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This review is the first part of my AAA review, the second parts is here: Beamshoots from AAA flashlights. This review is about AAA battery powered lights, each light will include a short description, some photos, indoor white wall and outdoor beamshot. They can stand hard handling, a LED has a lifetime of thousands of hours and is not damaged by impact, a incandescent bulb only has a lifetime of a few hours and can easily break on impact. The lights in this review can be split in two different main operating types, twist and push button. Next variation on the button, must be fully pressed and then released to activated, this is usual called a “reverse switch”. Some of the more advanced lights has a button that only sends a signal to the microprocessor in the light when pressed. Another way to activate lights, is by twisting the front or back of the light to turn the light on. All these possibilities can be an advantage or a liability, depending on how and for what the flashlight is used.
1 setting: Arc AAA, Ti ARC AAA, Killer AAA, Tiablo A1, Streamlight Microstream, Tank 007 TK-701, Leatherman S1, Fenix E01, Maglite Solitaire, Led Lenser P2, Led Lenser P3, Peak Matterhorn #1, Peak Matterhorn #2, Peak Eiger, Peak Baltic.
Depending on type of light emitter and how it is controlled, light can be made with a wide range of light output, from weak lights that can be used to locate a keyhole but not spoil the night vision, to bright light that can fill a big room with light and definitely spoil any night vision. Note: Peak light only has one brightness setting, but that setting can be specified when ordering the light. The heading to this review says AAA batteries and some people will probably believe that this defines the battery type, but that is not fully correct. All flashlights in this review can use these common batteries, but the more powerful lights will drain the batteries very fast and can not reach maximum brightness. These batteries can (in most cases) directly replace a Alkaline battery and will improve the runtime, the storage time and remove the risk of a leaking battery, they also work in very cold weather. These batteries can be store for 10 to 15 years, this makes them very useful for emergency lights, i.e. PS: The picture shows a cheap Chinese imitation, the good batteries are called Energizer Lithium L92 (also Energizer e2). CAVEAT EMPTOR, this look like any AAA battery, but has a significantly higher voltage and will damage light not designed for it. Most flashlights are made from aluminum, because it has some good properties for flashlights: It has low density and is good at transferring heat.
The most common colors are black and natural (Natural is many different colors, mostly dark green). Another surface treatment is “type 2 anodizing”, this treatment allows many bright colors and has no problem with color consistency, but the surface is not very strong and will get scratched easily, and the scratches are very visible due to the aluminum below. Aluminum can also be used without surface treatment, it does not corrode, but it will get scratched.
Titanium can both be used with and without surface treatment, it is very strong and the density is considerable lower than steel.
For people that want a light around the neck, Titanium is very good, and there is no risk of corrosion.
Flashlight in Titanium is usual more expensive than aluminum lights, some of the reasons are that Titanium is more expensive and it is harder to process. Flashlights in stainless steel is rather heavy and are usual without any surface treatment, The steel looks good without treatment and can stand a lot of abuse. Do not mount the light directly in the keychain, remember to put a small ring in between (This ring is usual included with the light). Put a chain on the light and you can put it around the neck, remember only do it with waterproof lights.
Using these lights, you usual hold the light in a hand, to prevent dropping it, you can secure it with a lanyard around the wrist.
If you need both hands, you can hold the light with your mouth, or if it has a clip mounted at the head, the light can be mounted on a hat brim and be used as a headlamp.
Opposite most other lights with a 5mm LED, this light does have a front glass, not an exposed LED. This light uses a special 5 mm led with multiple dies, that is supposed to give more light, but I have not been able to confirm it with my measurements.
Looking at the led in the picture, it can be seen that it has a lot of wires inside, it is because it is the special high power version. Streamlight are very confident about the strength of the light and promises that the front glas and the clips are unbreakable.
