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The batteries included with the EOTech 512 is two AA batteries and it can support both lithium batteries and alkaline.
Iwc mini-cqb weapon light elzetta and iwc -keymod™ mount iwc mini-cqb elzetta and iwc mount weapon mounted light - 375 lumens -keymod™. The 2211X is ingeniously designed so that this perfect beam projects directly onto an aggressor when worn on the support hand (non-shooting) wrist when holding a pistol in a standard two-handed grip. This auto-adjusting version of our popular P2X Fury takes full advantage of the variable-output capability of one of SureFire’s brightest and most popular flashlights. The ultra-compact, dual-output Titan is a professional-grade keychain light—the first of its kind—that’s painstakingly designed to always be with you. Founder and Executive Editor for The Weapon Blog, Aaron is a firearms enthusiast and recreational shooter.
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In short, we like it, an excellent weapon that provides you with 14+1 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun fun. The biggest attraction to the KSG besides it’s bullpup design is the fact that it holds 14 rounds in two 7 round tubes built into the gun.
It makes an excellent home defense weapon, and law enforcement agencies love it as well due to it’s short bullpup design. The other downside to the KSG (besides in most states you have to plug it to hunt with it) is that we found the grip needed to be more aggressive, but that is easily fixed with some grip tape on the charging pump. The Kel-Tec KSG also does not come with any sights, so you will need to purchase your own aftermarket, but with a picatinny rail going down half the length of the gun, you shouldn’t have any issues.
Overall we are happy with the KSG, we will be putting some grip tape on it to get extra grip on it. Although making functional weapons can land you in trouble with the local authorities but it is none less the fun building your weapon of mass destruction sans any violence of course.
Made from two Glock 18 pistols with scope on top to closely pin point the targets, this automatic weapon is one straight out of the Max Payne and Lara Croft action sequels where enemies go flying in all directions once this thing sets into action.
Have a look at this wrist-mounted laser crossbow made by Patrick Priebe which is completely homemade and powered by two AA-batteries hidden inside the palm band. Made in a household space the homemade the Tesla Gun by Rob Flickenger is crafted out of 20 volt cordless drill battery and transformer from old TV.
Have your fears that the zombie apocalypse will have the better of you then you definitely need to make Ultimate AR-15 Mall Tactical Zombie Destroyer assault rifle for yourself too. Although you might not be able to survive a zombie apocalypse with this sole weapon it can still be good for personal protection and setting things on fire in case you get lost in the woods. Looking more like a gun straight out of some sci-fi movie this laser weapon is upbeat and functional.
If you are a diehard Assassin’s creed fan then you very well know the potent arm blade weapon used in this epic gaming title. Build using parts like cell phone charger for low voltage circuit needs this 1.25kJ Coilgun by Jason can pack a real punch. This improvised firearm inspired by the 1950’s and 60’s gangs of New York City is made from tubing used in coffee percolators or automobile radio antennas, strapped to a block of wood to serve as a handle. Hailing from the northern region of India, Gaurav has a profound liking for everything upbeat in the cloud and vision to acquaint readers with the latest technology news. Today we are going to talk about the EOtech 512.A65 Tactical HOLOgraphic AA Battery Weapon Sight and if it could be the one for you.

