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This stubby little light from Lezyne is interesting at $75 with 250 Lumens that lasts about an hour. For $50, Princeton Tec offers a light here that claims 150 Lumens but actually measured higher at 212 Lumens. The top dog in this series is the the True 750 for $160 but the sibling, the True 350 can be had for $120. Instead of sticking with the light chassis from last year, Serfas stepped it up with a brand new, more robust chassis this year. The Measured Lumen Per Dollar Graph (click to view larger) shows the brightest lights for the money. The Measured Lumen Per Gram Graph (click to view larger) shows the brightest lights for the weight.
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Technology improvements for general service lighting, driven by federal efficiency standards, are leading to increased reliability and bulb life. Lighting standards mandated by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 affect general service lighting, the bulbs most commonly used for residential lighting.
The efficiency (also called efficacy—the light output per unit of energy consumed) of incandescent lamps has increased only moderately since the introduction of the first commercially available incandescent lamps more than a century ago. Decreasing prices for more-efficient lighting technologies, aided by state and local incentives and the new standards, are leading to increases in the average efficiency of installed lighting equipment over time. Individual Reviews Below – Click on each light below to read the editorial and user reviews. Using special lens optics, they are able to project a wide beam and a focused spot beam at the same time.
It’s just a little better than the 650, but it is dialed already and is NiteRider’s best selling light of all time, selling about 30,000 units last year. The other advantage besides fitting it in the budget is the run time increases to the coveted 2-hour mode in the highest setting. The beam is big and bright and it is best used as a bar light to project a wide beam pattern.

At the beginning of 2014, these standards required the production of higher-efficiency alternatives to traditional 40- to 60-Watt-equivalent incandescent lamps, which follow prior standards for 75-Watt and 100-Watt lamps. Typical 60-Watt incandescent lamps produce only 16 lumens of light output per Watt with useful lifetimes of 1,000 hours on average, while a comparable halogen incandescent lamp may produce closer to 20 lumens per Watt. We’ve been riding these lights for the last few weeks and the progress in LED technology is dramatic once again.
It was difficult to achieve a rechargeable light for under $50, but the folks at NiteRider got it sorted out in this 40 gram device.
It has air ports in front near the lens that serve to funnel air through the heat sink and cool the light down at speed. Between now and 2020, halogen incandescent lamps will be able to comply with applicable standards for general service lighting—a standard that traditional incandescent lamps cannot meet. An equivalent compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) provides about 67 lumens per Watt and lasts 10 times as long.
From creating a virtual 3 way switch anywhere in your home, to turning a group of lights when your garage door is opened, door bell or phone rings.
LED lighting technologies have been advancing rapidly with projections for further improvements, resulting in lower cost, increased reliability, and reduced energy consumption.

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