Lumapower has selected to make a light with 3 fixed levels and then be flexible in the physical design. The front of the light is in stainless steel, this will protect the light from falls on hard surfaces. The flashlight can take a lot of abuse, the two lights in the picture have both been in the washing machine and the black has also been in the tumble dryer, where I found it in 3 pieces (Head, body and battery).
Maglite does make this light in multiple colors, but they uses a weak surface treatment (Type 2), i.e. The above pictures are a bit dark, to show the beam I have takes a serie more with increased exposure, for the one without bezel I did increase exposure twice. The light is not perfect, the surface treatment is only type II and not very scratch resident, the clips can slide of the light and it does not have any lockout function. This light is nearly the same as P2, except that the head on the light is bigger and does not turn, instead it slides to change focus.
This light is turned off when tightened, loosen it to turn it on, there are two loose positions (marked P1 and P2 on the body) to select between two settings. The necklace has a special quick release connection to the light, but I do not like the lock, it is not safe enough for me. LiteFlux has developed a new version of this light, called LF2XT (Adding T to the name), see below for a description. A new version (2009) of the worlds most advanced flashlight, this time the twist is replaced by a tail button, the light is still very powerfull.
The light has two different user interfaces, when delievered it is in the simple mode, i.e.
This is a brass AAA light from the Matterhorn serie, this serie contains many different lights, because it is possible to order material, battery size, brightness and some other details.
For this battery tube I also got a momentary push button, hold it down for light or screw the light together for constant on.
This is a new (2009) AAA flashlight from Peak, it has the same size as Matterhorn series and match parts with it, but instead of a 5 mm led it uses a power led. I have bought 2 brightness levels #2 and #8, both with medium optic, I did also order some extra bodies and can use 10180, 10280, AAA and 2xAAA batteries. This is a stainless steel light from the Baltic series, this serie contains many different lights, because it is possible to order material, battery size, brightness and some other details. The light was manufactured with two different beam spreads, a focuesed and a non focused, mine is the non focused version.
The Maglite can concentrate the light more, due to the big reflector, but the total light output is not higher than for some of the small AAA lights (But it has longer runtime). All pictures of the light output are made with fixed exposure and locked daylight white balance.
If you are looking for a new flashlight, maybe even one you can fit in your pocket, you have come to the right place!
With all of the new battery technologies out these days, I frequently get asked the following question: If other batteries will give me more lumens, last longer, and be lighter than standard size batteries, then why would I want a flashlight that uses AAA batteries?
For some this is a really big reason they will only buy flashlights with standard size batteries. Another reason why you might want a flashlight that uses AAA batteries is that they are small and easy to carry everyday. This year we decided to add a selection of Hi-CRI flashlights to our list since it seems to be a huge deciding factor for many buyers, including hardcore flashaholics and regular buyers. If you are also looking to buy some batteries, your options are rechargeable or primary (not rechargeable) AAA batteries. Another thing to consider with AAA flashlights is that many of them can use rechargeable Li-ion 10440 batteries and increase the output into the 200-300 lumen range. The Surefire Titan Plus tops our list when it comes to the best AAA flashlight powered by a single battery. The Titan Plus offers the same small size as the original coming in at just a little over three inches and only weighing two ounces with the battery installed. The Surefire Titan Plus offers users a twist switch, which not only powers the flashlight, but also controls the brightness levels.
Now the Thrunite Ti3 is not the brightest single AAA flashlight by any means, after all it only offers 120 lumens maximum for a period of 30 minutes. If you are looking for one of the best lights on a budget look no further than the Olight i3e.
The Foursevens Preon P1 is a rather compact flashlight coming in at just a little over two inches and for its small size you might be surprised at just how bright the CREE XP-L actually is. For those that are looking for a compact, portable keychain style flashlight that requires a single AAA battery (10440 is not supported), then the Lumintop Tool is a great choice for you. If you are looking for an amazing twist head AAA flashlight then the L3 Illumination 08 is an ideal choice. The Manker E01 is a new flashlight designed and manufactured by a company new to the flashlight industry, but the company is quickly proving that it is a top contender.
