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So what we do is go to the App Store and download one of many LED Flashlight Apps, only to be disappointed when the time comes to really use the flashlight. I myself use my iPhone 5 as a flashlight but i was using an App which was lacking in many ways. When using the light, somehow my hands will touch the screen accidentally and tap the in App Ad and launch the App Store and then exit the App hence causing the light to stop working, 2nd  issue strobe effect will come on accidentally (arrrrrrg!!).

So long story short it was frustrating trying to use the 3rd class Apps on 1st class devices. One of the main ones is the ability to quickly lock the screen so there are no accidental taps.
The best part is that the Light 2 is totally FREE, so go ahead download it and give it a shot and decide for yourself if this is the Best LED Flashlight App you have ever used.

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  1. Tehluke:
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