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Make sure after adjusting to test your headlights so that you are not blinding on-coming drivers. 1) If you have your pre-determined adjustment height from above you may skip this first step.
3) Now on the floor measure out 25 feet from the bottom of the wall out - do this twice gain at a distance of about 6 feet. 4) Now connect both measurements at the 25 foot mark to create a horizontal line on the floor as a marker to where you need to pull up your car - use the tape to mark this out. 5) Now pull your car up to the line so that your headlights projector lens lines up with it. 1) Open your hood and if you look closely there are 2 rubber seals on both the left side and right side. 3) Place the screwdriver in the slot and slowly turn to adjust by looking at the wall to see results. CAUTION: Do not touch the glass of halogen bulbs with fingers or other possibly oily surface, reduced bulb life will result. All headlamp, turn signal, park lamp, fog lamp (if equipped) and high beam operations are controlled by the left multifunction switch.
The multi-function control lever controls the operation of the headlights, position lights, turn signals, headlight beam selection, instrument panel light dimming, passing light, interior courtesy lights, front fog lights and for export models, rear fog lights.
Battery Saver Feature - If the multi-function control lever is in the headlight or rear fog light position when the ignition switch is moved to the OFF position, the exterior lights will automatically turn off after 8 minutes.
Headlights, Position Lights, and Instrument Panel Lights - Turn the end of the multi-function control lever to the first detent for front and rear position light operation.
Lights-On Reminder - If the headlights or position lights are on after the ignition switch is turned OFF, a chime will sound when the driver’s door is opened.
Front Fog Lights - If Equipped The front fog light switch is in the multifunction control lever.
NOTE: - The switch will turn on the front fog lights if the position lights, low beam headlights, high beam headlights or rear fog lights are on.
NOTE: - Proper aim and adjustment of the front fog lights should be made to prevent excessive glare for other drivers. Turn Signals - Move the multi-function control lever up or down and the arrows on each side of the instrument cluster flash to show proper operation of the front and rear turn signal lights. Headlight Dimmer Switch - Pull the multi-function control lever towards you to switch the headlights to HIGH beam.
Passing Light - You can signal another vehicle with your headlights by lightly pulling the multi-function control lever toward the steering wheel. Headlight Time Delay - There is also a feature that delays turning off the headlights for 30, 60 or 90 seconds after the ignition switch is turned OFF.
The exterior lighting switch uses a hard wired five volt reference circuit from the BCM, resistor multiplexing and a hard wired switch output circuit to provide the BCM with a zero to five volt signal that indicates the status of all of the exterior lighting switch settings.
The BCM then uses control outputs to energize the headlamp and park lamp relays that activate the exterior lighting circuits.
The exterior lighting switch cannot be adjusted or repaired and, if faulty or damaged, the entire left multi-function switch unit must be replaced. Open the hood, and using a 7mm socket remove the long headlamp jackscrew, located as shown in the photo above, 2nd from left. To adjust headlamp alignment, rotate alignment screws to achieve the specified low beam hot spot pattern.
A properly aimed low beam headlamp will project a high intensity light pattern on the screen with the horizontal cut-off line aligned with the tape line 5.12 in. The daytime running light (DRL) feature is standard on Canadian Grand Cherokee models but can also be enabled for 1999-2004 U.S. For USA residents who have purchased Canadian vehicles the daytime running light (DRL) feature can be turned off. The headlights work fine, also the TIME DELAY will work fine if the headlight switch is in the ON mode and the key id turned off then the headlight switch is turned off.
The most likely cause if this unique problem is usually do to erroneous voltage on one of the TWO ignition feeds going to the bcm. When the ignition is turned off, the voltage on the ignition circuits does not totally go away, in turn the bcm thinks the igntion is ON.
Hi, I want to know how to adjust the headlights just a little bit higher they are fine diagonnaly.
Measure the distance from ground to the headlight centers, and aim the flat part of the beam cutoff at 25' distance (against a vertical wall) to be 2.1 inches below the headlight center height. This is one of those common procedures that is easily overlooked yet will pay great dividends if you sort out, because driving at night with poorly adjusted or bad headlights is an unnecessary hassle you shouldn’t be prepared to put up with. If you have 12-volt electrics then you are already one step ahead but again, it won’t hurt to work through the headlight circuit and check it’s all in good order first.
In America sealed beam headlamps were made mandatory way before they were commonplace in Europe.
Feel free to download this article as a .pdf file so you can print it out and use it in your garage. The procedure for adjusting headlights is simple, but you’ll need a flat piece of land with a wall or similar in front. This is what the book says – headlights must be a matched pair, solidly mounted, must not flicker or otherwise be intermittent and must illuminate or dip together the same amount. MoT garages have special equipment for checking headlamp beam patterns and you’ll generally find with older cars, all but the most pernickety testers will allow some leeway provided the headlights aren’t such that they could dangerously dazzle oncoming cars. One thing they don’t like though is any kind of coloured bulbs, so stick with standard bulbs.
