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Finding a decent tactical laser equipped flashlight to suit your needs can be quite a problem due to the fairly limited options available. In terms of features, this particular model has made it a point to offer something at par with what is already out in the market. Such specifications would be enough to guarantee a good buy, and most of the praises this specific model has received have something to do with its state of the art features which enable enhanced performance. In summation, you might be able to find another viable alternative which may be a bit more costly but could withstand recoil related pressures which should be of primary consideration for products like this.

I'm looking to get a laser light combo that sits side by side and mounts on a picatinny rail to where the laser and light go off the gun on opposite sides and there is a pic rail in the middle that i can mount something in between the light and laser. I think some manufactoers just put rail segments on for the Tacticool look, and nothing more. Betwen the Stiener and the Wilcox, I like the Wilcox, less divergence on the beam means more percise aiming at longer distances. It is a good thing that there has been a surge of viable options recently, one of them being UTG 2-in-1 Tactical LED Flashlight with Red Laser, which has attracted mixed reviews, but still serves its purpose as a dependable add-on for your handgun, for whatever purposes it may serve.

However, the UTG 2-in-1 Tactical LED Flashlight with Red Laser is still worth considering thanks to its rather affordable price tag.

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