
An extra 50 lumens here or there is nice but it won't make or break a light's overall tactical value. On top of including all the features we listed above, this light is comfortable to use in hand, making it a truly versatile piece of gear. This is an upgrade for performance, but unfortunately makes the newest model incompatible with Olight's 3-Key pressure switch - a unique switch that allows mode selections through the remote rig. SUNWAYMAN doesn't have a rail mount just for this light but its 1 inch diameter body can fit a number of weapon mounts. Its interface features a side switch in conjunction with the tail switch for a different in-hand feel compared to the M20 and XT11. What I would like to see is an offset mount like GearSector has, but also pushes the light several inches forward.
Most folks who buy a new AR-15 usually have plans for how to accessorize it before they even bring it home. Rupertus’ wisdom, those looking to make a rifle their own must learn its parts and accessories. It was a struggle to get the piece of inner tube over everthing but after a few pinched fingers and some cursing, I got it all together. Some need a primary light for flooding a big open room with tons of light while others need a dependable and compact secondary option. Military spec anodizing protects from scratches and dings while lightweight aluminum can withstand the hits that are inevitable with serious tactical use. As for its mounting capabilities, Olight offers a wide range of accessories including vertical mount as well as an offset rail mount, a pressure switch, red, green, and blue filters, and a white diffuser. In time, Olight will likely come out with a similar accessory for its newer M series lights, which all feature the square threading. Its short body can make it difficult to fit onto some of the mounts for other lights on the list. Still others find themselves with more specific needs like ultra-low modes, red or UV lighting, or as we'll discuss here, the ability to mount the light on a weapon. The lights we've included in our list also feature stainless steel components for added protection of vital mechanisms.
We've made sure all of our lights provide enough illumination for lighting up large spaces as well as blinding assailants.
I tuck it where the top and left side rail meet, and it is the perfect place for my thumb to ride and press as needed. What might be an idea, would be if the light was offset from the AFG, instead of straight in front of it, so like at a 7 or 5 o'clock depending on if you are right or left handed. Pushing the light further forward would reduce the amount of barrel shadowing as well. I'm partial to the GearSector mounts.
Positions the light's endcap right under my left thumb when mounted on the right side of the forend. A corded presure pad would also be good instead of a fixed one so you can mount it where you wanted.

I believe a Picatinny rail extender could be easily designed that would allow for existing GearSector mounts to be used in conjunction. From pistol grips to magazines, stippling significantly enhances the grip and aesthetics of many firearm components—when its done right. An inset model could be used to lower the position so an X400 could be used at 12 o'clock for users without a fixed front sight. An inset model could be used to lower the position so an X400 could be used at 12 o'clock for users without a fixed front sight. I would love to see an AFG with an integral rail up in front. This disclaimer is mostly directed at stippling polymer pistols, rather than AR-15 accessories. Currently the front third of my AFG extends past the end of the rail (midlength gas system).
I stippled the 40-round PMAG (pictured) by melting one dot at a time and stacking them like bricks.
It’s also a great way to keep from accidentally trading magazines with your friends at the range.
The feel of a quality trigger can be described as breaking like a carrot, candy cane, icicle or even dry spaghetti.
Regardless, the same holds true now as it did back then; enhancing the trigger can improve the abilities of a poor shooter, while giving skilled shooters a serviceable advantage.
They’re also inexpensive and lightweight, but are not the greatest choice for those seeking to trick out an AR-15. I tend to favor the Raptor because its latches have a very short throw and are held in place with substantially larger roll pins than G.I. As a right-handed shooter, I prefer using a Battle Arms Development Bad-Ass lever with the “short-thin” profile selector installed on the right side of the receiver. Compared to other available sizes—the short-thin variation is just big enough to engage weak-handed—it minimizes potential interference with my strong hand during normal operation and is less likely to snag on gear and clothing than full-size selectors. The kit comes with replacement hammer and trigger pins machined from 416 stainless steel, which are locked in place by two anti-creep retainers.
The upgraded stainless steel pins are stronger and less prone to breakage than mil-spec pins, and also remove free-play in the trigger assembly. More importantly, correctly pairing the right stock with the specific configuration of each individual rifle will result in a well-balanced and ultimately more effective platform.
However, many modern, collapsible stocks have a solid fit while maintaining accuracy, adaptability and adjustability. When replacing your stock, be sure to choose the correct replacement to fit the size of your buffer tube—whether mil-spec or commercial size.
It’s generally better suited for lighter carbines and SBRs, since its 8.8-ounce weight fails to adequately balance out front-heavy uppers with longer barrels, quad rails and forward-mounted attachments.
Both of which are rugged, solid-fitting options with waterproof storage compartments and pronounced cheek welds. The lighter IMod stock also comes in a hybrid, clubfoot variation which better supports prone or rested shooting positions. The SSAR-15 OGR stock also has a lockout feature to disable the bump-firing function, resulting in normal semi-automatic operation. Apart from aesthetics, free-floating handguards offer slight increases in accuracy over traditional two-piece, non-floating designs.
These differences are noticeable when using a sling or vertical grip with a non-free-floating handguard. A forward grip position can transfer tension and stress to the barrel, resulting in inconsistent point of impact. Common free-floating handguards have quad-rails extending their entire length at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions, but the emerging trend is going towards lighter, modular variations with removable rail segments and directly-attachable accessories.

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