So-called US-spec headlights ( pictured above) have a clear outer lens and a sealed beam lamp inside with the adjusters in a similar position to that of the Hella versions. When you turn your headlamps on, the headlamp beams should be centred on the crosses on the wall, with the kick ups starting approximately two inches above the horizontal line and rising to the left as shown so they illuminate the nearside of the road and don’t dazzle oncoming cars. This is not an exact measurement, but it should get you in the rough ballpark so your car does not fail the MoT and can be fine tuned by the MoT inspector.
Here’s the download link to the pdf file so you can print it out and take it with you when you go to work on your car.
2) you can manually adjust your head lights with a bolt found at the bottom of the light assembly (I think you need to remove the air box on the LH side and Remove the washer bottle neck on RH), this will physically prop the lights up. Arith wrote:The auto adjust feature is quite useless if the headlight is sitting a bit crooked.

Have been out tonight and will be out tomorrow night - so will have a go at adjusting Friday evening.
Well to my understanding, the auto adjust feature is meant to re-align the headlights whenever you go on an incline or decline. When you go on an incline, this sometimes will blind oncoming traffic because your headlights are pointed upward. Can some explain to me how to adjust my headlights up a little and possibly take a photo of the adjustment screws. Yeah, it was weird -- for one of my lights, I had to turn it a LOT (for several minutes) for it to lower just a bit. This information could have been found in search, as that's how I found it but great job with this How To and with the pics. I havent tried it, but just looking, I am wondering if a Phillips wouldnt work faster than a flat blade.
Everytime I make an adjustment to the headlights a #3 phillips head screwdriver works wonders. You are currently viewing our forum as a guest, which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Hi, I installed HID's over the summer and I adjusted the beam down so its not so blinding for on coming traffic. Where the US models have a dash instrument light dimmer switch, we have a headlight adjuster dial. It's also fun to flick from 0 to 4 when stationary to freak out people, as it looks like the car is giving them the "once over", lighting them up slowly form toes to head. First measure vertically the distance from the ground up to the center of your headlight projector.
These seals have 2 plastic rivets that hold them in place near where they meet the center rubber seal. I'm going to edit it down to be much clearer and provide some visual measurement mocks too. If corrosion is present, clean it with a wire brush and coat the inside of the socket lightly with Mopar Multi-Purpose Grease or equivalent. If the multifunction control lever is in the front position light mode, the front position lights will remain on until the lever is moved to a different position.
To activate the front fog lights, turn the multi-function control lever to the first detent position and pull out the end of the control lever.
A front fog light is a lighting device that provides illumination in front of the vehicle under conditions of fog, rain, snow, or dust. This will cause the headlights to turn on at high beam and remain on until the lever is released. To activate the headlight delay, the multi-function control lever must be rotated to the OFF position after the ignition switch is turned OFF.
The BCM monitors the exterior lighting switch status,then sends the proper switch status messages to other modules over the Programmable Communications Interface (PCI) data bus network. Grasp the headlight assembly on the upper inboard and lower outboard corners and wiggle and pull very firmly outward to disengage the 3 ball stud alignment posts from their sockets (be cautious of the sharp edges of the grille and fender areas surrounding the headlamp).
If the vehicle is equipped with a headlamp leveling system, be certain the headlamp leveling switch is in the “0” position (export models only). Position vehicle on a level surface perpendicular to a flat wall 32.8 ft (10 meters) away from front of headlamp lens (see figure above).
If necessary, tape a line on the floor 32.8 ft (10 meters) away from and parallel to the wall. Measure from the floor up 1.27 meters (4 ft) and tape a line on the wall at the centerline of the vehicle. Measure distance from the centerline of the vehicle to the center of each headlamp being aligned.
The only problem is that the AUTO HEADLIGHTs will not acticate the time delay when the ignition is turned off.
Since the bcm must see the ignition off to activate the TIME delay, it will not because of the erroneous voltage.
Loose or corroded terminals or splices in circuit - Inspect and repair all connectors and splices.
Broken connector terminal or wire splice in headlamp circuit - Repair connector terminal or wire splice.
Broken connector terminal or wire splice in fog lamp circuit - Repair connector terminal or wire splice. About the headlight adjustments, I believe counter-clockwise raises them and clockwise lowers them. Remember, the light on the passenger side does not stop where the driver's light right edge begins. Cover one light with something while you're aiming the other light, and repeat for the 2nd light. Original VW headlights used a single filament sidelight and a three-prong, dual filament headlight bulb which is held in the back of a reflector by clips. They’re generally brighter, certainly maintenance free and, as they’re sealed, don’t suffer from moisture and dirt ingression in the way the old-style lamps do so stay bright until the day they fail. Depending on you lights you’ll need either a crosshead or a flathead type screwdriver. However we do recommend reading the entire article first, so you can familiarise yourself with the procedure and know what you’re getting in to. A driveway and a garage door is ideal, but you won’t be able to see things clearly in daylight, so do this at dusk when you’ll be able to see the beam pattern. It is actually written into the testers handbook that they may perform ‘some minor adjustments’ during the test so use this guide to set them up as best you can and get on good terms with your friendly local MoT inspector, who can do the final adjustment for you.
