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A selection of well-known design schools from around the world that offer Courses in Transportation Design. An official document that describes how the emerging LED lighting technology has affected the design of the recent Audi models, becoming an important styling element, and how LEDs will change the vehicle’s lighting concept in the next future. Each Audi has its own personality in terms of lighting: the Audi A4 has a sweeping light strip which expresses elegance, while that of the Audi R8 radiates strength and dominance.
In fact, more and more architects are integrating high-tech LEDs into their plans for new buildings, thus joining a worldwide shift toward energy-efficient lighting. The headlights of the Audi A1 Sportback Concept are an additional illustration of nature permeating Audi design.
New Page 1 Why settle for factory bulbs when you can have Colored Headlight Bulbs to differentiate your vehicle?

HID Plasma Xenon Krypton Headlight bulbsIn just 10 minutes you could be the dazzle in everyones eyes. If you’re a frequent night driver it’s a smart idea to know how long your car headlights will last so they don’t fail on you when you’re behind the wheel. An appealing front end with one-of-a-kind lights makes a car as well as its personality and the brand recognizable at a glance. Many factors go into the lifespan of your headlights, the most important being the type of lighting system. Although, the 2010 Toyota Prius is equipped with LED lamps and Toyota states that they last longer than HID lamps.
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Therefore, it’s a good idea to do routine checks with halogen headlights because you never know when one will stop working. Move up a notch, experience the thrill of night driving with these Platinum Crystal White Xenon-Krypton Bulbs and never look back again Price:$69.99USD a pairOn Special!
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