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Watch and stream Defence And Takedown From A Boxing Stance videos list below from trusted source. With its high capacity 1500KV dc discharge and output energy, the Police NEO Flashlight Stun Gun makes for a great self defense unit. We focus on finding companies that are trying to get rid of end-f-range stock, or simply want to leverage our database to quickly introduce a new product to market. Anyone can belong, you simply need to sign up to our newsletter and start having our deals sent directly to your inbox every day.

We almost exclusivley focus on products(no coupons), which we dispatch from our warehouse in Johannesburg.
Enjoy watching Defence And Takedown From A Boxing Stance streaming from your seat through PC and mobile such as android phones. The Police NEO Flashlight Stun Gun has built in heavy duty rechargeable batteries and is beautifully designed with bright neon colours. Made of aircraft grade aluminium which is both durable and strong, the Police NEO Flashlight Stun Gun is a superb electronic riot device that will deter any aggressive person or animal.

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