For those that are in the market for a more powerful, but still compact AAA flashlight the Foursevens Preon 2 is an ideal choice. The Thrunite Ti4T is an amazing penlight, we like it so much that we have named it in two of our best of articles. The Thrunite Ti4T is not as short as some lights, but it offers a very slim and lightweight design making it the perfect pocket light. For those of you that are looking for a light that is small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand, but that is also affordable the Nitecore MT06 is the best choice for you as it offers a low-profile pen design for a reasonable price.
The Nitecore MT06 offers users two brightness modes making it one of the easiest flashlights to use and understand, you really can’t get much simpler than two modes these days. Now you are ready to decide, DOWNLOAD the FREE Tactical Flashlight Buyers Guide Checklist PDF. There are a lot of AAA flashlights available on the market, but we think these are the best AAA flashlights. If you like any of the flashlights that you see in this article or in any of our other articles, please click one of the Buy Now buttons to make your purchase on Amazon.
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I collect flashlights and like them with different colored bodies, but that does not mean that the lights only exists in the color I have, most lights exist in more discrete colors.
Flashlights can be categorized in many different ways, I will start by listing some categories, explain them, and list the lights that are in that category. The light from LEDs does not contain the full spectrum, but are missing some colors, this will affect how some colors look. These LEDs do not have any mechanical protection and have to be mounted on a heatsink with good thermal connection to the rest of the flashlight. This makes it easy to use the light with one hand, but increases the risk of accidental activation in a pocket or a bag.
This review is about AAA lights and that battery size imposes a limit on maximum output, but anybody that has only used old style incandescent flashlights is in for a big surprise.
There are multiple AAA sized battery types, most can be used interchangeably, but one AAA sized battery is very different. These batteries exist in two version, a regular with high capacity (1000+ mAh) and a low discharge type (usual about 800 mAh), this type is also called precharged, because it can be charged at the factory and keep the charge. If the light is designed for LiIon, the advantage can be higher output with this type of battery. But it also has one disadvantage, the surface can very easily scratch, on most lights this is solved by using hard-anodizing (Also called Type III anodizing) on the surface.
This way to carry the light is rather hard on the look of the light, only HA or steel can really stand up to it.
Here is shown a cheap lanyard, that uses a thin wire to attach to the light, a better lanyard will use a ring instead. The light is not one of the cheapest on the market, but has proven that ARC known how to make a very reliable light, that can take all the bumps from everyday use. From ARC this light can be bought with two different LEDs and it is possible to buy both and change between them. They supplies two tailcaps, one with a switch and one without, the switch can either be with GITD (Glow in the Dark) or black.
For a light without switch, the twist is between head and body, this can also be used as lockout when the switch is mounted. I got the light in a packing where it was possible to try the light, without unwrapping it, an extra battery was also included. The supplied accesories are also the same, but only one battery, because this box has no test button.
The light comes in a wood box with some accessories: lubricant, diffuser and two tail caps, either as necklace or with a clip. All other settings are done by fast changing between these two positions, this requires good dexterity or a bit of light to see the markings. The programming is very extensive, all light levels and timing of the strobe modes can be programmed. Alkaline cells are not recommend because they cannot deliver enough power for the light to reach full power. The light does not include any good possibilities for putting it on a keychain, but it is possible to make one that can replace the clip.
In the new version the accessories has been reduced, the light is still supplied in the wood box , and includes lubricant, extra o-rings, clip and a keyring, but no diffuser or ball chain. The light is designed to use LiIon and the increased brightness with LiIon is within specifications for this light. My light is in brass and the construction feels very solid and as can be seen on the picture, it is also possible to get a smaller battery tube for the light, I have tried that in my Look on small flashlights. On top of all the usual body options, this light also has 8 power levels and 3 different optic that it can be ordered with.
These are not usually the most high powered, the smallest or the lightest flashlights; However, if your batteries die, you will be able to buy more even from a gas station.
