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We’ve scoured the App Store and picked out a handful of our favorites for you to try out.
The revamped Read It Later app is ideal for saving anything you find online, so that you can read or watch it later. You can get a taste of this for free with the Lite version, but the full package is the ultimate feature rich calculator for your iPod Touch.
If you want to find great apps and benefit from the latest deals and discounts, try Appsfire out. A good night’s rest is the best way to maintain your sanity and set you up for an active day.
Why not use your iPod Touch as a phone for video and voice calls and text chats with Skype? It’s good to stay fit and healthy and PumpUp could be just the app to help you hit those fitness goals. This is a stylish news aggregator that lets you pull in the news you are interested in from multiple sources. Here’s a music discovery app that serves up playlists from people with similar musical tastes. The battle for second screen dominance is heating up with quite a few new apps hitting the App Store.
Yeah, it takes some of the legwork out of actually plotting a map, but for casual or first time geocachers this app is great. Okay, right off we know that not everyone needs the micromanagement that this app allows, but if you do it’s pretty much perfect. Skip the lines at the movie theater and head straight to the concession stand (or your seat) with the Fandango app. The Weather Channel’s app has a simple interface that makes it painless to view the current, hourly, 36-hour and 10-day forecasts. Every list needs a silly option and the iHandy Flashlight is both silly and surprisingly usable. If you’re the type who is constantly taking notes and making reminders on your iDevice, then Evernote is a must-have application. App StoreCette categorie regroupe tous les billets traitant de pres ou de loin de l’App Store. Bons plansLa rubrique fare de notre site regroupe tous les billets quotidiens des bons plans de l’App Store avec chaque soir des applications en promotion, pour obtenir gratuitement des applications payantes et faire des economies c’est par ici. Collections d’AppsCette section du site regroupe tous les dossiers comparatifs realises par notre equipe. DossierCette rubrique regroupe tous les articles de fond rediges par notre equipe, il traitent principalement d’un sujet bien defini. Aujourd’hui, nous vous proposons 5 applications habituellement payantes, exceptionnellement gratuites pour une periode limitee. Afin d’eviter les mauvaises surprises, nous vous demandons de toujours verifier la gratuite d’une application avant de la telecharger.
Health and fitness apps provide step by step guidelines that ensure users get in shape within no time. Another cool thing about this iTorch Flashlight app is that it is often updated with cool little extras. It syncs across multiple devices, so you can create a list of content on your iPad and read or view it on your iPod Touch.

Whether you’re a scientist, a student, an engineer, or a programmer, this app delivers all the functions you’ll need. You can search for specific genres or tailor it to find apps that cater to specific interests you have. Every day, a new featured artist pops up and you’ll get access to ad-free music, videos, photos, biographies, and more. You can access suggestions by logging in with Facebook and you’ll be served up playlists from friends, strangers and even famous musicians. There’s a big choice of TV shows and movies from HBO, Showtime, Starz, TBS, Cartoon Network, BBC America, and others, depending on your subscription. If you want additional information on the show or movie you are watching, the ability to check what friends are watching, tweet and chat about it, and get generally interactive instead of sitting there passively then check out zeebox.
ESPN’s free ScoreCenter app makes sure you know the score and stats for as many games as you desire. Fire it up to find nearby caches, read the details and drop a pin on the map then get to searching. The shake options allows you to set some specifics for a type of restaurant (genre, price range, and neighborhood), then you shake the phone and it scrolls to a place. It’s a calendar and to-do list merged into a powerful scheduling and task management app.
Perhaps you’re at the grocery store thinking about dinner but not sure what you want. The app also lets you view accurate weather maps superimposed over the Google Maps interface. Once the content is on your device, you can access it anywhere – regardless of whether or not you have an internet connection.
The app has undergone numerous updates since its creation, and has recently added an offline notes feature due to popular demand.
Il peut s’agir de mises a jour d’applications, ou encore de tests complets effectues par la redaction. Elle vous permet de choisir une application precise pour un besoin bien defini au prealable. For example, for Christmas, it turned the interface of the app into a Christmas theme which adds a little fun to the app. They span range from the niche apps like calculating your blood alcohol content after a night of drinking to full on games. The app also supports integration with a number of other apps, so you can save content directly from Twitter or Pulse, for example. It also allows you to fully customize it with your preferred layout and skin, as well as choosing your functional options. There are completely free, full version songs on offer, and the mix tape brings you five hours of the app’s top rated songs from previously featured acts. If you splash out on a little credit, you can even use it to call mobile and landline numbers.
Over time, the app learns about your preferences and suggests following people with similar tastes. If you’re not in the chance mood, there is a bare bones search method for browsing nearby establishments. You can sync with Google Calendar which allows appointments to be added and modified from a PC and then displayed on the Touch.

Easily one of the most full-featured and easy to use music mixing apps available, this powerful little program gives you more creative control over the music you can play through your iPod.
Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders–and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.
This book search iphone application, which is free of cost, displays all books with the price and details etc.
Danke vivis208 in Covet Fashion Cheats und Tipps AANPRTGS9B Sarah in Episode Choose Your Story Kann mich bitte jemand als Freund hinzufugen? It has a nice, clean interface, and it’s fully searchable, so you can always find the content you want, when you want it. One particularly nice feature is the ability to set price alerts on any premium apps that you want, so that you get a heads-up if they ever go on sale. Throw in AirPlay support and social media integration and you’ve got a very tempting prospect indeed. Whether you want up to date weather data, you want to brush up on your knowledge of the American Civil War, or you need an answer for a complex math problem, this app delivers. The iPod Touch isn’t ideal for use as a phone when you’re out and about because of the low volume, the placement of the microphone, and the need for Wi-Fi, but for use around the house or office, it performs perfectly well.
Pick a course, a main ingredient and a prep time and the Spinner finds dozens of potential meal options for you to try. There are some advertisements that feel a bit cluttered but the app is free so it’s not a big loss. You can also use your music collection as a wake up sound or choose from a range of alarm melodies.
Check your favorite teams on each individual sport’s page, with the most recent or ongoing games at the top. So if you are bad with numbers and find it complicated to do calculations then this Units iPod Touch application is waiting for you ate the app. Kleine Sterne zeigen den optimalen Flugweg zum nachsten Planeten an, Ihr musst dann nur noch im richtigen Moment abspringen.
Im Optimalfall erwischt Ihr die Ideallinie, sammelt alle Sterne ein und bekommt dafur einen Bonus. Einige Planeten sind ebenfalls von Sternen umgeben.Little Galaxy fur Kinder geeignetEine Extrarunde, um den entsprechenden Planeten um alle Sterne einzusammeln, wird ebenfalls mit Zusatzpunkten belohnt. In unser Community unterstutzen sich Spieler gegenseitig bei ganz kniffligen Games und posten Codes sowie Spieletipps.
Zauberhafte Musik und niedliches Quietschen des Mannchens begleiten Euch auf der Reise durchs All.
Mit Entertainment haben wir im Marz 2015 unser Angebot um Filme Serien sowie Videos erweitert. Spieler brauchen Unterstutzung und Tipps - derjenige Kommentar, mit dem ein Lesern anderen Lesern richtig gut hilft, wird mit einem 25 Euro iTunes oder Google Play Gutschein belohnt.Wir ermitteln den Gewinner aus allen „Gefallt mir“-Bewertungen der letzten vier Wochen.

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