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The much awaited Android 4.4 KitKat OS is finally launched along with the launch of the Google Nexus 5 from LG, and the new OS version packs in a lot of new features and stuff.
The shortcuts to music play toggles were already present on the lock screen in the previous versions of Android, but the KitKat version brings a full screen album or movie art along with the toggles to control the played media. The phone app easily looks a lot different, and the contacts area shows a prioritized list where the most contacted people are listed on the top.
Yes, we do mention TrueCaller here because it is one of the widely used apps for its help in searching for the information about the phone number, but now Google is doing something similar by searching for the phone number in the local listings of Businesses in Google Maps, if the number is unknown and not saved in your phone. The recently redesigned Quickoffice app for Android is well integrated in this new version, and one can take full advantage of it with the direct inclusion in the OS. The messaging app is gone, and now you would be able to see all the messages at one place – Hangouts. Gone is the plain and boring keyboard, as we see the Japanese Emoji characters smiling and expressing around in the messages and they can be directly chosen in the Google Keyboard. There are several apps which use the web content to display, and for this, now they would be using Chrome to render the web components accurately and quickly. The Android Device Manager which was recently brought out for users to take advantage of, to keep the private information safe, is now built-in into the KitKat OS and thus every device that gets this version would see the device manager already and can use it to find the lost phone or wipe data in it.
The download manager, or the Downloads app has got a redesign and now it provides the users with some extra options such as sorting of the downloaded files, in either the list or grid view.
The email app (not sure how many are actually using this instead of Gmail) has got a redesign, with the changes being – Nested folders, photos for contacts and a better and easy navigation through the conversations. This time, Google cares about your phone’s battery and thus there are options for users to choose between the high accuracy, and the battery saving location modes.
The new architecture that Google was mentioning about recently, works with most of the mobile carriers and just a simple tap with the NFC tag would be enough to authorize the transactions on the cloud, and pay with Google Wallet or other apps. For the smartphones which come with the Infraded blaster, the new version of Android supports the applications for remote controlling of the TVs and any other nearby devices.
The black notification panel will now have the part of the wallpaper, as the wallpaper extends through the notification panel and the system buttons. Android 4.4 pretty good I really like it now just waiting for Motorola G to land in Indian stores. Really a killer one … I like the OK Google command, integration of SMS in hangouts app, improvised phone app and on the go printing ability the most.

Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Image from NestleKit Kat is the best selling chocolate bar in the UK, with 1 billion sold annually. Gordon Brown is reportedly weaning himself off his four-KitKats-a-day habit and is now eating nine bananas instead to get fit for the election.
It's been reported that Gordon Brown habitually ate three or four KitKats a day until his wife put her foot down and nudged him on a healthier diet. Not brimming with vitamins and minerals, but has some calcium - good for bones and teeth - and iron, good for blood and transporting oxygen around the body.
One in every four bananas sold in UK supermarkets is now Fairtrade, with sales topping £150m. Christian activist Ray Comfort says bananas are proof of God's existence - they are so perfectly suited to our hands, God must have created them expressly for our benefit.
A Dutch website reported last April that a man had claimed to have seen the face of Jesus in the centre of a KitKat Chunky he had just taken a bite out of. We have listed the best as said by its makers, but we will get to know the actual best ones only after one of the devices gets the update, or when the Nexus 5 is in the hands for testing. Now, the KitKat version asks you to say “Ok Google” and the voice search would get activated, and the same can be used to listen to the music, send text messages and even search for directions to a place.
Google had slowly changed the Google Talk to Hangouts, and now made this as the only messaging app included in the KitKat version. Here, the camera would take a few rapid shots and combine them to come up with a single best possible shot. Earlier, one had to keep running around the settings to toggle between Wi-Fi, mobile network and GPS to check for the location accurately, while saving the battery, but now it’s the job of your OS to do that. The pedometer would be counting each of the steps you make and the updated hardware along with the Android 4.4 will do the counting while saving a lot of battery. And while you try to preview a wallpaper before you set it, the new Android system would preview exactly how it would look after it’s set.
So which is the best snack?From chocolate-coated wafer biscuit snack to the bendy that comes with its own packaging - the prime minister is reportedly changing his snack of choice.
A medium banana has roughly 400mg of potassium, 11% of your daily recommended intake and 3.1g of fibre, 12% of your daily recommended intake. One four-finger bar provides 6% of recommended daily calcium intake and 8% of recommended daily iron intake.

The banana experience can be spiced up if thrown in a fruit smoothie, or baked in a tasty muffin, but the latter is not so healthy.
Colour, texture and taste varies as the banana ripens from woody and green to mushy and nearly black. One popular theory suggests this is because venomous spiders hitched rides in banana crates - and once onboard would bite and kill crew. From 1945-47, sported a blue wrapper when plain chocolate was used due to milk shortages after the war.
But there has been a long-running international trade dispute, with tariffs on some countries that produce the fruit for European markets. Although parent company Nestle does have a chequered reputation for ethics, with consumer boycotts over the years because of its promotion of baby milk formula in Africa.
Content from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Google Play can be directly streamed to the HDTVs. Claims that the night photos are sharp with less noise, but who actually tested this already?
Starting in January all of the four-finger bars will be made with Fairtrade cocoa, with the smaller ones following later.In fact, the UK is the biggest market for Kit Kat in the world, with Japan next, at half as many.
And snapping off a finger can be a very satisfying sound, particularly if it is the sound of friends sharing the snack.
With Cadbury's Dairy Milk certified earlier this year, Fairtrade chocolate is reaching the mainstream--with great benefits for farmers in the Ivory Coast which is the world's largest cocoa producing country. Fairtrade campaigners are delighted because more than 6,000 farmers in west Africa are going to get a better price for their cocoa. As the head of the Fairtrade Foundation said: "Cocoa farmers in Cote d'Ivoire struggle under the relentless pressures of poverty with shockingly high levels of illiteracy and poor access to healthcare. The significant volumes of cocoa that go into making Kit Kat will open whole new possibilities for these farmers in Cote d'Ivoire, giving them a more sustainable livelihood and the chance to plan for a better future."The sugar in the chocolate bars will also be Fairtrade, from Belize. They are investing ?65M over the next ten years to address economic, social and environmental issues facing cocoa farmers in the Ivory coast.Fairtrade status means that the farmers in developing countries receive a Fairtrade price, or market price, if it is higher, for their produce. They also get a premium of more than ?100 a ton, which is used to invest in long-term business or social development projects such as education and healthcare.Last year more than ?700m was spent on Fairtrade goods in the UK, an increase of more than ?200m on 2007.

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