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Many of the single AAA flashlights offer keychain attachments and are very easy to carry with you everyday.
The term CRI stand for Color Rendering Index and has to do with how close the light that comes off of the LED is to natural light.
The downside to Hi-CRI emitters is that in general for the same amount of power, they can not produce the same level of output so the lumens are lower. For you this may turn the best AAA flashlight into the best overall form factor flashlight period. The Plus might be a bit small in size, but it is one of the most powerful lights of its size because the single AAA battery can put out a maximum of 300 lumens for a period of one hour. To access high or low levels simply twist the head until the desired brightness level is reached. However brightness is only part of what we look at when we are picking out the best flashlights, and the Thrunite Ti3 makes quite an impression when you look at everything that it has to offer.
In fact for its minimal price you can pick up more than one without coming close to breaking the bank. Powered by a single AAA battery this light can put out a maximum of 100 lumens for a period of one hour.
One of the best things about the Tool is that despite its small size, it is still quite powerful.
The E01 is one of the company’s smaller lights as it comes in at 2.75 inches and is small enough to easily fit in a pocket or on a keychain. The small light is extremely durable, and it is fashioned from a military-standard type II hard anodized aluminum with an impact resistance of two meters, and an IPX-8 rating. Unlike the Preon 1 the Preon 2 requires 2 AAA batteries to power its CREE XP-L, but those batteries give the light a spot beam diameter of three meters and a flood beam diameter of one meter. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the Ti4T is how it starts in firefly mode, which is great for those who are using it in a professional setting. The hard anodized body lends to the durability of the Ti4T, as well as its IPX-8 rating and it being impact resistant up to 6 ? feet.
The CREE XQ-E R2 LED is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which is strong enough to emit 165 lumens for a period of 45 minutes before the batteries need to be changed. Both modes are accessed via the tail cap switch, which allows users to use the light one handed.
It will help you sort through all the info to find the flashlight you want!Thank You, Subscribe to receive the Tactical Flashlight Buyers Guide Checklist PDF! If you need a flashlight with higher Lumens you should consider flashlights with CR123A or AA batteries. As an Amazon affiliate we make a small commission off any purchase made from a click through from our website, which is how we are able to provide you with these amazing informative articles. If for any reason you decide that your purchase just isn't for you, simply return the item within 30 days of receipt and we'll cover the cost of return shipping. Customers should in no way infer that MidwayUSA has validated review information as safe, accurate or appropriate. Products that are Shipped Alone incur separate "Per Order" and "Per Pound" shipping charges. Carriers charge extra to ship packages with products they consider hazardous, such as reloading powder and primers. On lower levels the incandescent light color will be warmer (more red), and the already bad efficiency will be even lower.
These buttons exist in multiple variations, the first on is called “forward switch”, it will turn on when pressed half way down and lock when pressed fully down.
These lights will also have a small current drain when off, because the microprocessor need some power to monitor the button. This will prevent any possibility that the lights turns permanently on when using the button. A problem with Alkaline batteries is that they sometimes leak, I do not recommend to use them in expensive lights.
The low discharge type can keep a charge for years and I believe that it is the best battery for most flashlights. This surface treatment is very scratch resistant, but the selection of colors are a limited.
The removeable clip is mounted in a recess and will not slide during use and a GITD (Glow in the dark) ring is mounted on the light, making it easy to locate the light during blackouts. Due to the design the clip will scratch the flashlight body, when replacing the battery and the surface treatment is only type 2.
The light is supplied with two clips a metallic and a black, but they are not a very strong constrution.
Pressing a code, the light changes to the advanced user interface with 5 settings, where each setting can be program to a brightness or a flashing mode (The flashing modes are not the same as LF2X).
