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One of important elements on weddings that many people probably do not pay much attention is the wedding lighting.
Lights that illuminate the walls, windows and ceiling can draw attention away from the center of the room. If you’re hosting a wedding at home, discuss how much electricity your lighting designer is going to need.
A-List Wedding services, we offer a selection of exquisite table centrepiecesA to ensure your event is unique and truly memorable.
The chandeliers below with rope + lightbulbs were seen in this beautiful wedding I featured. Light bulbs + poms make for a pretty ceiling as seen here on the left and right by Abby Ross via here. If you love lightbulbs and are planning to get married in New York City, I highly recommend checking out the Gramercy Park Hotel as your venue! I LOVE the first one and I love the use of candles in mason jars hanging from old doors and window frames. I have photographed at the Grammercy Hotel in NYC before…it really is stunning what they have done with the lighting there.
We had nearly 500 ft of light string at our wedding and are willing to sell them if anyone is interested!
My husband and I are throwing our wedding reception at the Soledad Club, a former women’s club perched high above Pacific Beach, with incredible views. Lisa Turner is a real bride who is navigating the planning process with her friends and family while her groom, Michael Turner, is serving in Afghanistan. If you enjoy this article, please help sharing the word by tweeting it, sharing it on facebook or pinterest.
Simply Elegant offers a number of bridal table and cake table packages from fairy lights, to fabric swagging to anything you can really imagine!
Deciding and finalizing the wedding hall decorations is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning.
However, an inexpensive way to use flowers is to get some spherical oases and cover it with half bloomed roses or tulips. While planning to decorate wedding hall, it is important to keep quality, not quantity in mind.
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Sarah and Jerry teamed up on this one, with Sarah clicking the shutter as Jerry arranged lights. Another flash was placed behind a shoot-through umbrella camera-left to provide just a touch of fill in the shadows.
It sounds simple perhaps but sufficient and proper wedding lighting will really influence the success of a wedding reception. Utilising only the finest of elements including Swarovski crystals, flowers, luminous floating candles and crystal clear glassware, we have a table centrepiece suitable for every occasion. We have a number of vase fillers icluding submersible lights to enhance your colour scheme.Your wedding day should be the most perfect day of your life. Below ceremony photo on the left by Clayton Austin from this wedding and on the right by Domestic Construction via Brooklyn Bride.

Love the lightbulbs in the birdcage, bulbs in wood + stone from Anzfer Farms and lightbulbs in a dome.
The use of lighting is so often overlooked, but I think it’s one of the most effective tools available, when it comes to creating the right atmosphere.
Float candles in water.Take your centerpieces to the next level with some creative lighting strategies. Already married last year, the high school sweethearts will have an official reception in January of 2013 in San Diego when he returns to the U.S. This collection has so many pretty florals that I’m sure you will meet the one that complements your wedding decor to perfection.
These flower globes can be used on stands at the venue, as table centers, or hanged from the ceiling.
You can also consider hanging cane rings, decorated with dried flowers or ribbons, at different locations in the hall.
You can add glamour to the wedding hall by strategically placing large vases or pots (about 2 feet tall), containing large feathers, around the venue. Although wedding decoration backgrounds are quite outdated, however you can use drapes or LED lights covered with drapes to decorate the background. You can create beautiful wedding hall decorations even on a tight budget by using your own creativity and imagination. A number of little details need to be dealt with, among which the wedding reception table decoration is the most important one.
There are many different types of vases ranging from famed Grecian urns to the modernistic, blown-glass art vases. In this art, the paper is folded in such a way that it does not need any cutting or pasting. And the sun finished off the rest of the photo, providing that warm glowing light from the right side of the photo. If your lighting expert is concerned that there won’t be enough power to go around, they may consider bringing a generator, which should be kept well out of earshot.
Cocktail hour could take place in that room followed by dinner outside under string lights as seen in this wedding below photographed by KT Merry. There are even lots of cute DIYs out there including this heart lightbulb DIY, terrarium place cards DIY, and more terrarium light bulbs DIY. Check out this amazing "tent" of lights that envelopes the entire space in an inviting glow. Don’t be afraid to incorporate indoor elements into your outdoor wedding—the effect is surprisingly beautiful.
They can be stationary or you can switch up the hues throughout the evening during important moments (e.g.
Not only does it give an extra personal touch, but it will look amazing in photographs of your guests dancing! Just because you’ve got daylight streaming through, doesn’t mean you can’t find creative ways to bring even more light in!
If you adore the look of lanterns but want something more upscale, try these glass ones instead. Michael is definitely the more carefree one in our union, so he’d love to have our guests take part in this Asian tradition, popularized in movies such as Tangled and The Hangover Part II. Getting married during the colder months? Although this winter wonderland might fall into fantasy territory, it’s still great inspiration for using lights to invoke a snowy feeling. The party will take place in a clubhouse near the beach, complete with Mexican and vintage-inspired touches to celebrate their marriage in a fun and very California way. A number of brides and some bridegrooms want their weddings to be distinctive as well as original that set them apart from the rest.
A much expensive way to use flowers as unique decoration is to ask your wedding planner to find a way to hang individual rose blooms from the ceiling so that they suspend about 8 feet off the ground.
To accomplish this, you can use frosted glass candle holders as table centers or at various points in the hall. One way to decorate them is to string a vine of flowers and leaves around the pillar for a dazzling effect.

