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The real downside to the Torch 9810 is the already-outdated BlackBerry OS 7, and the near-complete lack of quality apps available through App World. Armed with both an improved multi-touch display and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Torch 9810 builds on the design of the original Torch 9800 from 2010 with some much-needed upgrades in the hardware department.
In an era when touchscreens over 4 inches are quickly becoming the norm, the 3.2-inch Torch 9810 slider looks almost prehistoric.
Despite the hefty feel, however, the (mostly) plastic casing likely won’t withstand years of carelessness particularly well.
As mentioned, RIM decided to change very little in terms of external design from the original Torch. When listed like that, it sounds like a veritable smorgasbord of buttons, but RIM has done a great job making the buttons appear unobtrusive in terms of total design. Of course, the most notable design feature of the 9810 is the sliding screen, which reveals a full QWERTY keyboard when pushed upwards.
RIM has done an excellent job of making the 9810’s keyboard functional, despite its relatively small size, by adding strategically placed indentations into each button. Part of us wishes RIM had opted for a landscape slider, rather than a vertical slide design, just to give a bit more room for the ol’ fingers.
The touch sensitivity of the 9810’s display is fantastic – quick, accurate and responsive. For some foolish reason, RIM tried to offer the best of both worlds with the Torch 9810 – one of the phone’s biggest downfalls – by including a software-based on-screen keyboard in addition to the physical one.
Overall, the touchscreen works well, though its small size certainly cramps things together a bit much. The Torch 9810 originally launched in August 2011, when dual-core processors were just starting to creep into smartphones.
In short, anyone who switches to the 9810 from an older device will be pleased with how quickly everything works.
One of the biggest drawbacks to the 9810 – and to BlackBerry in general, at least for the time being – is its operating system. The notification system of OS 7 isn’t bad – alerts appear at the top of the screen, much like Android or iOS 5.
Like BlackBerrys of yore, the OS 7-powered Torch 9810 handles email spectacularly, far better than any other device we’ve ever used. In other words, RIM is still winning in the areas it has historically excelled: email and security. While more modern handsets, like the Motorola Droid Razr, Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 4S, now sport 8-megapixel cameras that rival dedicated point-and-shoots, the 5-megapixel camera of the 9810 still manages to pump out clear, crisp and vibrant photos – most of the time, at least. RIM has built in a number of scene modes, like landscape, party, close-up and auto mode, which can add some mild improvements to your pictures. That said, the image stabilization is definitely useful, as is the ability to turn on the LED for low-light shooting. Seeing as 4G LTE is still a developing technology – or, at least, the networks are still developing – the 9810 offers respectable usability in the data speed department, especially for users moving up from standard 3G. According to RIM, the 1270mAh battery of the 9810 is supposed to pump out about 6 hours of talk time on 3G and around 295 hours of standby time – not great, but not the worst, either. Over the course of a few days, we found that the 9810 more or less drained after about a day’s usage, on average. Get 3 months unlimited music for free with Deezer Premium+ on the UK’s most reliable network. We know that if you are thinking about joining our Network that coverage and speed is important to you. We offer next day delivery (unless otherwise stated) on phones, tablets and MIFI® that are ordered before 4pm. We ask you for a mobile phone number and email address so we and our delivery partner can send you up to date delivery information about your order or contact you if there are any unforeseen delays. Our deliveries take place between 9am and 6pm (we don’t deliver on weekends or bank holidays and deliveries to our Inverness 3Store take an extra day). These are delivered to your home address within 3-5 working days and you will not need to wait in to sign for these.For more information please take a look at our 3Store Support pages. You’ll be able to track your order through DPD and you’ll get an estimated delivery date when you place your order.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Combining touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, the BlackBerry® Torch™ 9810 is the best of both worlds!