The battery tube can be equipped with a momentary pushbutton, to turn on permanently the ligth must be screwed together. The light has two levels, when twisted together it first goes on at low level with a bit more twisting it changes to high level (That is not really that high). We hope you enjoy our reviews and find them helpful as you navigate through all the available flashlights on the market. As we always say, the best flashlight is the flashlight that you have on you when you need one. The higher the the CRI number, the closer it is to natural or incandescent light – the light off of an incandescent bulb being 100. If you are going to spend money on nice rechargeable batteries, you will need a good charger. Obviously this is not a manufacturer recommendation because your flashlight will get really hot really fast and could easily burn out. The Titan Plus features a state of the art reflector designed to shape the light emitting from the flashlight into a wide MaxVision Beam.
Like many other lights the Ti3 offers users the option of neutral white and cool white, which allows you to pick the light that will work best for your needs. Before we go into detail about the Olight i3e, it is important to mention that not all colors are created equal.
If you are looking for something that is longer lasting, you can opt for the low of five lumens for a period of 20 hours.
Another feature is the choice between an XP-G2 R5, which is the cool white, or the Nichia 219 4500K 92CRI, which is the neutral white emitter.
In addition to being durable, the E01 offers users a user friendly interface – twisting the head powers the light as well as provides access to the different modes offered. Being that the Preon 2 requires two AAA rather than one it is also brighter than its predecessor, which the Preon 2 emits a maximum of 220 lumens for a period of one hour. The Thrunite Ti4T is easy to operate and allows users to change between modes in three different ways. The LED used in the MT06 is better than in previous Nitecore models because it provides a more focused beam than other reflectors of the same size, plus it is actual a ? of the size of the CREE XP-G. The MT06 also comes equipped with a pocket clip making the light even more portable than before, so you always have it when you need it.
Because of variations in the manufacturing process, similar products may have differing weights. They are good for a flashlight when you need a long runtime and not the most powerful light. These LEDs are used in more powerful flashlights, and some of the lights can get warm, or hot, when in use.
The light is supplied with a lanyard and a split ring, but the light has no hole for mounting the ring (I supposed it must be mounted on the clip). The clip can be mounted in either end of the light and the knurling prevent it from sliding off the light. It is very easy to have an AAA flashlight all easy to reach places of your home, office, workshop, and vehicle.

It is not often that you see such a split in buying habits in the flashlight market, but this is one. Most manufacturers have not switched to Hi-CRI LEDs since consumer buying habits still favor higher lumen output. Our favorite charger for Ni-MH batteries is the La Crosse BC-700. It is easy to use and can charge both AA and AAA batteries. Putting these batteries in is doable and many of the flashaholics over at candlepowerforums are using their AAA flashlights this way. Check out others results with 10440 batteries before putting them in your flashlight. Powered by a single AAA battery, users have the option between rechargeable or disposable depending on what is most convenient at the time. Many people simply purchase one of each because of how reasonably priced the Ti3 actually is. The i3e comes in a variety of colors, including red, green, purple, blue, black, and silver. Even better though is the Preon P1 offers you a simple to use two-mode interface, which to make it even better you can set your light up how you want it as it has five re-configurable user interfaces allowing you to keep it as simple as you need or as complex as you want. The CREE XP-G2 R5 LED offers a maximum beam distance of 47 meters with an intensity of 553 candelas. As a consumer you need to understand that the different emitters will affect the output of the L3 Illumination 08. The single AAA battery powers a NICHIA 219C that has a beam distance of 42 meters along with a maximum beam intensity of 450 candelas. The Foursevens Preon 2 features three different brightness levels, as well as four different special modes all of which are accessed via the tail cap clicky switch. This feature is perfect because it allows users to perform a variety of tasks without the need for turning down the brightness.
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To meet these goals, the light must have the following features:Be small enough to be carried with minimum effort and thought. Unless the product is designated as “Ships Alone”, Shipping Weight does not include the shipping box or packing materials associated with your order. For use outdoors in natural settings, the ”warm white" has an advantage, see beamshots for the Peak Eiger for an example of a “warm white” beamshots.
