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Nostalgic bulbs have the look of the original bulbs Edison designed in the early 20th Century. Since the wattages are fairly low, resulting in a lower light output than many modern bulbs, nostalgic bulbs work best for decorative lighting such as chandeliers, pendants or wall sconces.
The Nostalgic Collection by Bulbrite are handcrafted, vintage bulbs that are sure to complement any antique or contemporary decor.

To join, simply enter your email address below and we'll reserve you a slot in the final draw. The bulbs are inspired by Thomas Edison's original design for unparalleled vintage aesthetic appeal. As a thank you to all our loyal followers, we're giving away not one, but ten pieces of the Credit Card-sized Folding Knife.

The squirrel cage-style bulb is available in 25 and 40 watts, with the latter having a brightness rating of 135 lumens.

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