This includes “4G” HSPA+ connectivity, a 5-megapixel camera and BlackBerry’s updated OS 7 operating system – all for just $50 with a two-year contract. Especially considering that the design of the 9810 is all but identical to last year’s Torch 9800, which makes this phone quite literally a blast from the past. That means those of you who are looking for the lightest device possible should go elsewhere. Seeing as we have to send this device back to BlackBerry in good condition, we didn’t put it through the full drop test, but our instinct tells us users will need to err on the side of caution. The primary difference to the overall look is the removable back plate, which used to be black, but is now a polished metal (we’re guessing aluminum) with a grip-friendly checkerboard design pressed in.
On the front, directly below the touchscreen, are the menu, back, power buttons and an optical trackpad.
The lock and mute buttons are easy to access and intuitively placed, as are the volume buttons and a shortcut button that also acts as a shutter button for the camera. All the buttons are responsive and well-placed, and back-lighting makes typing in the dark an easy task. Had they done that, however, the Torch 9810 wouldn’t look like the design of any other BlackBerry, which would have likely upset long-time users. With a 640 x 480 resolution, it’s a marked improvement over the 360 x 480 resolution of the original Torch, which was anything but impressive. Another exceptional characteristic is its brightness, which makes it easy to see what’s on the screen, even in noon-time sunlight. Customers looking for some multi-touch goodness with the added benefits of a physical keyboard will likely be happy with both.
But it still can’t compete with the newer generation of devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S II or the iPhone 4S. Where this change is most noticeable is with the new WebKit browser, which is very fast, even when compared to dual-core devices. The app comes pre-loaded, and tweets can be posted from a number of places in the phone, including from the email app. It feels woefully outdated, which is likely one of the primary reasons why BlackBerry is struggling to compete against Apple’s iPhone and the rising tide of Android devices.
This handy app shows all your incoming tweets, Facebook News Feed items and messages, as well as BlackBerry Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Support for Microsoft Office documents comes standard, something enterprise users will appreciate. And the quick-access camera button on the right side of the device is an excellent feature that makes snapping a quick shot simple and easy. When shooting video, we found that the autofocus had trouble in high-movement situations, but that was only a minor qualm. We also liked the ability to name your video files as soon as you created them, which makes it far easier to remember which clips to keep and which to discard when you’re sorting through them later.
Every call we made was crystal clear, and never dropped, despite some instances of sub-standard AT&T signal strength.
It was still faster than our iPhone 4 on Verizon’s 3G network when in a well-covered area like New York City. While we didn’t try to talk on the phone for 6 hours straight, of course, we did test the limits through a combination of calls, Twitter usage, email, average to light web browsing and shooting some pictures and video. Each May, your monthly package price will increase by an amount up to the RPI rate, published in the February that year. That’s why with our Advanced Plans you can call and text back home and use your data at no extra cost in even more destinations. That’s why we’re here for you to explain what you need to know about our prices and any changes to your bill. Please note that if your order is being delivered to your billing address then it will need to be signed for. This is because new device launches can be really popular and manufacturers can struggle with demand, which can affect delivery to our warehouse. If you’re upgrading your account, you can select a different address because of our account security checks. Once the device is with our courier, DPD, you’’ll receive a text confirming when it’ll be delivered and options available to you.
Please make sure you keep your Delivery Note and any collection receipts (for orders picked up from one of our 3Stores). About 19 days later we'll take this payment by Direct Debit, so please ensure you have sufficient cleared funds in your bank account at this time.
For the first time, those who'd been demanding a touchscreen smartphone from RIM (without SurePress, which we'll just gloss over) were getting their way with the safety net of a keyboard below that slid out.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Based on the latest-generation BlackBerry® 7 OS, it offers an incredible amount of power.
Anyone who’s familiar with other BlackBerry models will pick up on the other button functionality instantly. Unfortunately, one of the first things we noticed about the 9810 was how top-heavy the phone feels when using the physical keyboard.

Even for those of us accustomed to the touchscreen of the iPhone, we were typing at almost-normal speed in no time.