First, the unit is waterproof and is submersible up to 10 feet, so if you ever drop your unit into a puddle, you can be rest assured that the scope will keep on working.  The unit is also able to withstand temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees F. This affordable WristLight is powered by a single disposable 123A lithium battery and features a lightweight but rugged high impact- polymer body that secures to your wrist with an adjustable rugged nylon strap, so it’s always on you and ready for action. It features a recoil-proof, solid-state LED that produces 200 lumens of blinding white light focused by a patented TIR lens into a useful beam with plenty of reach and ample surround light for maintaining good situational awareness.
Using our proprietary IntelliBeam™ Technology—an intelligent sensor and microprocessor-based system—to continuously evaluate and seamlessly adjust light output when needed, based on the scope and other characteristics of your surroundings, this P2X automatically delivers just the right light output.
All SureFire M300 and M600 models are compatible with the RM45 mount, while M620 models pair with the RM45L mount. Built to SureFire’s highest standards, this rugged light goes wherever you go and is ready to take on most any emergency, large or small.
It features a powerful, recoil-proof LED that’s focused by a specially developed multi-faceted reflector to create our broad, 200-lumen MaxVision Beam™, perfect for illuminating and identifying threats—and overwhelming their dark-adapted vision—at close range. We got to take our Kel-Tec KSG to the range the other day for some sighting in, and skeet shooting to break it in. This allows you easy access to switch between different types of ammo (buckshot vs slugs) with a flip of the lever and a pump of the shotgun.
The first is just simply reloading it… the tubes are built into the body of the KSG and cannot be swapped out without disassembling the gun. Geek nerds out there are not going to let go of opportunity to build any potent weapon that leaves on lookers bamboozled and amazed. The crossbow has carbon fiber wristbow bolts having brass and steel tips which provides good stability while shooting. This very transformer boosts the 20 volt current into 20,000 volt for a mind numbing visual performance. Studded with 30-round magazines, four flashlights, three lasers and three separate sighting crosshairs to pick up blood drained walking dead from 100 to 300 yards away the zombie gun has it all. Called as the Flamethrower Pistol this homemade flame pistol is a short to medium range tool. Build be a laser obsessed geek this Pulse Laser Gun took 70 hours to build with use of materials like Plexi, brass and aluminum. Youtube user [Angelegend] has created his own DIY Assassin’s Creed arm Blade creaded from very simple things and complete with all the nifty little modifications. The unique trigger method disconnects the charge circuit and triggers the SCR that dumps the capacitor energy into coil for some reloaded action. A rubber band provides the power for the firing pin, which is pulled back and released to fire.
He likes to observe nature, write thought provoking quotes, travel places, drive cars and play video games when things get too boring. When you turn on your unit it will automatically show you how much battery you have left.  The reticle comes with a 65 MOA circle and has 1 MOA aiming red dot.
Its solid-state, dual-output LED is teamed with a precision, faceted reflector that focuses the light into our MaxVision Beam™ that’s wide, evenly dispersed, and has no discernible drop-off in output.
This cutting-edge technology also helps preserve dark-adapted vision by actually evaluating the environment before turning on, so it never activates on high in close quarters. Both are engineered to place the Scout Light in the 45 degree off-set positions between the rails. Its virtually indestructible LED is surrounded by a proprietary faceted reflector to create SureFire’s flawless MaxVision Beam™—a wide beam that’s evenly dispersed and perfect for closer-range activities and applications.

Measuring less than 2.5 inches long and weighing just over four ounces with its single AAA battery loaded, the XC1 won’t weigh down your handgun, making it a crucial addition to concealed-carry pistols.
Combine that with the ability to change ammo types, and you have nearly the perfect shotgun that is still legal length. Building weapons on your own carries its risks, but hey if you are reading this then you already know that it should be done in controlled environment with utmost care.
The pistol is fueled with butane but more dangerous for due indoors because of highly inflammable nature, so you better keep it to the outdoors.
The gun has pulse laser head delivering a kW-pulse of coherent infra-red light and with a piercing capability through standard materials like Styrofoam or plastic you cannot take this weapon lightly.
The good thing about this DIY weapon is that once you lock open the blade it stay in its place for some chopping mania.
The unit itself is made from strong aluminum hood assembly and a very easy to used knobbed mountain kit. Adding to the M600 AA’s versatility is the fact that it can be powered by either AA lithium batteries—for maximum performance—or by AA alkalines, both of which are readily available in remote parts of the world. If you’re in an open field and select IntelliBeam, you’ll get all 600 lumens, but if you’re prepping gear or loading a vehicle, it will dial the output down based on the feedback it receives. An anti-rotating rail cleat and captured adjustment screw permit secure attachment and ensure that no components will be lost during installation or removal.
An included rechargeable Enelooop AAA NiMH battery powers the light for hours on a single charge on Titan’s low 15-lumen setting; up to 30 minutes on its 125-lumen high setting. Its compact body is constructed of lightweight but strong aerospace aluminum that’s hard anodized with a tough Mil-Spec finish, so the XC-1 is rugged enough for everyday carry. As anyone can guess it takes a good amount of time to reload the KSG, as it holds 7 rounds in each tube.
So let’s have a look at some of the deadliest weapons you can make easily in your den and brag about it on the streets without causing any offend able violence.
If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. This low-profile light securely mounts to MIL-STD-1913 rails via an integral thumbscrew clamp and, thanks to its lightweight aerospace aluminum construction, it won’t bog down your weapon or sacrifice its maneuverability. Precision machined from 7075 T6 aluminum and finished with Mil-Spec Type III hard anodizing, the RM45 and RM45L will stand up to the harshest conditions. The LED is activated and the output level set with a simple counterclockwise twist of the head.
Ambidextrous switching provides both momentary- and constant-on activation for precision control.
The combat-ready M600 AA Scout Light is activated by either clicking its included pushbutton tailcap switch or by pressing its optional pressure-pad tape switch. A rugged aluminum body—which features a stainless steel ring attached to its tailcap to hold your keys—is only three inches long, making Titan highly portable and lightweight. The XC1’s unique combination of power, compactness, and durability make it an outstanding choice for duty and home-defense pistols alike.
However a combat reload is a bit more difficult due to the bullpup design, as you will need to roll it over and put the rounds in the butt of the rifle.

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