Because the LEDs already are encapsulated in a plastic bulb like package, they do not need to sit behind a protective glass in the flashlight. The light output from a flashlight with power led is often far above the output of a typical incandescent flashlight. Some of the lights in this roundup can be ordered with momentary switch, in the photo only then only Eiger is mounted with the push button, but it can also be used on the other lights. Some of the most advanced lights have the ability to adjust the settings (programmable), including both light levels and flash settings. Also included with the light is a lanyard and a lobster claw, they can either be mounted to the clip or to the tailcap without switch. The light output from it is purple, like other GS lights and the light output is the same as the Fenix E01. I have one in both nightstands in the bedroom, in the kitchen, and in all of the vehicle’s glove boxes.
There are flashlight lovers that have decided to only buy Hi-CRI lights and have sold all of their other flashlights. If primary cells are what you want or you need some backups, the Energizer L92 Lithium batteries are the best. As we already mentioned the CREE XP-G2 R5 LED is powered by a single AAA battery, but that one battery gives the beam a distance of 50 meters with an intensity of 625 candelas.
The only main difference is that the silver i3e has a maximum output of 120 lumens; the other colors only offer 90 lumens. The Preon P1 offers your three basic brightness levels, plus gives you access to four special modes: Strobe, SOS, Beacon High, and Beacon Low. The Lumintop Tool uses a clicky switch, but unlike other small lights this one is in the form of a tail cap switch rather than a side switch.
The Illumination 08 can be powered by a single Ni-Mh or an alkaline AAA battery, but manufacturers do not suggest using 10440 batteries because of how quickly they heat up.
Just like the Preon 1, the Preon 2 allows you to configure the light to be as simple as you need it to be or as complicated as you want it to be.
Turning up the brightness isn’t something that bothers most users, but being blinded by 300 lumens when the light first turns on is not something most of us enjoy. Ideally, it would attach to something else you already are in the habit of carrying like your keys. However, this review is about small lights with a single AAA battery, and these batteries do not have enough energy to maintain a high output as long as a 2C or 2D cell incandescent flashlight, even with the efficiency advantage of LEDs. We have other torches lying around but these are the go to light when the power goes out since we always know where they are.
Lithium primary cells and Li-ion rechargeable cells are completely different types of batteries.
What really makes the Ti3 one of the best is it’s easy to use interface, which is a simple twist switch. All the lights are powered by a single AAA battery and feature a LUXEON TX LED and a PMMA TIR lens that allows a maximum beam distance of 48 meters in the silver model and 44 meters for the others. The Tool offers users the option of three different brightness modes, all of which can be accessed via the tail cap switch. The L3 Illumination 08 is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and offers a Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish that adds to its overall durability, along with the toughened double ultra-clear glass lens and its IPX-8 rating. You have the ability to choose between five configurable user interfaces to find the one that suits your needs best.
The twist switch powers the light on and off as well as provides you with access to four different modes, including firefly and strobe.
The optical grade glass lens features an anti-reflective coating with a textured reflector that provides a spot beam with a three meter diameter and a flood beam of one meter.
For those that prefer a twist operation, tightening or loosening the head will also allow you to switch between modes. Accessing the different modes is as easy as turning the light on, then off, and then on again within two seconds. Like many pocket sized lights, the Lumintop Tool is extremely durable with an impact resistant ability of 1.5 meters and an IPX rating of 8. The four mode version features the ever popular firefly mode in addition to the three basic modes, while the three mode version offers your basic high, medium, and low. They launched their first flashlight in 2005 and since then continued to put out incredible works of art. If you wish to access to memory function the light must be turned back on within 10 seconds, otherwise it will default back to the original start up mode rather than the last mode used.