The on-screen keyboard is somehow too small to use easily, with poor predictive functionality, but still manages to take up too much of the screen. Still, we can’t help but feel the hybrid design is something of a dying breed, as it requires sacrifices from both ends of the usability spectrum. And yet, the 1.2GHz CPU and 768MB of RAM packed into the 9810 still gives the device a quick and powerful functionality. This means an annoying red notification light will be going off suddenly, and you’ll have no idea why until you exit an app. In low-light scenarios, the 9810’s camera struggles, and the flash makes photos taken in low light look a bit over-exposed. Our main complaint about the video feature is that it is entirely separate from the still image camera functionality, something we found counter-intuitive and mildly frustrating.
That’s why we’ve worked hard to improve it, so now we can say that we’re rated the most reliable network in the UK by customers in a YouGov Survey dated March 2016. That’s why we are the network most recommended by customers in a YouGov Survey dated March 2016. And, unlike other networks, you can get 4G and use your phone abroad in 18 destinations at no extra cost.
We know that, and that’s why we were the first network to make 0800 calls free on our new contract handset plans. We don’t want to make promises we can’t keep so we give you the date we’re aiming towards, and if anything happens, we’ll let you know. The bills for your new agreement with Three must be paid on time; failing to do this may have a negative impact on your credit rating. But with an extra BlackBerry battery on hand, you can always talk, type, and work as long as you need to.
And, as with the plastic casing, the addition of moving parts makes the 9810 feel slightly less sturdy than devices without that feature.
Add in the improved graphics processor (RIM calls it “Liquid Graphics,” the same GPU included in the gaming-centric Sony Xperia Play) and you have quite the zippy device in your hands.
But nothing really stands out about the 9810 for enterprise users over other BlackBerry handsets. Strangely, in particularly bright settings, it was difficult not to shoot a photo that didn’t look as though the lens had light leak issues.
Keep it in your briefcase or purse and stay connected, powered up, and ready to get the job done.
Anybody who doesn’t specifically want a physical keyboard should go with one of the many superior touchscreen-only options out there.
And selection is pitiful; not only is the place filled with Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja rip-offs, we could barely find an app that we genuinely wanted to try.
This, of course, is impossible, as true light leak can only happen with detachable lenses that aren’t seated properly. The only thing that you'll notice as being really different on the exterior is the material it's made from. This means many of the apps Android and iOS users take for granted, even things like Google apps, are nowhere to be found.
And many of the ones that have made it on there are poorly-concocted replicas of their Android and iOS counterparts.
Gone is the black and dark chrome fascia, which looked serious but a little plain, and in its place is a brushed metal and black effect that looks slightly more demure. It's just a pattern, but it catches the light well and makes the handset look a lot shinier than it was before.
The weight hasn't changed in the slightest – it's still 161g and feels like a bit of a beast in the hand.
That's not necessarily a bad thing – the kind of person who'll buy this probably wants to look like they mean business anyway.
But as we said about the original Torch 9800, drop this on the floor and you'll know about it. But when you turn it on, you'll notice the Torch 9810's resolution has been upped from HVGA 480 x 360 to VGA 640 x 480, giving us a crisper experience. It feels closer to things you'll find with the 'retina' branding (probably because it's smaller than the iPhone 4), and as we mentioned in our recent Bold 9900 review of the new OS 7, black text on white now looks much sharper. Up top are both the mute and lock buttons and a rather impressive and dynamic speaker.Again, as before, the buttons on the front are standard BlackBerry fare (no surprise there), and sliding the top up reveals the keyboard.
It's hot-swappable (yay!), but if you're planning on shoving a 32GB card in, you may not need to swap it too often, since you'll have 40GB on your person. And it really shows with a much zippier performance.OK, so it's not dual core, which some people may feel a little short-changed by.
It'll probably be snapped up by those who think they're a little too grown up for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 but don't necessarily want to pay Bold 9900 prices. Offline, you'll be expected to pay around about £475, which puts it below the new flagship phone, the Bold 9900.
This is a top-end handset that falls between the statesman-like Bold and the salesman-like Curve ranges.

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