For instance, for a winter wedding, consider making a table center with winter berry and regular, glided pine cones.
Also, hang a heart-shaped cane wreath with fresh flowers at the back of the bride and bridegroom’s chairs. Although vases are often seen as a container for flowers, they can also be used alone to decorate the space. Different kinds of flowers, birds, animals, and many more wonderful patterns and designs can be made using origami. You can make it a perfect decorative item that will not only adorn your room but also it can be a good hobby. For the photo above, Jerry was actually hiding behind that tree on the left, holding a flash which is providing the ‘spotlight’ on the bride and groom’s faces. When it is done well, lighting is able to make everything including the wedding flowers, cake and guests look better. And also you have to make sure there won’t be any service doors kept open which could flood the space with light and ruin the effect. I personally love this look because it provides just enough wow factor for a smaller, more intimate wedding. However, some states (such as Hawaii and New York) prohibit the use of sky lanterns because they pose as a potential fire hazard. Although it is quite a difficult task, it can be made achievable with a bit of creativity, imagination, and a lot of research.
Conversely, suspend LED lights along the pillar and cover them with a curtain of sheer fabric.
Therefore, it is essential to decorate the wedding reception accessories such as wedding […]Original Wedding Reception Ideas Despite having a traditional, predictable wedding, try to come up with different wedding reception that can make your wedding day even more special.
You just need to put a little time into it, and you will come up with some very creative decorations that will surely surprise your friends. Moreover, this accessory helps us in preparing our homes for […]Halloween Decorating Tips and Ideas Halloween demands creativity, and this occasion is surely a time to be creative. And if you would like to turn your wedding site from standard to simply stunning, you will perhaps need to take a more illuminating approach to your wedding decorations. Or you can also ask the coordinator at your reception venue who can probably recommend a lighting company that has worked with the site before.
A-List Wedding Services has mastered the art of mood to complete your perfect day utilising a range of captivating wedding centrepieces specifically styled to achieve that aura of elegance, romance and serenity that you have always dreamed of on your special day.
Check with your local office of fire prevention and control first to see if this is legal where you live, and if so, what safety precautions you and your guests must take. It is a fact that planning a wedding is very hectic, therefore, avoid being too hard on yourself.
A spooky atmosphere can easily be created by making or buying decorations for your next party or to frighten trick-or-treaters at your door. It is important to make sure to visit your wedding site once when it is dark outside if you are planning an evening reception. Contact usA to discuss how we can assist you with selecting your perfect wedding centrepieces.
Illuminate the corners by scattering a lot of petals on the ground and placing small glass candles between them. Do not select a reception idea that is completely idealistic and unattainable as this will only make you stressed out, broke, and […]Family Reunion Decoration Ideas Family reunions are a magnificent time to reconnect with family members. You can also use recycled or reused items around the house or supplies bought from fabric and craft stores to make different decorative things for Halloween.
However, it is also equally important to plan the decorations for the family reunion according to the mood and theme of the event.

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