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SATEL Compact-Proof is an IP67 classified UHF radio modem  for wireless data transfer. According to the IP67 standard, the casing and connectors of the SATEL Compact-Proof  are waterproof and secured against dust. The professional and friendly service impressed me a lot, and the selection of the products outstanding. 10 Best Reviewed is an online retail guide that enables people to find, compare and buy the highest-rated products across the Internet. We analyzes thousands of genuine customer reviews to find shoppers the top-rated products at today’s best prices. Shoppers can compare the products with the highest Value Rating, decide which one to buy, and make their purchase online with one single click. We are professional manufacturer of ESL, ballast, night light, normal bulb, CCTV cable, etc.

A Fantastic and extremely popular Electric Grill for use in the house or outside in the garden. The radio modem is equipped with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), used to indicate the current operating status (frequency, channel number, power level, voltage level, field strength), as well as for changing the setups of the radio modem. The REC10 is equipped with advanced dual 600mW amplifiers and a high gain 2dBi detachable antenna to extend Wi-Fi coverage by a staggering 6,500 sq ft. A compact grill with big performance – can be taken in caravans or boats and is small enough to be stowed away neatly.
Its elegant, plug-in design allows it to be discreetly installed within a home or office to provide Wi-Fi coverage for all your rooms and backyard. Ideal for quick no fuss cooking – fantastic results from the high power electric grill. Enjoy the freedom of using your laptop, tablet or smartphone throughout your entire property.

The Range Extender also includes a wired port for connecting and bridging an additional network device, such as a PC or TV, to your Wi-Fi network. This is an absolute must for camping, caravaning, boating or around the home when entertaining or having a party – quicker than charcoal or gas bbqs and cleaner. The REC10 works with any brand of Wi-Fi router and is simply the smallest, high power, universal Wi-Fi range extender available.

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