Front indicators sited inside the headlights was a common custom modification in the past but one that’s less seen today.
Early European-spec sloping headlight cars ( pictured above) used either Bosch or Hella lamps with fluted outer glass. With the latter there will only be one screw in the trim ring which, when removed, will reveal adjusting screws at 2 o’clock and 7 o’clock. You can immediately see how much better they are than the old 6-volt versions in step 1 and also the correct beam pattern for a UK car. If you can’t see any movement of the beam when the screws are turned the connections inside the headlights have probably come apart so you may have to dismantle them and rectify this first.

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I too have the headlights pointing a bit too low for proper road vision, so I've had to re-adjust them back up a bit. I too have the headlights pointing a bit too low for proper road vision, so I've had to re-adjust them back up a bit.Just pop the bonnet, and look at the headlight from the top view. Sorry, but it's late and I was too lazy to remove the intake duct for a closer look at the 2nd adjustment point.
Either the lights are brighter or better adjusted or my eyes are getting better because I'm not having issues with the headlights.
By joining our community, at no cost, you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. You will see that there was a "thought" to have the ability to adjust the headlight left or right.
Headlights adjust level as the car ride angle changes so they stay correctly aligned on the road and do not blind oncoming vehicles. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. You want to pop-up these plastic rivets with a screwdriver (or by hand - but grab as close to it as possible and pull up). Grounding is provided by the lamp socket when it comes in contact with the metal body, or through a separate ground wire. Normal operation will resume when the ignition is turned ON or when the headlight switch is turned to another position.
Principally, the front fog light supplements the lower beam of a standard headlight system. The exterior lighting switch status is also used by the BCM as an input for chime warning system operation.
Sight along the centerline of the vehicle (from rear of vehicle forward) to verify accuracy of the line placement.
The switch is a multiplexed circuit, the resistance of the HEADLIGHT ON position is very close to the AUTO position; the switch has been updated to correct this problem. Oddly enough the time delay works fine when the activated by turning of the ignition first before the headlight switch. Cover the driver's side headlamp and you will see the passenger can blind just as badly if not more than the driver side. If your Beetle is still six volt (all Beetles except ’67 1500s built before 1968 were six volt originally) then I’m afraid you are stuck with perilously dim headlights, but checking and cleaning all the connections with a brass brush (including those in the fuse box), ensuring all your wiring is in good working order and dismantling and cleaning your headlights is a good start.
The downside is you cannot replace bulbs, you have to replace the headlight unit complete, but that’s not as expensive as it sounds. All we’ll say is this could earn you a fail certificate as technically the indicators should be separate from the headlights. Bosch ones have an adjusting screw through the trim ring at 12 o’clock for up and down movement and another at 9 o’clock for side to side movement.
If no one has any immediate pics to post up, I can take a pic and post it up tonight to illustrate. The intake duct will need to be removed to access the inner adjustment point.Insert a philips screwdriver in between the teeth and the housing, and twist to adjust.
That's why it's technically illegal to fit a HID kit into a halogen housing because it doesn't have these features). They molded the adjustment point in to the back of the headlight but they never connected it or made the headlight adjustable left or right.
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Do not use fuses, circuit breakers or relays having greater amperage value than indicated on the fuse panel or in the Owners Manual.
To change the brightness of the instrument panel lights, turn the center portion of the multi-function control lever up or down.
There are no faults set in the Body Control Module (BCM) for a inoperative or missing AHL Sensor. If not then use a dvom and apply it to the BCM ignition feeds and closely monitior the voltage when the key is turned off, the voltage on both RUN circuits should drop to ZERO volts as soon as the key is turned off. In one case it was found that an aftermarket radio was bleeding voltage onto the ignition circuit. New six-volt bulbs are readily available but don’t expect to find them in your local car accessory shop, that’s what the VW specialists are for. There are many different types of similar looking bulb, so be sure to buy the appropriate ones for your car. There’s not much definition but the beam centres are in the right positions and level with one another, so this is good enough to go for an MoT.
Just put a philips screw driver in there and twist to adjust.There are 2 points, one for up and down, and the other for left and right. Symptom of a missing sensor or unconnected sensor would be that the Headlamps and Parklamps turn on when the vehicle is started and there is a high level of ambient light present (ie. This is very unique because the time delay should react the same in both modes (auto and manual) but it does not!
Note that apart from early cars (up to about 1959) which had symmetrical lens patterns headlamps and lenses came in right and left-hand drive so make sure you have right-hand drive lamps fitted to a car that is to be used in the UK.
If you do a search re: headlight adjust-you're likely to find several threads pertaining to this. The BCM tolerances on these circuits are very finite, its possible that the energy is disappating more so when the MANUAL time delay is activated.
Long story short, the factory adjusts the headlights so that they're correct with a load in the bed. I went conservative using the 1.5 turn setting which helped a lot and never gets me flashed by oncoming drivers.

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