Today, Fenix products have been sold all over the world and have made a name for themselves as one of the premium LED lighting brands. Recently, Fenix came out with the TK35, and the Fenix TK22 flashlights, winning the Zunlv Award in China. By turning the head one way to turn on and the other way to turn off, you will see how easy it is to operate. Now I have said before that I like my Gerber because it is so light in weight and attaches to my keychain. I am actually considering purchasing a second one to add on my wife’s keychain for her. He started the company small, right out of his garage, he started the company because he was an avid Scuba diver. Pelican builds their products to last a lifetime.The Pelican 1910 LED is one of the companies more recent creations, it is compact aluminum and designed with style and function in mind. I have found that the beam of light is very clean and bright white with little to no voids in center ring. I think the 1 hours burn time on this flashlight is the middle of the road when it comes to the best AAA flashlight and how long the light should burn for. Although this is a very popular light and I really do like it, I think that the updated version will run for a little longer. One huge benefit of the Pelican 1910 LED is the tailcap forward clicky switch like some tactical flashlights, it is made of rubber and has a momentary on position and and a constant on position.
The belt clip has a metal ring at the top which fits under the tailcap for a secure fit and will not rotate around the flashlight. This is the type of flashlight that has all the perfect benefits of a much larger tactical style flashlight has but just a fraction of the size and cost. Originally Olight focused only on the general outdoor use and enthusiast markets, but quickly moved in the the more specialized markets.
Due to so many customers requesting flashlights for military, law enforcement or other tactical purposes, Olight launched the M20 tactical flashlight. From their the Olight companies have been rapidly growing and expanding and continue to make fair priced illumination tools for people all over the world.The i Series by Olight was designed to be a powerful yet cost effective EDC type flashlight. One nice thing is that you can carry it on your keychain or remove the keychain and use the very strong belt clip. Its simple design is deceiving in the fact that it actually has a very sophisticated micro chip processor inside.
By having this processor, it can put out light in 3 different modes, one of them being 70 lumens and the runtime is just over 1 hour. For over 40 years now, Streamlight has amazed their customers and competitors with their unique approach. Streamlight the company is not made up of just board members, VPs and employees but instead made of outdoor enthusiasts.
They take on training courses similar to law enforcement, firefighters and ems would take as on going education. By taking this approach, Streamlight gets to know more about their customers real life situations that would require the flashlights they produce.Streamlight makes several different flashlights, the Stylus and the Microstream both use the AAA batteries.
The difference is, that the Stylus uses 2 AAA batteries, where the Microstream uses only a single AAA battery. Like other  Streamlight flashlights, the Microstream is made in china. People could actually remove the head and replace with a Fenix LD01 head, making it a multi mode hybrid flashlight.
I think it makes it more difficult for the light to accidently turn on while in your backpack or in your pocket.For a budget flashlight, this this is pretty well build, as you will see, it has a great anodized finish which gives a strong scratch resistance. Surprising the light has a smooth reflector, giving it more throw than some of the other lights in the same price range. Now you can use a Li-ion battery if you would like but the manufacturer does say it can also use the standard AAA. I think this is a perfect light for those doing plumbing, technical jobs, computer repair and many other tasks.
The low setting of 3 lumens is perfect for reading a map finding your stuff in the tent and the 60 lumens will light up the night sky. The 60 lumens of light is great, the beam of light is consistent and does not have any voids. Tighten for Firefly (3lumens) tighten further for max Output (60 lumens)Current pricing and reviews for the Trunite Ti LEDFlashlight YOUR TURNThere are so many other great AAA operated flashlights on the market . If you have your BEST Flashlight of choice, please leave a comment or send in your review to add to the list. P3 afs p uses AAA alkaline batteries, m3r can use 10440 li-ion (USB charger and battery are included) or AAA. If your 10440 is dead and you have no spare one you can use easy-to-get AAAs.The best feature about them is focusing system most flashlights lack it.
I felt empowered every time I got to use that beast, until I realized that it was not the best torch for every situation I was faced with. That's when it snowballed out of control, I started buying random flashlights just because I did not own it yet.

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